What can cause sharp vaginal pain after sex during pregnancy

If you really feel sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy or after sex, then know its actual causes and effective remedies. During pregnancy, pain can be felt in many parts of the body, including pain in the vagina.

During pregnancy, there is pressure on many nearby organs to place the baby in the womb. At this time, women feel back pain, abdominal pain and breast pain.

Some pregnant women may also feel sharp vaginal pain that starts in the second trimester of pregnancy or lasts till the last day of pregnancy.

sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy
sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy and after sex.

So let’s know about the causes and treatment of sharp vaginal pain during sex or pregnancy.

Causes of vaginal pain during pregnancy

Minor or sharp or severe pain in the vagina can be felt during pregnancy due or after sex to many reasons. There are a few reasons for sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy:

  • Vaginal pain is common due to the enlargement of the uterus. The uterus expands to accommodate the baby in the womb, which puts pressure on the vagina and surrounding muscles.
  • Pregnancy brings about hormonal changes that can lead to vaginal dryness. This dryness can cause pain in the vagina, especially during sex or after sex.
  • As the size of the baby increases in the womb, the ligaments of the pelvic part get stretched. Due to this, the ligaments and muscles around the vagina get stretched a lot. The weight of the baby falls on the pelvic area, due to which a slight or sharp vaginal pain is felt during pregnancy.

Like any other disease, there are reasons for vaginal pain during pregnancy. Knowing about these reasons at the right time, you can get them treated properly and they will be gone forever. Pregnancy is a very delicate situation during which you should be very careful. A small carelessness can lead to big trouble. Below we are talking about the causes of vaginal pain during pregnancy or after or during sex, which you need to know about.

Vaginal Infection

During pregnancy, special attention should be paid to cleanliness because a little carelessness can cause dirt and dirt causes infection. Infection during pregnancy is common because it very easily affects a pregnant woman. Due to infection in the vagina, pain is felt in and around it. The best way to avoid infection is to keep cleaning your private part from time to time.

Hormone Imbalance

As we have already talked about and now you also know very well that during pregnancy there are hormonal imbalances in your body, due to which you see and feel various changes inside you. Due to an imbalance in hormones, there is dryness in your vagina, due to which you complain of sharp or little bit vaginal pain during pregnancy. This pain becomes more intense and severe after having sex, so sex should be avoided during this time. To get rid of this dryness of the vagina, you can use any cream, oil or ointment from the gynecologist and use them.

Embryo Development

Due to the development of the fetus in the uterus, the ligaments begin to press and stretch the surrounding muscles to accommodate it in the pelvic region, due to which the problem of pain in the vagina and its surrounding muscles comes to the fore. To avoid this, you can take the help of some yoga and exercise because they bring flexibility to your body, which causes minimal pain due to strain or pressure in the muscles.

Enlargement of Uterus

During pregnancy, the size and weight of the fetus growing in the womb gradually increase, due to which your uterus also expands. Due to the expansion in the uterus, there is pressure on the muscles and vagina around it, due to which there is a pain in your vagina. But you do not need to panic because it is one of the common pregnancy symptoms that every pregnant woman experiences.

Increased Blood Circulation in the Vagina

During pregnancy, the blood circulation in your vagina increases three times more than normal, due to which the uterus is affected and causes severe pain and swelling near the vagina. During this, you really need to be very careful about your vaginal. If there is any serious problem, immediately meet the doctor should talk to him in detail about your problem.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

This is a condition that occurs during pregnancy when any part of your pelvic area goes into your vagina or rectum, due to which you get very strong vaginal pain around the vagina. This condition can be a bit serious, so if you feel severe pain or pressure inside the vagina, then it should be treated immediately after seeing a doctor.

Ectopic Pregnancy

During an ectopic pregnancy, you conceive in the fallopian tubes or other parts of the abdomen instead of the uterus. It is difficult to detect this problem in the initial stage but later when its symptoms start appearing then it becomes possible to detect it. Ectopic pregnancy can also cause vaginal pain and bleeding during pregnancy. It should be properly investigated and treated on time as it can become serious in the future.

Other Causes of Vaginal Pain

Apart from this, if you feel pain in the external parts of the vagina and sex organs during pregnancy, then the reason for this can be an infection. At the same time, you may have very severe pain in the vagina even when the cervix opens. The cervix begins to open a few weeks before labor pains begin.

Pregnant women also feel vaginal pain due to pelvic organ prolapse. In this, the organs inside and around the pelvis sometimes move towards the vagina or anus. When a lot of pressure is felt on the vagina, then this condition is called pelvic organ prolapse.

Vaginal Pain Treatment During Pregnancy

Pregnant women sometimes feel pain in the vagina. Apart from medical advice, you can also get relief from pain by following measures:

  • Sit down and keep your feet slightly elevated. This will reduce the pressure on the vagina.
  • Taking a bath with lukewarm water can also provide relief from many types of pain including vaginal pain.
  • Swimming and yoga improve blood circulation in the body and strengthen muscles. You can also take the help of this.

Vaginal pain during pregnancy is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy but still, it is not right to ignore it. You should consult a doctor about this. You should avoid taking any kind of medicine according to your mind because doing so during this time can have a bad effect on you and your unborn baby. It is important that you consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

Do Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and yoga are considered very effective to treat sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy because they solve this problem very easily. After consulting a doctor, you can do light exercise and yoga during pregnancy. Exercise and yoga strengthen your muscles and improve blood circulation in the body, which is very helpful in reducing vaginal pain. At the same time, they always keep you active and fresh, which eliminates more than half of your pregnancy-related problems.

Take a Warm Bath

There are many benefits of lukewarm water and one of these benefits is to treat vaginal pain. During pregnancy, you often complain of vaginal pain, but you do not need to panic because you can overcome this problem sitting at home. For this, all you have to do is take a bath with lukewarm water because it eliminates the infection and pain in and around the vagina.

Sleep On Your Left Side

Whenever you lie on the bed during pregnancy, you should sleep on your left side. Because by doing this, the blood circulation in your body becomes balanced, as well as sleeping in this position does not put any pressure on your vagina and you get relief from vaginal pain. Doctors especially recommend sleeping on the left side during pregnancy.

Sit on Feet

During pregnancy, sitting on the feet or ankles gives relief from pain in the vagina. Whenever you are doing any work that requires sitting, then try to work sitting on your feet or ankles. By doing this there is no pressure or strain on the vagina and thereby helps you get rid of vaginal pain.

Massage the Pelvic Area

Massaging the pelvic area during pregnancy makes the muscles around it soft and loose. By doing this, the pressure and stretch of your vagina is also reduced, due to which the pain in your vagina ends. This technique is very effective and this is the reason why doctors also recommend it.

How to cure sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy

After consulting the doctor, you can get the pelvic area massaged by a professional person. This strengthens the pelvic and vaginal muscles, which makes delivery easier. Doing Kegel exercises daily reduces the pressure and pain in the vagina. If you feel sharp vaginal pain, exercise at least 30 minutes a day during pregnancy. It is very important to be active during this time. You can wear a pregnancy support belt if you wish. It also provides relief from pain in the vagina and pelvic area.


Apart from all this, you should pay attention to your lifestyle and especially your diet. More and more healthy things should be consumed and harmful things should be avoided if you really treat sharp vaginal pain during sex or pregnancy. Also, if there is any problem of any kind, should immediately talk to the doctor and talk about it in detail. If you have any questions or concerns regarding pregnancy, you can ask us in comment section.


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