Best Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching: Treatment, causes, more

Like other parts of the body, the vagina can sometimes be itchy. There is nothing to worry about in most such cases. But what about that itch that doesn’t go away? Here you need to try some effective home remedies for vaginal itching to prevent bad smell and itching problems.

It can be very uncomfortable to live with an itchy vagina – especially if you scratch it, as it will make it worse. Also, a healthy vagina or neat and clean vagina should not feel itchy all the time.

Depending on the cause of your itching, you can easily give it relief at home. So, read on to find out what might be causing that itch—and what you can do for it.

Common causes of vaginal itching

Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching
Best Effective Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching.

The term ‘vaginal itching’ means itching in your vagina and the area around its opening (vulva).

Vaginal itching has many possible causes, but common causes include infections, such as yeast infections, thrush and vaginal dryness (which is common after menopause).

Another very common cause of vaginal itching is irritation or an allergic reaction to chemicals in household and personal cleaning products. Skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema, can also affect your genital area.

When to see a doctor?

Although there are several remedies available to avoid or provide some relief in case of vaginal itching, some cases may require medical attention. If your vaginal itching lasts more than a few days or you have other symptoms along with the itching, talk to your doctor. If you have pain between your tummy and hip bones (pelvic pain) and/or unusual or foul-smelling discharge from your vagina or a lump or ulcer, you should see a doctor right away.

Depending on the cause of your itching, your doctor may prescribe medication to treat it. But if you are wondering how to stop vaginal itching on your own, here are some things you can try at home.

Home remedies for vaginal itching

The best treatment for vaginal itching involves prevention – which means keeping your vagina healthy. Good vaginal health is associated with good general health, which can be achieved through a healthy diet and exercise.

It is important to know that a healthy vagina does not mean a vagina free of bacteria. Your vagina naturally contains many bacteria and that’s a good thing, these bacteria protect your vagina in many ways.

A healthy vagina has the right balance of good bacteria and low pH levels (pH less than 4.5). The pH level tells you how acidic it is. If the natural balance is disturbed, you are more likely to have infections in your vagina such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis, which cause pimples and other symptoms.

Gentle cleaning

Showering once a day is an easy way to keep your genitals clean and help reduce itching. To avoid irritation, it is best to use only water and unscented soap to wash the area around your vagina (vulva).

After washing, dry your vulva gently (don’t rub it), and keep in mind that washing too often can cause dryness, which can lead to itching.

Some moisturizers can help to soothe the area.

If your itching is caused by dryness inside the vagina rather than dryness on the outside of your vagina, you can try using moisture balancing cream or vaginal moisturizer, but never use a normal moisturizer inside your vagina which doesn’t made for your vagina.

Good hygiene

Keeping good hygiene and making some simple lifestyle changes can help you reduce and prevent vaginal itching. Try these-

  • Instead of synthetic, wear cotton underwear and change it daily.
  • Wear loose clothing (and avoid wearing tights)
  • Wipe from front to back properly just after using the toilet.
  • Avoid using hygiene sprays, aromatic sprays or powders on the genitals.
  • Avoid rinsing your vagina with water (douching) – this can remove the healthy bacteria that help protect your vagina from infections.

Key points

  • Vaginal itching actually doesn’t always need treatment, but it can be very uncomfortable.
  • Common causes include yeast infections, vaginal dryness, skin conditions, and harmful reactions to household and chemical contains hygiene products.
  • Carefully try discussed above best home remedies for vaginal itching and effective methods to solve vaginal itching.
  • If your vagina is itchy for more than a few days and you feel pain or unusual discharge or lumps or ulcers, see your doctor.
  • It is important to clean the vagina regularly and have good hygiene to avoid itching and infection.

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