‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Star Brandi Mallory, Who Shed 69 kg, Passes Away at 40

Brandi Mallory gained recognition as a fitness inspiration in recent years by leading group dance workout classes.

Brandi Mallory, known for her incredible weight loss journey on “Extreme Weight Loss,” sadly left us at the age of 40. She made a name for herself not only as a reality TV star but also as a fitness inspiration, notably through her leadership in group dance workout classes.

Brandi, also a skilled makeup artist, passed away on November 9 in Georgia, USA, under undisclosed circumstances. To honor her memory, a memorial service is set for November 19, followed by a funeral on November 20. This provides an opportunity for friends, family, and fans to come together and pay their respects.

Extreme Weight Loss Star Brandi Mallory
Extreme Weight Loss host Chris Powell remembers Brandi Mallory after star’s death

Renowned fitness influencer and reality TV personality, Brandi Mallory, sadly passed away at the age of 40. Mallory gained fame through her participation in “Extreme Weight Loss.” She left us on November 9 in Georgia, and the details surrounding her cause of death remain undisclosed.

Brandi had openly shared her inspiring weight loss journey and the driving force behind her transformation. Kim Williams Maxile, a fellow contestant from the show, paid a heartfelt tribute to Mallory on Instagram.

In memory of Brandi Mallory, a candlelight vigil was organized by her family and friends, offering an opportunity for those close to her to come together and honor her life.

Brandi Mallory is a remarkable individual who gained widespread recognition during the fourth season of the 2014 ABC weight loss reality show. In that transformative experience, she shed an impressive 69 kg.

Brandi Mallory, who gained recognition on Season 4 of a reality series in 2014, opened up about her experience on the show in a 2018 interview.

In a 2018 interview with Rare.us, Mallory shared the incredible story of how she found her way to the show. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed, “Every footstep since then has been God,” highlighting her path from a disappointing audition for ‘Biggest Loser’ to becoming a participant in ‘Extreme Weight Loss.’

Beyond her reality show success, Mallory has become a source of fitness inspiration in recent years. She took the fitness scene by storm, leading group dance workout classes. In 2018, she went viral for proudly showcasing her post-weight loss physique, becoming a beacon of motivation for many individuals embarking on their own fitness journeys.

As the news of Mallory’s passing circulated on social media, fellow alum from “Extreme Weight Loss,” Kim Williams Maxile, paid a heartfelt tribute on Instagram.

Brandi Mallory, a contestant on ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ shared that the passing of her sorority sister at 29 was the catalyst for her weight loss journey. She expressed the fear of not knowing what each day might bring, leading her to recognize the need for a change in her weight.

In a video posted on November 9, Maxile expressed her sorrow, saying, “Rest in Love sis. To my fellow Extreme Weight Loss sis, Brandi Mallory, you will be missed. I’ll never forget that during my time at boot camp for season 5, we watched your season, and it inspired us to keep going.”

The circumstances surrounding Mallory’s death remain undisclosed. When US media outlets contacted the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office, no details were provided.

During the show, Mallory disclosed that her heaviest weight was around 149 kg. Kim Williams Maxile, another contestant from ‘Extreme Weight Loss,’ paid tribute to Mallory on Instagram. Maxile fondly remembered Mallory’s impact, citing her inspiration during their time on the show and their subsequent connection. Maxile highlighted the commonalities they shared, from pageants to being makeup artists, and praised Mallory’s zest for life and commitment to body positivity.

In a heartfelt note, Maxile bid farewell to her “Extreme Weight Loss” sister, expressing gratitude for the time they spent together, creating lasting memories and a deep sisterhood. She emphasized Mallory’s positive influence on the world and acknowledged her as a cherished presence in her life.

Mallory’s last Instagram post was on November 3.


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