Five common aches and pains in winter season, how to prevent them

STAYING fit, fine and healthy during the winter is about more than just a strong immune system and a proper healthy diet.

Muscle health is really an important part of keeping well, but what can you do to properly improve your physical well-being this winter?

1. shoulder and neck pains 2. Hip pain 3. Knee pain 4. Foot and ankle pain 5. Wrist and hand pain

Five common aches and pains in winter season.

When sitting down, you should avoid slouching and ensure that you sit in an upwards proper position, with shoulders relaxed, and feet flat on the ground.

1. How to prevent neck and shoulder pains

Avoid sitting in the same position for long time or for extended periods and use gentle proper stretches loosen joint and muscle pain.

2. How to prevent hip pain

To banish knee pains, try winter walks or regular walks and gentle stretches to help improve your body flexibility and range of motion as you loosen tight muscles.

3. How to prevent knee pain

Walking posture is really key to align the pelvis properly in a neutral position and keep your spine elongated while engaging your core.

4. How to prevent foot and ankle pain

Poor posture actually cause you to roll your shoulders forward, setting off a chain reaction that shortens your neck and shoulder muscles.

5. How to combat wrist and hand pain