How do you get rid of itchy smelly discharge?

Learn from experts to remove the smell and itching of vaginal discharge. Do not be troubled by the smell and itching of vaginal discharge, taking medicines on medical advice gives quick relief. Learn expert opinions on how you get rid of itchy smelly discharge.

It often happens that women start feeling uncomfortable due to the bad smell coming from vaginal discharge in any function of the house while working in the office or outside party. Many times the discharge does not bring the smell, but due to it the itching and burning in the vagina make it worse.

get rid of itchy smelly discharge
Effective way to get rid of itchy smelly discharge.

Let us find out from the experts and well-known gynecologists, actually what causes bad vaginal discharge and what are the best remedies for them—

There are three types of discharge

There are broadly three types of discharge in women. The most common discharge is vulvovaginal candiditis, which is caused by an infection in the vagina. The second type of discharge is trichomonal vaginitis and the third is bacterial vaginosis. There are flora in the vagina, which help to keep the pH normal. When these changes, the number of bad bacteria starts increasing. Trichomonas vaginalis and bacterial vanillosis are caused by infections of the vagina.

Best way to get rid of itchy smelly discharge

These three discharges are due to different reasons and different methods are adopted for their treatment. There is little bit of a problem with this problem but there is no need to panic about it. In their treatment, tablets are given, tubes are given and medicines are given through pessary (inserted into the vagina).

1. Vulvovaginal Candiditis

In this type of discharge, there is a thick and curd-like discharge, but the smell does not come from it. There is a lot of itching in the vagina (pruritis). Clotrimazole is given as a treatment for this (this drug is given through both cream and pessary options. Mitenazole is also given in the form of pessary and cream, while pluconazole is given as an oral tablet. It is also given as a sexually transmitted disease. It is not believed, but it is advised that if women have this disease, their partner should also get it checked.

2. Trichomonal Vaginosis

Trichomonal vaginosis disease is caused by infection through sex. It causes itching and irritation when there is a disease, it also smells bad and symptoms like dysphoria i.e. difficulty in urinating are seen in it. In this, rate spots are visible in the vagina. The discharge is thin, creamy, green in color and foamy.

Medicines such as metronidazole, tinidazole are given to treat trichomonal vaginosis. Treatment in this is also in the form of oral tablets and pessaries. Along with this, the option of cream is also given.

3. Bacterial Vaginosis

Like Trichomonas vaginosis, this disease is also caused by infection. In this also, mail partners are also advised to get treatment. The discharge is milky in color, thin and has a fishy smell. This infection is caused due to the deficiency of Lactobacillus bacteria in the vagina. In fact, when there is a deficiency of this bacteria, the pH changes due to the effect of bad bacteria in the vagina. Clue cells are seen when there is a diagnosis of this. Medicines such as metronidazole, trinidazole, ampicillin, tetracycline and clindamycin are given for its treatment.


So, really easily you can get rid of itchy smelly discharge at home but in some cases not solve it. Vaginal odor or vaginal smell is a common problem, which gets better on its own. In most cases, it has been seen that by the third day, the complaint of vaginal odor in most women ends. However, in some rare cases, if the vaginal odor does not go away even after home remedies, you can consult your doctor and start taking antibiotics. These medicines can be taken in the form of tablets and creams.

Also keep in mind that if the vaginal odor keeps increasing every day or there is a difference in its smell, then you should tell your doctor about it as soon as possible and understand the reason behind it and treat it properly to get rid of itchy smelly discharge.

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