These Stunning Raw Crystal Rings Are Simply Incredible!

Astonishingly Unique and Rare Raw Crystal Rings! Cut and polished gemstones have been popular for the last few decades, but before cutting and polishing precious stones, they have been used in their natural rough form for millennia.

However, in ancient times, people could not use properly polished crystals in their jewelry due to a lack of advanced techniques and deficiency of machinery.

In the last few decades, Raw crystal jewelry has become popular and caught the public’s attention, especially rings, because of their shimmering properties and lightweight carrying. Holding the raw crystal, one can feel themself closer to nature, making their beauty more honest and complete.

Raw Crystal Rings
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In addition, natural crystals have the capabilities to evoke a sense of connection to our past and make us able to know our true nature.

Different Types Of Raw Crystals

Although every crystal has been mined in raw shape since its extraction, they acknowledge for creating stunning pieces of jewel ornaments. In this blog, you will get to know about two most important crystals that you should always keep in your wardrobe collection.


Agate is an enchanting gemstone that balances the user’s mind, body, and spirit and purifies them significantly, helping you slow down and center yourself. Agates have been treasured since ancient times for creating mesmerizing pieces of gemstone jewelry. Agate jewelry will provide you eye-catching look while entering parties or any black-tie events. The banding rays on its surface catch public attention quickly and gain compliments from others.

You can also choose the Agate ring in raw crystal for any outfit that enhances your overall presence and completes your attire. In addition, holding the natural gem allows you to grasp the positive energy from the environment and keep you on the safe side for healing purposes.

Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan desert glass is a form of tektite created from a meteoroid impact in the deserts of Egypt and Libya around 26 million years ago. The crystal is also called a gold yellow tektite in various regions. With inclusions of yellow rays, the crystal is the luckiest stone for those who want to boost confidence and tranquility.

Libyan desert glass ring is one of the popular jewel accessories for both men and women; wearing the crystal in raw form will allow you to get actual natural powers from the atmosphere and soothingly ground your soul and mind.

Different Types Of Metal With Raw Crystal

It becomes a bit more difficult when raw crystals are set into different types of metals, but when done with skill and proper technique, it can produce some stunning results. Since the rough gemstones never completely went out of fashion, people are accepting the trend of wearing raw crystals with great pride.

Raw crystals are often set into the sterling silver metal to create stunning jewelry pieces, but they could also be paired with gold or rose-gold metals. Silver and gemstone make the best combination in every piece of jewelry, as silver symbolizes luxury and prosperity.

Caring Tips For Your Raw Gemstones

When you deal with gemstones for wearing purposes, it becomes necessary to know how your crystal is to be cleaned and stored. For example, some gemstones are more brittle than others, meaning that using harmful or strong acid might be caused severe damage or scratch. Those crystals, which contain some water elements and are more fragile than others, have to be stored in a cool environment.

Mild detergents and soaps should be used to clean gemstones and jewelry to regain their shining and beauty since the raw crystal is not polished properly, so be careful while cleaning it to protect it from any cut or scratch on your skin.

It would help if you avoided wearing the crystal jewelry while doing household activities, washing clothes, and playing; it might cause you to lose or damage the precious jewelry.


Although there are no such fixed rules that you can only wear the raw crystal in jewelry form, even the crystal can be held in a tumbled shape in your pocket or wallet. You can also place crystals at your office or home to get their healing and metaphysical advantages while working.

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