If you Do NyQuil Chicken Dish then Be Careful, Doctors Warn

NyQuil Chicken TikTok Trend: Earlier, food called Frozen Honey and Mini Eggs were also trending on Tik Tok. Doctors have advised staying away from it. This type of chicken is really harmful to our health.


  • These days the video of “NyQuil Chicken” or “Sleepy Chicken” is becoming very viral on Tik Tok.
  • People are making this dish and eating it themselves with family members.
  • Doctors have warned about this dish.
nyquil chicken tiktok trend
Nyquil chicken tiktok trend

Nowadays there is a lot of trend of making sleeping chicken on Tik Tok and people are making it very fondly. But doctors have forbidden making chicken in this way. Doctors say that “NyQuil Chicken” or “Sleepy Chicken” is injurious to your health and can also cause you serious diseases. Let us tell you that for a few days, the trend of making this new type of chicken has been going on on Tik-Tok. People from different corners of the world are making this type of chicken and sharing their dishes. In such a situation, doctors have given a stern warning about this. So let’s know what is NyQuil Chicken or Sleepy Chicken and why doctors are refusing to make it.

This is how “NyQuil Chicken” or “Sleepy Chicken” is made

In the dish shared online, people have been seen making “NyQuil Chicken” or “Sleepy Chicken” with great enthusiasm. They are first taking chicken wings and putting cough medicine on it to make it. After that, they flip the chicken wings again and again. After cooking it, they are eating it themselves and also give it to their family members. Doctors forbid cooking and eating such food.

What doctors have to say

Speaking on this, Aaron Hartman, MD, a physician and assistant clinical professor of family medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University, called the dish, not the right dish. They say that when you make NyQuil Chicken or Sleepy Chicken, people add cough medicine to it. When you mix cough medicine on chicken, then the alcohol present in the medicine sticks to your chicken, which is not right to eat by preparing it in this way. This can also give you serious illness. Those people have said that it will make the lungs poisonous. So, FDA Warns NyQuil Chicken, don’t try to cook it also.

Such dishes have been famous on Tik-Tok in the past too

Tik Tok is one such platform where food of this type is often made. But experts advise common people to avoid such food. Let us tell you that before this, food called Tik-Tok Frozen Honey and Mini Eggs also came in the trend, which doctors refused to use it.


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