How To Open A Girls Bra Very Easily, Best Way To Remove Bra Fast

Unhooking or opening a bra can sometimes really feel like rock climbing. There are a lot of straps, pulling, and scrambling involved, and that is all making it difficult for us.

Where to pinch, where to pull, how to open a girl’s bra, how to remove bra of your girlfriend, the list of questions seems endless–whether it’s your bra if you are a girl or someone else’s if you are a man. Don’t worry now, by the end of this amazing article you’ll be a pro at the tricky task of bra removal.

Here, we are going to discuss only the easiest and fastest way of bra-removing techniques. Best and perfect way to remove a bra you need to understand and know the tricks of bra removal methods.

How To Open A Girls Bra Very Easily?

easiest way to unhook girl's bra with one hand
easiest way to unhook girl’s bra with one hand – Open her bra first time very easily? A perfect way to remove bra of your Girlfriend. One-hand unhook technique. How to open a girl’s bra.

Easiest Methods to Remove or Open A Girls Bra:

How to Unhook a Bra

Place Your One Hand on the End of Each Strap

Most bras have a back closure, featuring a hook and perfect eye connection in the middle of your back properly. Once you’ve properly found this spot, place one hand on each side of the clasp, perfectly holding the portion of the strap nearest the clasp.

Push Both Sides in Towards One Another

Next, perfectly push the straps inward towards one another of the bra, creating space properly and a bit of giving (don’t pull the straps away from one another as the exact hook and eye need to be separated first).

Slie the Right Side Towards You

Now, keep in mind, keeping the left side (the one with the “eye” or loop-like end of the connection) stationery, slide the hooks perfectly on the right side strap toward you to release the clasp. Note: you may need to sometimes repeat this motion if all of the hook/eye connections don’t release at the same time (most bras have two however it can range from one to five).

Sounds simple? Great, let’s move on to the next tricky part of opening bra…

Unhooking a Bra with One Hand

How to Unhooking a Bra with One Hand
How to Unhooking a Bra with One Hand

Place your fingers properly on one side of the clasps and your thumb on the other. Keep your fingers and thumb very close perfectly to the closing mechanism.

These easy same steps can be followed when you are opening a bra or unhooking a bra with one hand while the person is facing you (ie. you won’t be able to actually see what you’re doing backside of your partner.)

Easiest way to open bra with one hand
The easiest way to open bra with one hand

Pinch both sides perfectly together. You will need to do this with your pointer finger, middle finger, and thumb in a proper way. Imagine that you are actually picking a shirt up with just your thumb and first two fingers. Pinch the bra clasp gently in the same way.

unhooking bra with one handed
unhooking bra with one-handed

Properly slide the right side (i.e. the side with the bra hooks) across the left strap. This will free the hooks perfectly from the eyelets. It may help to wedge your fingers (if right-handed) or thumb (if left-handed) in front of the eyelets to keep them stationary while you remove the hooks perfectly.


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