The myths and facts about HIIT workout – 2024

There is much confusion in people’s minds regarding HIIT workout. To break those myths and illusions, this article is presented which will explain to you in detail about effective HIIT workouts.

High-intensity interval training is cardio-respiratory training that involves short duration, 30 seconds to 2 minutes of high-intensity exercise. This activity has to be done repeatedly, allowing the muscles to remove metabolic waste and produce more energy. But there are some misconceptions in many people’s minds about this, so we are going to tell you about these illusions or myths and some facts related to it.

Can you do HIIT every day

myths and facts about HIIT workout
Myths and facts about HIIT workout.

In today’s hectic life, when we don’t have time to exercise, HIIT is the most effective way to burn calories. This is something that everyone wants to do. However, it is said to do at least 30 minutes a day. It cannot be said to be done every day. High-intensity training puts a lot of pressure on your body. This can convert into overtraining, it can hurt you. The relaxation that the muscles should get in the recovery process is not available. So do your workouts every other day. If you are doing leg exercises one day, then the next day does upper body exercises and take some rest in between.

HIIT raises or lowers blood pressure

Some people find that this type of training also raises your blood pressure. But unlike this, this training helps to relax blood pressure just like any other exercise. This does not harm your blood pressure. HIIT workouts improve insulin resistance while keeping your energy levels in check by controlling blood sugar.

Is HIIT training just a cardio workout or does it help build muscle?

HIIT increases mass in lean muscles. When you burn fat, your muscles feel more defined. It’s important not to compromise on your form just because you’re doing high-intense training. If you don’t train at full speed, your body will feel like you’ve worked out, but your muscles won’t get that contraction and you won’t be able to reach your goal. Also, keep in mind that you must warm up. Without warming up there is every chance that you may get hurt.

Does HIIT workout make you sick?

Doing too much HIIT workout can make you sick. It is a fact that regular exercise boosts your immune system. But on the other hand, if your body is working out more than 85-95%, then it releases stress hormones as well as good hormones like adrenaline, endorphins, and cortisol. Stress lowers your immune system and leaves your body vulnerable to virus attacks.

Do we feel like we are gaining weight while doing HIIT?

HIIT workouts use stored muscle glycogen for energy, not fat stores. When you’re burning fat, you’re also working on strengthening your muscles. You may look slimmer but as muscles get denser, they can make you look heavier in the end. HIIT triggers the release of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone, both of which play an important role in metabolizing fat.

Can HIIT be done at any time of the day?

It is not advised to do this training on an empty stomach immediately after waking up. Give your body at least 30 minutes after getting up. Have a light breakfast before a workout, as your body needs fuel to do a high-intensity workout.

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