Sam Smith Weight Loss Secret Diet and Exercise 2024

Let’s explore Sam Smith’s successful weight loss journey, highlighting the importance of a gradual and sustainable approach. The singer managed to lose an impressive 50 pounds, demonstrating that slow and steady progress is key to achieving lasting results.

Sam Smith incredible weight loss transformation journey is a testament to the power of making sustainable lifestyle changes. The renowned English songwriter and singer surprised everyone by shedding an impressive 50 pounds.

Sam Smith Weight Loss Diet and Workout Secret
Sam Smith Weight Loss Diet and Workout Secret

According to Mary Sabat, RDN, LD, and Ace Certified Trainer, “Sam Smith’s weight loss story has become a global inspiration, highlighting their unwavering commitment to self-improvement and overall well-being. By openly addressing their struggles with body image and their dedication to a healthier lifestyle, they’ve proven that transformation is possible through determination and resilience. Sam Smith’s journey has struck a chord with many people facing similar challenges, motivating them to embrace self-acceptance, make positive adjustments, and prioritize both their physical and emotional health.”

Sam made a smart choice by selecting a diet and exercise routine that was a perfect fit for them. Recognizing the significance of discovering what suits their body and lifestyle, Sam not only successfully lost excess weight but also embraced self-acceptance on the journey. Let’s delve into Sam Smith inspiring before-and-after weight loss journey and glean some valuable tips from it.

Who Is Sam Smith?

Sam Smith, the very famous London-born singer and songwriter, is known for their incredible tenor voice. Sam gained widespread recognition with their debut album in 2014, featuring hit ballads like “Lay Me Down” and “Stay With Me.” Over the years, they have earned numerous prestigious awards, including Grammys, Billboards, Brit Awards, and even an Oscar for the song “Writing’s On The Wall” in 2016.

Beyond their musical achievements, Sam Smith made a significant personal announcement in 2019 by coming out as a non-binary individual. As such, Sam prefers to be referred to with gender-neutral pronouns such as they, them, and theirs.

Sam Smith Profile

  • Real Name: Samuel Frederick Smith
  • Birthday: May 19, 1992
  • Age in 2023: 31 years old
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Weight Before: 203 pounds (92 kg)
  • Weight Loss After: 153 pounds (70 kg)
  • Reduced Weight Loss: 50 pounds (22 kg)

Why Did Sam Smith Gain Weight?

Sam Smith’s weight gain journey traces back to their childhood. In a 2017 interview, Smith candidly shared their struggle with emotional eating, revealing that food had always been a source of comfort and control since an early age. They explained how, during times of unhappiness and loneliness, turning to food became a coping mechanism.

Childhood bullying about their body led Smith to opt for liposuction at the age of 12, but it didn’t alleviate their struggles with food. Additionally, Smith felt self-conscious during the filming of their initial music videos, sparking an obsession with managing their appearance on camera. These experiences shed light on the emotional and physical challenges Smith faced throughout their weight journey.

Sam Smith’s successful weight loss journey highlights the importance of taking a gradual and consistent approach to achieve sustainable results. Let’s explore how the singer managed to lose 50 pounds.

How Did Sam Smith Lose Weight?

Actually, how Sam Smith Lose 50 pounds? Sam Smith successfully dropped more than 50 pounds since 2015 through significant changes in their diet and exercise routine. While the majority of the weight loss happened in 2015, they’ve worked hard to maintain their new weight over the following years. Despite being open about their weight loss journey in various interviews, you won’t find many gym selfies or diet pictures on their Instagram.

In an earlier post, Sam Smith mentioned teaming up with nutritional therapist Amelia Freer for weight loss. In the post, they expressed gratitude to Freer, saying, “Amelia Freer has helped me lose over a stone in two weeks and has completely transformed my relationship with food. Love you Amelia & thank you for making me feel so happy inside and out.” Let’s delve into their diet changes and see what’s been happening.

How Did Sam Smith Lose 50 Pounds?

Let’s see Sam Smith’s 50-Pound Weight Loss Journey. Curious about how Sam Smith shed those 50 pounds? The singer kickstarted their transformation by teaming up with a nutritional therapist to revamp their diet.

Sam Smith couldn’t contain their satisfaction and excitement with the progress, so they took to social media to share the news. In a 2017 Instagram post, the singer captioned their experience:

“I met a woman who has truly transformed my life.”

How Did Sam Smith Lose 50 Pounds
How Did Sam Smith Lose 50 Pounds?

In their post, they shared how Amelia Freer played a crucial role in helping them shed over a stone (equivalent to 6.3 kg) in just two weeks. They emphasized the transformative impact on their relationship with food. Smith acknowledged this positive change, stating:

“It’s not just about shedding pounds; it’s about finding joy and contentment within yourself.”

Sam Smith’s Diet

Sam Smith’s eating habits are very effective. To maintain a healthy diet, Sam Smith follows the advice of their nutritionist, who emphasizes the importance of keeping meals simple and wholesome. The foundation of Smith’s weight loss diet is primarily drawn from nutritionist Amelia’s book, ‘Eat. Nourish. Glow.’ Amelia advocates for cooking meals from scratch and steering clear of convenience foods that are often packed with junk and processed ingredients.

Following Amelia’s guidance, Sam focuses on incorporating 10 key diet principles into their lifestyle for overall well-being.

