How to Increase Semen Volume

When it’s time to bring a new guest into the house and do everything you can to make it happen. The good thing is that over the years there have been many studies that claim that if your sperm count is low, which is hindering your happiness, then you can increase it. We are going to tell you exactly some of these effective methods on how to increase semen volume.

How to Increase Semen Volume
Ways to Boost Semen Volume Naturally. Increasing Semen Volume. Natural supplements to increase seminal fluid

The fluid that comes out of the urethra during arousal and ejaculation in a man is called semen. It is formed by ingesting sperm and fluid from the prostate gland and other male reproductive organs. Semen is usually thick and white. However, there may be a change in color and quality in many situations. Thin semen indicates low sperm count. Which affects your fertility. If the semen has become thin, then do not worry in this situation, because of your curiosity about semen, here being told you about semen today.

1. Change In Diet

Increase semen volume by following diet
Increase semen volume by following proper diet

Change your regular diet

Improving your diet produces more and healthier semen. Do not underestimate this process.

Eat less processed food or avoid it at all, and instead eat foods that contain less fat and more protein. Eat more vegetables and grains, buy organic foods when possible. Drink lots of water. Whatever is good for your health is also beneficial for semen.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants

These nutrients will reduce your semen-related diseases and increase the life of the semen. Eat an orange after lunch! An 8 ounces (230 ml) glass of orange juice contains 124 ml of vitamin C, which is enough for a day.

Vitamins are essential to our body and healthy lifestyle. Here, are 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Vitamins which is very important to know.

Consume more mineral zinc

This increases the quantity, number or volume, and testosterone of semen. Take about 11 mg per day, which will be supplemented by eating walnuts, beans, oysters or chicken.

Take amino acids as a supplement or as a food.

  • Amino acids are found in small amounts in meats, fruits, and vegetables. Amino acids increase the volume of semen and also protect it from thickening. Amino acids that you should include in food.
  • L-Carnitine It is found in red meat and milk.
  • L-Arginine It is found in dry fruits, sesame seeds and eggs.
  • L-Lysine- (L-Lysine) It is found in milk and cheese.

Take a folic acid supplement in your diet

Folic acid (Vitamin B9) has been shown to be helpful in increasing the amount of semen. Actually, 400 grams of folic acid is found in fresh green vegetables, legumes, cereals and orange juice.

Increase your daily intake of vitamin D and calcium

You can also take both as supplements or synthesize vitamin D by spending some time in the sun. By consuming yogurt, slim milk, and salmon in excess, you can meet the need of calcium and vitamin D. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, then do not forget to apply sunscreen on your body so that the effect from the harmful rays of the sun is reduced.

Consume Allicin

Found in garlic, allicin is an organosulfur compound that makes the amount of semen favorable for blood circulation in the sex organs, thereby increasing the amount of healthy semen. Eat some new and interesting garlic-rich food or make clove and garlic tea and drink it in the morning.

Eat these foods that make semen healthy

foods that increase sperm volume
Foods that increase sperm volume

If you want to see semen shining with eyes, then use these things in your diet.

  • Goji berries (antioxidant)
  • Ginseng, Ashwagandha
  • Pumpkin seeds (omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Walnuts (omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Asparagus (Vitamin C)
  • Banana (Vitamin C)

2. Lifestyle Changes

change lifestyle to increase semen volume
Change your lifestyle to increase semen volume. Boost semen volume easily

Improve your lifestyle

Lifestyles that lower your body’s immune system can also lead to low semen count. Avoid smoking, or drugs (other than prescribed drugs) if you are trying to have a child. Consult your doctor and consume alcohol in moderation.

Wear loose clothing

Wear clothes that do not put pressure on your testicles. Heat is harmful to the scrotum, so wear loose clothing that lets air in. This is the only reason for the scrotum to be out of the body so that the coolness remains in them.

Get off the bicycle

Bicycle seats are known to reduce semen, if you think for a moment you will realize why! Pressure, push and bounce – Semen does not like any of these. Use a car or bus when you want to produce more semen.

Get out of the hot tub

It’s pleasant, but when you’re lost in the luscious action, your scrotum heats up with the heat. Leave the rest in the tub for some other time.

Relieve stress

Stress is deadly. Although you will handle it for some time, your semen is not that strong. Stress reduces the hormones that produce semen.

Check your weight

Being overweight or underweight influences how hormones run the process. Too much estrogen or a lack of testosterone can have a negative effect on the amount of semen. Join a gym, and find new and interesting ways to motivate yourself to meet your weight loss goals.

Quit using steroids

While this will help you build muscle, it can have a negative effect on your scrotum. Who would want such a thing according to the amount of semen? Anabolic steroids are really very dangerous and harmful to your overall health.

Understand the need to rest

Your body does most of the important work while sleeping, and this includes the generation of semen. 8 hours of sleep is essential when you want to increase the amount of semen.

Exercise the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle)

The PC muscle not only helps in having sex for a long time or increasing stamina but also increases the amount of semen. You can do many PC muscle exercises to satisfy your partner and get success in childbirth.

Do not use lubricating substances while having sex

it can be useful while doing action or having sex, but it is harmful for the happiness of children. Lubricating substances such as sputum, lotion, or jelly can inhibit or prevent the movement of semen. You can use certain types of lubricants like PreSeed, which will have no effect on semen.

Keep yourself away from toxic chemicals and radiation

Toxic chemicals and radiation can cause permanent damage to your semen. If you always use toxic chemicals, be sure to use protective gear (gloves, masks) to reduce its effects on your skin. Avoid radiation sites and limit their use for medical procedures.

Note: The above advice will not only increase your sperm count but will also make it healthy and active. And with the luck of anyone’s semen, you will also get child happiness!


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