How To Numb Your Nose At Home 2024

Numbing your nose is a simple and practical, safe procedure that can actually make piercing your nose simpler, more accurate and less painful. When numbing your nose, it is really important to do so around another individual to perfectly ensure the process is safe and efficient. So, let’s see how to numb your nose at home before piercing your nose without pain.

If you’re looking to numb your nose before getting pierced, you’ve got a few choices. One option is using a numbing cream with lidocaine, benzocaine, or tetracaine. Just apply it before the piercing to help ease the pain. Another option is to apply ice or a cold compress to numb the skin. You can also try gently tapping the skin a few times for a short-term numbing effect. Remember, numbing creams only work on the surface, so you’ll still feel the piercing. And don’t forget to follow aftercare instructions carefully to ensure proper healing and prevent infections.

How to Numb Your Nose At Home

Have you really wanted to get your nose pierced, but have been afraid of the heavy pain that the piercing needle is going to cause? There is a big hope for those of us that really want a nice shiny attractive nose ring but have a fear of pain.

How To Numb Your Nose
Best Way To Numb Your Nose

There are a couple of effective ways that you could easily reduce the pain of getting your nose pierced.

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Can I Numb My Nose With Ice Cubes?

One easy and best option would be to freeze your nose with ice cubes. Make sure to properly wrap the ice cubes in paper towel before applying them to your nose so you don’t damage any nerve endings.

How long does it take for ice to numb your nose

You will just need to perfectly hold ice cube there for about 3-5 minutes only. Each person actually will be different. Once numb, pierce your nose right away and the heavy pain will certainly be reduced.

Can You Use Numbing Cream for Nose Piercings?

Another effective option that many choose is buying a local aesthetic called Emla cream. Emla can be easily bought in stores without a prescription from a doctor in most countries. Many people actually use Emla cream before getting piercings or tattoos if they are really scared of the pain. The numbing lasts for near about approximately 30-60 minutes (again depending on the person). You will want to just put the numbing cream onto the nose area for about 30-60 minutes before getting your nose pierced. Simply properly wipe off, disinfect and pierce your nose!

Actually, we recommend that amazing products like Emla are generally effective for perfectly reducing pain and discomfort. It is simply available in a tube of cream form or in individual patches, applied by peeling off the back and adhering it the area you really wish to numb. You can use either exact method but we recommend using the cream as it can be simply reapplied multiple times leading up to your nose piercing appointment.

Can You Numb Your Nose Before Getting It Pierced

Like it or not, heavy pain is really an inevitable part of all piercings. Fortunately, your thoughts of imagination are often worse than reality. Our actual motto is “expect the worst and after all, you will be actually pleasantly surprised.”. While certain piercings tend to be really more challenging than others, pain is a very individual experience. If you are actually nervous about the pain or want to pierce a particularly sensitive area, you may want to use an OTC (over-the-counter) numbing effective agent.

Of course, you should always perfectly check with your healthcare professional or doctor prior if you have any serious concerns with numbing any part of your body as there may be issues or risks based on your own individual health conditions.

Benefits and Procedure Of Nose Numbing

Understanding the actual risks and exact benefits of numbing your nose is really important before completing the procedure. Numbing the tissue properly on the nose is useful when getting your nose pierced, as the needle can properly traverse the skin easily, making the piercing process less painful and quicker. Numbing your nose when self-piercing can also properly help create a more accurate needle incision, as the heavy pain will not exactly distract your mind and influence your actions. Although some piercing and tattoo parlors may properly numb your nose for you, following a simple effective nose numbing procedure beforehand can ensure your piercing is safe, effective, and most importantly painless.

Numbing Nose With Ice

To perfectly numb your nose, collect an ice cube, paper towel and timer. Wrap an ice cube properly in a paper towel or napkin and hold to nose for just three to four minutes only. It is important to first properly wrap the ice so as not to damage nerve endings in the nose. After two minutes, remove ice and just check to ensure nose is numb exactly. If it is not numb, return ice to nose and simply hold for an additional two minutes. If one nose is perfectly numb, immediately pierce nose or enter piercing parlor.

After your nose is successfully numb, you can easily complete the piercing process, either by a specialist or professional in a piercing parlor or by yourself. If piercing your own nose, however, it is really important to perfectly sterilize all equipment, including the needle, earring stud and clasp. In addition, it is also important to properly clean the nose thoroughly using gently rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. It is actually important to have another person present, whether piercing your own nose or having your nose pierced professionally or by specialist, to ensure your complete safety during and after the nose piercing procedure.

  • Understanding actual risks and best benefits of numbing your nose is really important before completing the nose numbing procedure.
  • Numbing your nose carefully when self-piercing can also easily help create a more accurate needle incision, as the pain will not distract your mind, and body or influence your actions.

What Can You Do To Reduce The Pain Of Nose Piercing

Mentally prepare yourself

Studies have actually proven that pain is largely a psychological phenomenon. This simply and clearly means that your emotions and thoughts at a particular point in time can easily affect the amount of pain you feel when exposed to the same stimulus.

So keep in mind, before getting a piercing, talk to your relatives or friends or people who have had nose piercings done, either on social media or in person. Get yourself perfectly hyped up before getting into the piercing parlor after all it really can’t be that bad if these many people are doing it.

Can you numb your nose for a septum piercing?

Yes, you can! Although, the actual pain levels of a properly carried out septum piercing can be really less or low and is almost over before you know it.

But if you largely feel that you are definitely not able to deal with it or can’t deal with it. So feel free to ask your piercer to apply a topical anesthetic and this would basically easily eliminate all residual pain. Ice cubes cannot be used because of the inconvenient location and the more chances of introducing water into the airway.


Your career? Yes. Your lovely family? Definitely. Your personal preferences? Absolutely. But your fear of pain in your mind should never be a completely deciding factor on whether or not you should get a nose piercing.

First, they are not as painful as you think and secondly, there are several amazing medically proven ways to effectively numb your nose before and after getting it pierced.


How Can I Make My Nose Piercing Properly And Less Painful?

Cleaning a nose piercing for the first time can be really challenging, as the nose area will be very painful and tender. However, perfectly cleaning the piercing site will easily help soothe it and reduce pain and swelling. Experts recommend properly cleaning a nose piercing twice a day until it heals completely.

Piercing Needle vs. Piercing Gun: Which Is Safer?

Which is better and less painful for piercing: A Gun or a Needle? The quick best answer: A piercing needle is really much better than a piercing gun, for many reasons. Needles are generally perfectly cleaner, more accurate, and less painful than guns.

Does Your Nose Heal After Getting It Pierced?

You’ll have a little bit or heavy pain when your nose is pierced. You may have some blood, a little bit of swelling, tenderness, or bruising at first. It may be sometimes sore, tender, and red for up to 3 weeks. Pierced nostrils perfectly heal completely in about 2 to 4 months.

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