How do you remove gum from hair?


Do you get a kick out of blowing and popping tasty gum? While you were thoroughly really enjoying it, did the chewing gum ever badly get stuck in your hair accidentally?

If you’re actually nodding your head, you have probably had nightmares of snipping your luscious locks in the attempt to get the gum off your hair!

Firstly, do not panic at all and end up making an appointment with your hairstylist immediately.

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Best and effective Ways To Remove Gum From Your Hair

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Although it may seem really tricky, there are best and effective home remedies to properly remove gum from these areas as well. There are some of the easiest best solutions you can try.

1. Cooking Oils 2. Ice 3. Vinegar 4. Peanut Butter 5. Toothpaste 6. Mayonnaise 7. Vaseline

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