Shania Twain Weight Loss Secrete Revealed

Shania Twain's Weight Loss Journey Starts with the Dietary Changes.

Followed a ketogenic diet

High fats, low carbs, promoting fat burning for energy.

Liquid diet with protein shakes and raw greens, plus one regular meal/day.

Occasional snacks of peanut butter or dark chocolate. Hydration with fresh juices and smoothies, avoiding dairy to prevent phlegm.

Fitness Routine

Tennis 3-5 times/week, considering it her gym.

Fitness Routine

Walking with running shoes whenever possible.

Fitness Routine

Strength training, cardio, yoga, and horse riding before tour rehearsals.

Health and Lifestyle

Prioritizes sleep and mental health, embracing aging and menopause changes.

Health and Lifestyle

Open about struggles with body image and decision to age naturally.

Shania Twain's weight loss journey includes ketogenic diet, liquid diet, tennis, walking, and diverse workouts.

Emphasizes overall health and well-being, balancing health goals with sustainability.