What is PCOD and PCOS, Causes of PCOS, Symptoms of PCOD

What is PCOD and PCOS, Causes of PCOD and PCOS, Symptoms of PCOD and PCOS. Everything in detail we are going to discuss in this article.

Dealing with this disease can be an unpleasant experience but with balanced management, you can conceive. Many women shared their experiences with healthowdy.com and told how they made their family through this stressful journey. In some countries, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) are the most common among women. There are hormonal disorders.

According to studies, about 10 percent of women in India country are suffering from PCOS and PCOD. According to a study, 22.5% of women in Maharashtra have shown symptoms of this type of disease. It is estimated that approximately one in 10 women of childbearing age [18 to 45 years] suffers from it.

What is PCOD and PCOS
What is PCOD and PCOS.

Many women ignore the early signs as a major reason for the progression of PCOS and PCOD disease. This eliminates the chances of diagnosing the disease at an early stage. There is also a social stigma associated with PCOS.

People believe that if women suffer from it, so will female infertility – a condition that can create a lot of fear within a woman.

To start the conversation on PCOD and PCOS, 4 women who have lived with the disease for years were interviewed.

Huh. How much did she know about the disease and how did she manage her life in spite of this disease and how has it affected her life?

Symptoms of PCOS

Women spoke openly about this which we are sharing with other influencers.
Lack of information – 32 year old Saloni Aggarwal, who runs the boutique, told that I am still not aware of this disease and do not have enough information. I came to know in the final year of my graduation that I have PCOD.

During this, my periods were irregular for about six months. I didn’t know what PCOD was at that time, because there was no family history anywhere in my family. The most important physical change during that time was that I gained weight and continued to gain weight even when I went to the gym to lose weight.

Another variation was unusually dark hair around the chin area and on the upper lip. But over the years, I haven’t been bothered much by any physical changes. I am comfortable with my weight as much as I can. For facial hair, I am not bothered. I consider it cosmetic, the way a woman threads her eyebrows, I can get rid of unwanted hair.

Mentally debilitating illness

Radio anchor Neha Sharma, 26 years old, said that dealing with so many physical changes is disappointing. I used to have a sharp pain in my stomach every month, but I didn’t know what it was. Because of this pain, I once fell in the middle of the way. I then saw my gynecologist, who told me I had cysts in both my ovaries. Then I came to know for the first time what is PCOS.

The most important lifestyle change I have to make after this illness. I had to give up sugar to lose weight. For a long time, I am away from sweets. Weight gain due to PCOS. Dealing with such bodily changes can be frustrating at times. You lose your confidence. But the only way to deal with it is through a healthy diet, which is a low-fat and low-calorie diet. Acne and Pimple Attack, Shikha working in MNC said that I had to deal with severe acne and pimples from this disease.

When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was immediately recommended to lose weight. Also told to eat healthily, add yogurt to your diet for natural probiotics, and eat lots of vegetables. You can naturally lose weight with PCOS easily.

Causes of PCOS

Acne, pimples appeared on the face and the skin started getting shadows. The problem of hair loss started. The hair on the body became very thick. People assume that I have bad skin because of the fast food I eat or the ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle when it is all hormonal. If people knew more about this disease, then they would not do such things.

There are effective foods and diets can control PCPS easily.

A feeling of helplessness, 36-year-old TV journalist Shenoy Rai said that till college, my periods were fine but they became irregular soon after starting work. I didn’t bother to think much about it and thought it was okay to delay my periods, but that’s when I realized I was gaining weight.

Consulted a gynecologist on this. He put me on these short 21 day pills for six months, and I started getting my periods on time. However, each time I stopped taking the pills the period became irregular.

Honestly, I worked out, ate right and tried my best to get rid of this situation. During this time I also met girls who are very fit and still have PCOD – PCOS. So, somewhere I feel this stress, frustration comes only when your lifestyle is not organized.

By eating a balanced diet and being happy, you can overcome this long and painful journey of illness. For this, it is necessary that the disease should be talked about openly. Be more positive about life and determined to do whatever you can to overcome it.


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