Fox News’s Hannity says, Chris Christie simply wants to “attack” or “criticize” Trump

Sean Hannity criticizes ex-New Jersey governor for lacking an inspiring agenda for his new presidential run.

News Hannity bludgeon Trump
According to Sean Hannity, Chris Christie doesn’t seem to have the genuine intention of running for the nomination and winning. Instead, he sees his role as being the enforcer and criticizing Trump.

Chris Christie plans to smartly challenge Donald Trump in a Republican presidential campaign next week, but he may not have support from a key voice at Fox News.

According to Sean Hannity, the former New Jersey governor simply wants to “bludgeon” Trump.

Hannity, a primetime host and close Trump ally, stated on Friday that he actually doesn’t want to give Christie any airtime. However, Hannity mentioned that he has no issue providing airtime to candidates who want to express their point of view.

In regard to Chris Christie, Sean Hannity pointed out that when he left office as governor of New Jersey, he had a low approval rating of 13% in one poll and 14% in another. Hannity believes Christie’s motivation for entering the race is solely based on his dislike for Donald Trump and his desire to attack him.

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According to Sean Hannity, he doesn’t believe Chris Christie genuinely wants to run for president and win the nomination.

Hannity sees Christie’s role as an enforcer whose main objective is to attack Trump. Hannity finds this agenda uninspiring and questions whether he should facilitate or listen to Christie’s speeches, especially since Christie left office with no popularity in New Jersey.

In a separate event, Hannity hosted a recorded Iowa town hall that provided a friendly platform for Trump.

The event broadcast did not mention Trump’s $5 million penalty for sexual abuse and defamation of the writer E Jean Carroll. Trump also made false claims about electoral fraud, which led to Fox paying $787.5 million in a lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems. There is another lawsuit from Smartmatic, an election machines company, regarding this issue.

Chris Christie became the Governor of New Jersey in 2009. However, he faced criticism from Republicans for being too close to Barack Obama after Superstorm Sandy. He was also involved in the “Bridgegate” scandal, which was about political payback.

When Christie finished his term in 2015, his approval ratings were really very low. He ran for president in 2016, but his only notable moment was when he effectively debated and criticized Marco Rubio, a senator from Florida.

Rubio uses same line about Obama three times in Republican debate – video
Rubio uses same line about Obama three times in Republican debate – video

Christie showed his support for Trump early on and remained loyal, even after being fired from planning the White House transition. Christie has mentioned that his strained relationship with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, contributed to this. Christie, who played a role in the imprisonment of Kushner’s father, stayed loyal to Trump.

After leaving office, Christie became an ABC analyst and authored two books—a memoir and a guide on how Republicans could regain power. However, he distanced himself from Trump following the violent attack on Congress on January 6, which was incited by Trump in his false claim of election theft in 2020.

In his second book called “Republican Rescue,” Christie emphasized the importance of the Republican Party distancing itself from conspiracy theories and those who deny the truth, including those who are knowingly spreading falsehoods and those who are simply irrational.

Despite facing serious legal troubles, including criminal charges in New York related to a hush-money payment and potential indictments in state and federal investigations for his attempts to undermine the election, Trump continues to maintain a strong position in the polls.

Christie has denied being a “paid assassin” with the intention of taking Trump down, but he has made it clear that he wants to utilize his strong political skills effectively.

According to Christie told Politico, Trump cannot be seen as a credible figure on the global stage or when interacting with Congress, and he will struggle to achieve any significant accomplishments.

Christie believes that Trump’s weaknesses should be exposed by someone who truly understands him, stating that nobody knows Donald Trump better than he does.

An unnamed former Republican candidate noted that others lack the courage to confront Trump in the same way Christie does.


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