How to Clean your Vagina Inside

Vaginal cleanliness and vaginal health are important to a woman’s overall health. There are many misconceptions and taboos associated with the vagina. If you too are concerned about the musky odor emanating from the vagina or wondering about the right way to clean your vagina inside and wash your vagina inside, then you will be happy to know that vaginal care is not difficult at all.

First of all, you need to accept that the vagina is like any other part of your body, although it is a bit delicate. It has a distinct odor of its own and as long as it isn’t sharp and smelly or associated with abnormal vaginal discharge, you really shouldn’t have to worry about it. Secondly, the vagina is an organ that cleans itself. Your vaginal discharge washes away all germs from the vaginal area.

How to Clean your Vagina Inside
Confused between ways to clean your vagina inside? How to wash vagina. Women should not make these mistakes while cleaning the vagina inside.

But this does not mean that the vagina does not require any care. According to England’s NHS, washing your vagina once a day, along with a daily bath, is enough to keep it clean and healthy. And for that, you don’t need special perfume or soap. If you have a dark or black skin vagina, there are many effective remedies that can easily lighten your vagina at home Keep in mind that natural ways of treatment is always helpful without any harm.

Know your vagina

The vagina is the outer muscular part of the female genitalia, which includes the labia, vulva and clitoris. It is also the most sensitive part of a woman’s body and hence requires special care. The vagina continuously produces a clear white and sticky discharge, which helps in maintaining the pH of the vagina as well as flushing out any pathogenic bacteria out there. However, it creates a moist environment in your vaginal area which makes it prone to infection if not cleaned properly from time to time. Read on to know the right way to clean your vagina inside to prevent the risk of infection and all the other things you need to know about it.

Disadvantages of not keeping the vagina clean

What if you don’t clean your vagina properly? Improper cleaning of your vagina is as bad as not cleaning it. If you do not clean your vagina properly then its disadvantages are –

  • The accumulation of sweat and vaginal discharge leads to itching and rashes in the vagina and inside your thighs.
  • Excessive moisture increases the chances of germs growing and causing bacterial infections or other infections in the vagina, which cause vaginal odor, excessive or foul-smelling discharge, and in severe cases, inflammation.
  • Acne can also be caused by rashes and bacterial growth.
  • To avoid all these problems, it is best that you take proper care of the vagina.

The right way and way to clean your vagina inside

How to wash your vagina? Cleaning your vagina is as easy as washing any other part of your body and can be done with mild soap and some lukewarm water. However, to prevent infection, you have to keep some facts in mind. Here are some easy tips that will tell you the right way to clean your vagina inside and wash your vagina –

  • Do not rub your vaginal area with a loofah (punishment). It can scrape your skin and cause itching. Use a soft sponge instead.
  • If you must use soap, use a mild non-scented soap with the least amount of chemicals. Avoid all types of scented body washes, as these can kill healthy bacteria such as lactobacilli, which help maintain the pH of the vagina. With the help of a soft sponge, you can apply a small amount of soap around the clitoris. You can use your fingers to open the labia and gently clean around the clitoris with a sponge. Wash all areas properly separating the folds.
  • The inner canal of the vagina cleans itself so don’t put soap in but you will have to wash your vulva.
  • Clean the bikini line thoroughly with a sponge. Don’t rub it too much.
  • Don’t forget to wash the perineum (the area between the vagina and the anus). Most of the time, air does not reach this area and therefore moisture can accumulate in it and bacteria can grow.
  • Finally, clean your anal area with a sponge. Keep in mind that you have to clean from front to back. After this do not wash your vagina with this sponge as it can remove germs.
  • Wash off the soap thoroughly and pat the entire vaginal area dry by patting with a soft towel.

Why clean front to back the right way to clean the vagina

Why clean front to back? It is always recommended to wipe your vagina from front to back. This is because your anus not only contains excrement but may also contain some harmful bacteria. Wiping from back to front can transfer these bacteria to the vaginal area, causing infection, itching, and irritation. You should also clean the sponge properly immediately after use. If the sponge is left uncleaned, anal bacteria or fungi can grow on it and infect your vagina the next time you use it.

How useful are vaginal cleansing medicines and products?

