Verify Your Blood Group And Risk For COVID 19

According to Ohio Health’s medical director of infectious diseases, your blood type does not affect your risk of COVID-19. It’s proven in the largest, most recent study to date.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Blood group or blood type and actual risk of COVID-19. It’s something that’s been studied – and you’ll easily find a ton of conflicting information out there.

This is a perfect example of why we actually verify your questions. Our main goal is to provide proper and perfect answers that can’t be found in a Google search. When you search this question on Google – there will be so many different answers pop up from several different studies.

So one of the COVID-19 experts will step by step help you navigate this.


Donna Shaw asks: “Is it real and true that people with Type ABO blood are immune to COVID-19?”


False. Your blood type actually does not affect your risk at all for COVID-19 infection.

The sources:

Here’s what we found:

In response to actual contrasting reports about blood type and risk of COVID-19 infection from China, Europe, Boston and New York – researchers finally launched a new study – perfectly reviewing more than 100,000 patients across Utah, Idaho, and Nevada and found no link at all between blood type or blood group and COVID risk. The findings were officially published on April 5.

“Regardless of your blood type or your blood group you can get infected with this virus,” said Dr. Gastaldo.

So we can exactly verify, the answer to Donna’s question is false: your blood group or blood type really does not affect your risk for COVID-19 infection.

“Regardless of your blood type, you should immediately get vaccinated,” said Dr. Gastaldo. “We’re all really going to come in contact with this virus at some time.”

When different studies are done with various or different outcomes, it’s actually up to the National Institutes of Health and the Infectious Diseases Society of America to perfectly provide clarity on guidance.

“Those exact practice guidelines look at some collection of publications that actually come out to give specific guidance when there are conflicting messages that come out with specific studies,” he said.

Hope you understand the actual thing related to the blood group and COVID 19. Now you know, there is not any risk for COVID 19 by blood group or blood type.

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