How to Have Sex For Hours, Increase Your Sex Power At Home

If you want to have sex for hours, then increase your sex power with just these 3 home methods. You can sexually satisfy your partner.

Adopt really amazing home miraculous remedies to increase sex power and increase happiness in life by perfectly satisfying your partner. What do you have to do to increase sex power? Let us tell you.

Increase Your Sex Power At Home
Increase Your Sex Power At Home

In today’s fast-speed life and lack of proper food and drink, it has become a common thing for people to lose their virility. At the same time, in order to perform well in bed, men usually start taking medicines to increase sex power without doctor’s advice. These drugs are good for some time but do not always give the expected results and their sex life starts getting ruined. Whereas our sexologist is of the opinion that men can increase their sex power even without these sex drugs. Yes, you can boost sex power in just 3 ways mentioned below.

Diet: Black urad beans can increase sex power

Black urad beans Increase Your Sex Power At Home
Black urad beans Increase Your Sex Power At Home

Things that increase male hormones, you should include those things in your diet. For this, black urad beans mixed with garlic and asafoetida should be taken twice a week. It is better if the tempering of asafoetida and garlic is applied in cow’s ghee.

Diet: Cow’s Ghee

Apart from this, drink a glass of milk daily by adding a spoonful of cow’s ghee and sugar candy according to taste. According to Ayurveda, it is a great sex tonic. Maharishi Charak says that ghee should be of cow only and not of buffalo because the power which is in bull is not in buffalo. Cow’s ghee is beneficial anyway because it increases mental peace. Memory improves and the complaints of acidity and constipation are also reduced. Apart from this, good cholesterol increases and bad cholesterol decreases.

Exercise: Walk daily non-stop to boost your sex power

Walk for 45 minutes daily without stopping. Due to this, the blood vessels remain open and every part of the body gets better oxygen. If possible, walk in a circle.

Gets peace of mind: Walking in a circle is better than walking straight. By doing this, one gets mental peace and diabetic patients get special benefits.

Yoga: Anulom vilom

Anulom vilom for healthy sexual life
Anulom vilom for healthy sexual life

There are many yoga asanas, but from the point of view of sex, it is very beneficial to do Anulom vilom pranayama in the right way.

Yoga: Bhramari is also necessary to boost sex power

Bhramari pranayama to enhance Sexual Power At Home
Bhramari pranayama to enhance Sexual Power At Home

Actually, most of the diseases in the human body are due to Vata. By doing Pranayama, you can control the diseases caused by Vata. Apart from this, do breathing and Bhramari pranayama daily for mental peace.

These four are harmful

Sugar, cigarette (tobacco), alcohol and stress, these four are harmful to you and sex too. So, if you want to have sex for hours and increase your sex power, keep in mind these above points and have fun with your partner.


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