Fitness Ideas: It is safe to follow the Keto diet with Intermittent fasting

Keto diet with Intermittent fasting

Here is a reason why many people follow both the eating patterns together to easily speed up the weight loss process.

But reality is different. Scientifically, is it really safe or alright to follow keto and intermittent together?

Is it safe to follow keto diet and intermittent fasting at the same time?

There is no exact evidence or guarantee combining the two diets will work for everyone perfectly.

So, no two people have the same weight loss journey.

We all have different metabolism and different bodies.

So naturally, our actual journey to shed kilos would be really unique from others.

What works for one may not work perfectly for the other.

So, it is not necessary that combining intermittent fasting and keto will finally help your drop kilos.

While one can safely follow Intermittent fasting for the long term, the keto diet is really better for the short term.

Besides, there is no scientific exact evidence that proves that properly combining the two can speed up the weight loss process.

So, it is really better to properly follow one at a time after consulting your doctor or nutritionist.

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