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Like most guys, you might struggle to perfectly notice the little signs a girl wants you to notice her. It’s not that women don’t show any open signs of attraction, it’s that they often do it more subtly than men.

Finally, you’ve found your lovely girl. But does she really feel the same for you? Does she really want you to make a move? This dilemma of whether she’s dreaming of you has been really one of the most confusing states of mind EVER.

If there’s a sexy girl or woman you’re interested in but you’re unsure of her feelings for you, you’ve come to the right place. In general, women actually prefer men to approach them first when it comes to getting asked out on a date. Unfortunately, this can make it really difficult for guys to discern between a woman’s generally friendly demeanor and the actual signs she wants you to notice her.

What Are The Signs a Girl Wants You To Notice Her

Some women can be extremely really transparent and will make it obvious they want and like you through flirting and other effective signs. But some of the unique signs aren’t so conspicuous.

You may really like a girl or woman, but you actually don’t know how she feels about you. She may be sometimes acting a certain way, but you’re unsure if that’s just her or if she’s putting on some sort of act in front of you. Regardless, it’s always good to perfectly clear this up in your head. That way, you exactly know her intentions and you can then perfectly figure out what you’re going to do if anything. If you’re really not 100% sure, here are some very important signs she wants you to notice her.

That’s why I decided to offer 5 top best signs she wants you to notice her, ranging from the completely transparent to the opaque.

1. Her Body Language Mirrors Yours

Girl Copying You and flirting with you
Girl Copying You

If a girl likes you, she will spontaneously copy your body language, behavior and gestures.

It’s actually a trait we humans inherited from our ancestors, and there is really nothing we can do about it. The more we really like someone, the more we mimic and copy their physical postures.

If she checks the time when you do and coping you or scratches her head when you do, congratulations she is waving green flags.

2. She Touches You More

She Wants To Touch You
She Wants To Touch You

If she is really finding any reasons to brush past you, to touch your arms or your back, or even if she seems eager to hug you just a tad longer than usual, it could mean she really likes you and wants you from you that you want to give.

Again, the actual key is to know the difference between how she always acts with other people and how she treats you.

3. She Finds Excuses to Spend Time with You

She Want To Spend Time With You
She Want To Spend Time With You

If she really likes you, why wouldn’t she want to spend time with you?

You might get invited to night parties, house parties, random events, or even just a coffee run during a break.

This becomes even more clear-cut and perfect sign when she asks to hang out alone. Just the two of you.

4. Another Social Media Sign a Girl Wants You to Notice Her: Her Social Media Accounts

Did she find you on social media or on Facebook before you told her your full name? Or is she following you everywhere to know more about you, from Twitter to Instagram?

connect with you by social media
connect with you by social media

Other possible signs include:

  • Regularly reacting to your posts,
  • Say “yes” to all events you invite her online,
  • Being online and ready to reply to your message almost every time you log in.

5. She Draws Attention to Her Lips

sing for some sexual things
sing for some sexual things

Lipstick has long been associated with sex appeal, want to kiss and sensuality.

But it’s not the only tool women have for sex.

When a girl really wants you to notice her lips, she may bite her lips or lick them. Applying lip balm has a similar effect. Just like drinking through a straw or kissing her own fingers and staring at you.

What You Should Exactly Do When You See Signs a Girl Wants You to Notice Her

sex with sexy girl and go outside
if she is ready go outside and have fun with her

Any of the previous signs, by itself, doesn’t necessarily mean a girl is actually vying for your attention.

But the more attractive signs you start to notice, the more likely she is.

car sex
fun with her in the car after understanding the actual sign that she want to do

If you really start to notice several signs a girl wants you to notice her, all happening in close proximity, it’s time to make your move.

If you really like her too, there is only one thing left for you to do: ask her out on a date!


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