How to Look More Attractive At the Age of 40

How to look more attractive: Even if your age is more than 40, to look beautiful and young in growing age, follow the routine given by experts in this article.

As you get older, certain things start to happen and slowly your beautiful attractive look gets down. You become a little sluggish and feel a little more tired. Along with this, changes start happening under the skin, due to which wrinkles, freckles and fine lines start forming on the skin. Apart from this, dryness and looseness start in the skin.

With increasing age, another problem that troubles women the most is acne. This problem occurs due to hormonal imbalances in women. Ladies always face skin related problems and resulting loss of their attractive look.

how to look more attractive
How to become more attractive and how to look more attractive.

But by adopting some healthy habits daily, you can feel 30 by the age of 40. Yes, you can actually do this. From focusing on what you’re eating to getting your body moving as much as possible throughout the day, here are plenty of ways to keep you feeling healthy and young even in your 40s.

Follow the routine mentioned in this article to make your mind fit, body in the right shape, and bring a youthful glow to your face with an amazing attractive look.

1. Massage the body oil before bath to look attractive

Massage the body oil before bath to look attractive

Mustard oil is best for this. It keeps the joints healthy in old age.

Padabhyanga: Massage of feet before bedtime

Helps prevent degeneration of tissues and ligaments.

Helpful in strengthening the muscles.

Good for diabetes, insomnia and nervous disorders.

2. Put cow’s ghee in the nose while sleeping

Put cow's ghee in the nose while sleeping

Benefits of Nasya:

Helps to be mentally strong.

It is necessary for the prevention of migraine, allergies, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and many other problems.

3. Take herbal tea

herbal tea to look attractive
Herbal tea can help you to look attractive

Include CCF (cumin, coriander, fennel) tea, mint tea, ginger tea and wheatgrass tea in your daily routine.

You can take any tea suitable for your body from it.

4. Sit in from of the sun every morning

Sunbathing to look attractive

Sunbathing for 20 minutes naturally increases the level of vitamin D.

5. Consuming nuts and seeds to get attractive glowing skin look

nuts and seeds to get attractive glowing skin look

Consume 1 tablespoon of flaxseed once a day and take a sufficient amount of soaked or peeled almonds in the morning.

Although you can eat any dry fruits of your choice, almonds are richer in protein than others.

6. Stay away from chemicals and their products

Many good advertisers in the market also promote this chemical-containing product, you have to avoid this and adopt only natural products or remedies.

7. Drink warm water every morning

It keeps your digestion healthy, cleanses the body from inside, and removes toxins.

8. Do eye exercises daily

Also, try to reduce the screening time.

9. Exercise to look fit and attractive

Exercise to look fit and attractive

Do yoga, pranayama and exercise daily in the morning. If your face is very small and your cheeks are not big enough, you can try exercises to increase your cheeks fat or facial fat and look attractive with beautiful face.

You also follow this routine. It protects you from various problems like degenerative, mental and physical disorders and you will look young and beautiful even after the age of 40. Do share this helpful article, as well as comment. Stay connected with HealtHowdy to read more such articles related to health advice.


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