1. Prep Smartly: Kickstart your healthy eating journey by organizing your kitchen. Clean out cupboards, fill your fridge with lean proteins and fresh produce, and designate a spot for occasional treats while avoiding excessive junk food.

2. Shop Wisely: Choose fresh, natural, and preferably organic foods. Steer clear of pre-packaged and processed items, along with anything containing added sugars.

3. Colorful Plate: Add variety to your diet by exploring a spectrum of colorful fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. Anthocyanin pigments, responsible for red, blue, and purple hues, contribute to the nutritional value.

4. Cut Sugar: Ditch sugary drinks, alcohol, fruit juices, and flavored waters. Opt for still or sparkling water and herbal teas to stay hydrated.

5. Three Square Meals: Stick to a routine of three balanced meals a day. Avoid overeating and resist the urge to snack between meals to manage weight effectively.

Sam Smith Diet
Sam Smith Diet

6. Forget Calorie Counting: Focus on eating fresh, whole foods in reasonable portions instead of getting caught up in counting calories.

7. Limit Dairy and Wheat: Consider cutting down on dairy and wheat for a potentially flatter stomach. However, note that the impact on weight loss may vary, with dairy showing short-term effects.

8. Body Brushing: Stimulate your lymphatic system by starting body brushing from your feet. This practice may aid toxin elimination and reduce the risk of obesity.

9. Prioritize Sleep: Aim for a solid 8 hours of sleep each night. Quality sleep supports metabolic functions, potentially aiding in weight loss.

10. Food Journaling: Keep an honest food diary to track eating habits. This simple practice can increase awareness and mindfulness during your weight loss journey.

In the words of contributor Mary Sabat, “Diet accounts for about 80% of the weight loss battle. Choosing wholesome foods and maintaining a calorie-conscious diet has been key to my successful weight loss journey, influencing not just weight but overall health and energy levels. It’s the cornerstone of achieving my goals.”

Additionally, three bonus tips from Freer include body brushing, prioritizing sleep, and keeping a food journal—integral aspects of Sam Smith’s transformative weight loss journey.

Sam Smith’s Workout Routine

Sam Smith weight loss journey has been impressive, shifting their focus from food relationships to a consistent gym routine. Thanks to their social media updates, we get an inside look at their workouts.

Smith is dedicated to building lean muscle and hits the gym three times a week with a fitness trainer. Their workout routine includes a mix of cardio and weightlifting exercises, such as battle ropes, dumbbell rows, and rowing machines.

Sam Smith Workout Routine
Sam Smith Workout Routine

Smith hits the gym three times a week with a personal trainer, blending cardio and weightlifting. Their goal is to build lean muscle, incorporating exercises like battle ropes, dumbbell rows, and time on the rowing machine. Whether it’s high or low-frequency training, both are proven effective for enhancing strength and lean mass.

Beyond the gym, Sam Smith adds brisk walks to their routine. Walking not only increases daily activity but also burns calories and supports body fat loss. It’s a low-impact exercise suitable for almost everyone. Follow Sam’s journey for some fitness inspiration.

Sam Smith’s Weight Loss Tips

Embarking on a weight loss journey? Take cues from Sam Smith’s experience with these effective tips:

  1. Start Small:
    • Make lasting progress by gradually tweaking your diet and exercise routine.
  2. Vegetarian Diet Boost:
    • Follow Sam’s lead by incorporating more plant-based foods into your meals for potential weight loss support.
  3. Personalize Your Approach:
    • Just like Sam, tailor your workout and diet to fit your needs with guidance from a trainer and nutritionist. Individual preferences matter, so don’t blindly follow someone else’s plan. Seek professional help when necessary.
  4. Ditch Quick Fixes:
    • Learn from Sam Smith challenges with crash diets and extreme weight loss methods. Understand that sustainability and health are paramount.
  5. Whole, Natural Foods:
    • Opt for whole, unprocessed foods over junk. Take control of ingredients and portion sizes by cooking your meals from scratch.
  6. Enjoy Your Exercise:
    • Physical activities you genuinely enjoy, be it cardio, walking, or any other form. Remember, weight loss requires dedication and time, so stay committed to your efforts.
  7. Practice Self-Acceptance:
    • Embrace your body at every size, echoing Sam’s body-positive mindset. Losing weight should align with self-love.

In Sam’s 2022 single ‘Unholy,’ they embraced a considerable weight gain, sparking online discussions. Despite external opinions, Sam’s consistent message encourages everyone to accept and love their bodies, irrespective of weight.

Sam Smith Weight Loss Before And After Photos

Check out Sam Smith’s impressive weight loss transformation through these before and after photos taken in 2014 and 2018. Witness the incredible journey.

Sam Smith Weight Loss Before After Photos
Sam Smith Weight Loss Before And After Photos


Sam Smith’s incredible weight loss journey serves as an inspiration for those looking to embark on their transformation. By adopting a personalized workout and diet routine, Sam successfully shed a significant amount of weight. What’s noteworthy about Sam’s approach is its simplicity and achievability, demonstrating that weight loss is attainable through straightforward methods.

Moreover, Sam consistently advocates for body positivity, emphasizing the crucial aspect of loving and accepting oneself throughout the entire transformation process. This not only serves as a reminder but also reinforces the idea that positive change is possible when we prioritize self-care and make sustainable lifestyle choices.


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