How effective are vaginal care products? There are many types of soaps, sprays and wipes available in the market to clean your vagina inside and outside. But is it safe to use them? Let’s know –

  • Soap – Only mild, colorless and fragrance-free soap should be used. Even baby soap should not be used as it has some fragrance. Scented soap can mess with the pH balance, leading to a vaginal yeast infection. Cleansers made with synthetic chemicals can kill most bacteria, including those that are essential for a healthy vagina. Since your vaginal skin is really delicate and absorbent, these chemicals can enter your body and cause irritation, allergies or itching.
  • Feminine Wash or Spray – Female wash and spray are two of the most talked about products when it comes to vaginal care. However, you may be surprised to know that these products are unnecessary as well as harmful. Moreover, these products make you unnecessarily worried about the natural smell of your vagina. Female washes and sprays have similar and sometimes more severe effects than synthetic soaps. They disturb the pH of your vagina and cause serious problems if used for a long time.
  • Vaginal Wipes – These products not only clean up unwanted secretions but also remove essential bacteria. They also contain alcohol, which can cause vaginal dryness, which can be harmful to the health of your vagina. These should only be used in severe situations, such as when you are unable to wash the vagina for a long period of time – for example, while traveling.
  • All women are different, some are sensitive to even mild soaps and some are not affected by synthetic products. But every woman needs care. No matter how healthy your vagina is or you may not see the effects of chemicals, but if used for a long time, chemicals are definitely harmful. That’s why it’s important to use products with the least amount of chemicals.

Know about Vaginal Douching

It is a process of washing the vagina with water or a mixture of other chemicals. This is a little different from the normal washing method mentioned above as it involves washing the inside of the vagina. There are special bottles available in the market using which a pre-made liquid can be poured inside the vagina for cleaning. Vaginal douches are easily available in medical stores. But are they really necessary or is it right to use them?

Douching makes you feel clean but has very few medical benefits in reality. In fact, douching does more harm than good to your health, here’s how –

  • Vaginal Infection – Cleaning the vagina with chemicals affects the balance of the natural bacteria present in it. It reduces the ability of the vagina to fight pathogenic bacteria. Studies have shown that women who do not douching regularly have a lower risk of vaginal infections or bacterial vaginosis than women who do not douching regularly.
  • PID – PID (or pelvic inflammatory disease) is an inflammatory disease that results from a vaginal infection. It can affect the uterus, fallopian tubes, and sometimes even the ovaries, causing tissue damage. If it is left untreated, it can lead to a decrease in fertility. PID can also cause many problems during pregnancy. One study found that women who douching were 73 percent more likely to develop vaginal inflammation.
  • Douching can increase the chances of an ectopic pregnancy (ie implantation of an embryo outside the uterus). Therefore, it is best to leave the internal cleaning of the vagina to yourself and just wash around the vulva.

Important things related to vaginal cleaning

Hope you have benefited from the information related to cleaning the vagina given here. Lastly, keep these things in mind to keep your vagina healthy –

  • Wash your vagina regularly but not too much. Cleaning your vagina once a day is enough.
  • You don’t need to be harsh with your vagina. Gently wipe with a sponge on and around your vagina. In addition to washing, regularly remove your pubic hair. This will make it easier to clean and reduce the moisture outside the vagina. Less hair also means less chance of dermatophyte infection. You can simply shave off the extra hair or trim or wax them a bit. The hair around the vagina grows differently in every woman. So no exact duration of cutting or removal can be given. You need to know the rate at which your hair grows and decide the right time to cut it.
  • Wear cotton clothes and wash them daily. Cotton underwear does not block air, which reduces sweat and moisture. Change your tampon, menstrual cup or sanitary pad regularly during periods. No matter how much bleeding you are having, it is best to change a new pad every 3-4 hours and a tampon every 4-5 hours. This not only helps in keeping bacteria and odor away but also prevents accidental stains. If you don’t have any major issues related to vaginal bleeding then you can Stop Vaginal Bleeding At Home easily.


When people apply bleach on their face, they keep it far away from the eyes. As the eyes are very sensitive, bleach is not used there. On the other hand, the vagina of women is also a very sensitive place where bleach should not be used. So, carefully clean your vagina inside. Remember ladies, your vagina has self-cleansing power. So it is enough to use basic soap and water to keep its cleanliness under control!


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