How Junk Food Can End Obesity easily?

In David Freedman’s article “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” he makes a point about mentioning that the fact that so many American citizens are caught up in over-analyzing what they actually eat is the main cause of unhealthy diets.

Freedman begins by talking about actually how misinformed people are about wholefood restaurants and stores. These stores are really run by so-called health food experts.

how junk food can end obesity
Best way to end obesity with junk food

Freedman makes himself perfectly distinguishable from the position of Michael Pollan and his adherents. His adherents are known as Pollanites. They are the people who believe that actually processed food is the reason we have health and obesity issues.

He properly brings up the phrase small elite minority to talk about how Pollanites think they are better than everyone else. Throughout the whole article Freedman actually compares how the Pollanites view the masses, to how everyone else views it.

How Junk Food Can End Obesity Easily?

Can The Atlantic and David H. Freedman be serious when they publish an amazing story under the headline “How junk food can end obesity”? It’s not a big secret, Americans actually love their processed, full of energy-rich foods. And undeniably, this real love affair has actually led to an obesity epidemic. In spite of the real evidence against processed food, however, there are some who believe the actual problem may hold the key to the solution.

Most people actually do not have a healthy outlook on the food they eat resulting in more guilt when eating causing more of an unhealthy mindset on food. Being fit and healthy is actually not only about what people consume. A healthy person eats many and varieties of foods in moderation creating a balanced diet. A healthy person perfectly participates in proper physical activity daily. These aspects result in a perfect and healthy mindset with less stress and a better and perfect mental attitude. Healthy people are not always skinny, nor are they always fat and heavyweight. Inherited genes play a big role or main role in what a person’s physical appearance looks like. What is going on inside their body is actually what makes them healthy or unhealthy.

Freedman step by step perfectly explains that those in poorer communities can not afford fresh, healthy foods from the grocery store (or even the transportation to get to the store). Actually, this leads to the poor population relying on the simply and easily accessible, cheap fast-food chains that are generally very close to us or within walking distance of any location. He states this as the main reason for higher obesity rates among poor communities. When families are not perfectly financially stable, they stress- which is unhealthy and unfit. The unhealthy mental state adds to the fact that they actually do not have the means to eat healthfully, and that they are always working in order to just get that food- leaving them no time for physical activity or exercise.

All of these things are related to how healthy these people are actually. If a person actually does not have money, they get stressed very easily and have to work more hours, giving them no time to perfectly prepare food or exercise.

When Freedman actually implies that poor people may not care as much about what they are eating food- resulting in unhealthy eating habits- he does not take into account that these people really do not have the ability to do much about what actually they can and cannot eat. Their diets actually depend on time efficiency to adhere to their working schedules and cost. Unfortunately, that leaves them with pretty much the only option: fast food. Fast food is fast (as stated in the title) and in most cases very cheap and unhealthy food. Poor locations are also really less safe for people to go outside and exercise. And all of these factors and situations make for an unhealthy mental state as well.

While many of these points actually Freedman writes about are valid at some level, he does not get the actual point of view from actual poor people, but rather the perfect observations of those that are more privileged, meaning there is rarely an accurate and perfect interpretation of the actual struggles poor people go through.


How junk food can end obesity summary? In the reading, “How Junk Food Can End Obesity” author David H. Freedman, a perfect contributor editor at the Atlantic and Inc. Magazines asserts that making processed food healthier will perfectly contribute to the battle against this fat or obese phenomenon. Freedman actually claims that with the right and perfect tools we are really able to make processed fast food much tasty and healthier while keeping the same taste appeal.

For instance, in the reading, Freedman states, “If the food industry is to quietly sell quality food and healthier products to its mainstream, mostly for non-health-conscious peoples or customers, it must find best ways to perfectly deliver the eating experience that fat and problem carbs actually provide in foods that have fewer of those ingredients.” Freedman is basically stating that it is not about whipping out the entire fast food industry rather than just making a health change by perfectly reducing the ingredients such as fat and carbs yet keeping the same perfect and ideal taste in the product.

In addition, some big fast food companies such as McDonald’s have already made the effort to include best and healthier alternatives to their products by cutting back fat, sugar, and calories. “McDonald’s has quietly been making best and perfect healthy changes for years, properly shrinking portion sizes, perfectly reducing some fats from fast foods, trimming average salt content by more than 10 percent in the past couple of years.” (P.525) Fast food has made it really easier for people to want to gravitate towards because it’s really cheap, fast, and tasty, therefor Freedman actually believes that processed food is an actual and key factor to our society, it is what we put in our food products that need to be changed.

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