Science news: how hiv replicates in the body This amazing study is published in the bulletin of the national academy of sciences.

A new study has found how actually a small difference in the RNA sequence can easily allow the viral RNA to be packaged for replication, creating potential targets for future HIV best treatments.

The study truthfully found that HIV chose its viral RNA genome- the "source code" that is actually injected into healthy human cells to easily infect them - based on functions attributable to just two nucleotides.

It's just this two-nucleotide difference that actually makes such a dramatic amazing effect. -said Karin Musier-Forsyth

How actually does the virus know to package its specific viral  RNA to be copied in human cells? To know... In the last slide click on learn more.

Now that we easily understand more about the actual structure of the RNA, we could develop therapeutics, whether they be small molecules or other new nucleic acid therapeutics,

That could perfectly lock the RNA into a conformation that wouldn't be actually packaged. If it can't package its genome then it can't replicate," musier-forsyth said.

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