Best Way To Do A Reversed Instagram Image Search

How To Properly Perform a Reverse Image Search in Instagram: Learn exactly how to do a search on Instagram quickly to be able to find everybody in an easy way. By the latest estimates in 2022, nearly a billion people use Instagram every month.

Instagram reverse image search
Instagram reverse image search

That actually makes it one of the most used apps in the world, second only to YouTube. Whether you want to perfectly see if someone is reusing your pictures, or exactly want to find a profile from a photo, your best bet is to do a perfect reverse image search. Now let’s see the easiest way to do Instagram reverse image search step by step.

There are many amazing services that can perfectly perform a reverse image search for you. However, certain complications (explained below) make some actually less effective than others with Instagram. Keep reading to see the best and perfect methods for conducting your search.

So, you’ve seen the lovely girl or a boy of your dreams and want to really find her/him on Instagram immediately? I have bad news for you — though Instagram is a really huge platform, it doesn’t allow image search.

Instagram reverse image search Video Step by Step

But people know exactly how to survive the extreme cold of the Arctic, do you really think they didn’t find the actual way to find a profile by an image, for instance?


In general, the Instagram image search is used in two main cases:

  • When you are to find an exact person (an Instagram profile) by a photo;
  • When you are exactly to detect some plagiarism.

Thus, if you want to really find your childhood friend, having his photo, you can easily find his profile and reconnect. If you are a photographer and aim to properly protect your photos on IG, you can easily find out whether your photos have been used on other resources without your permission.

Reasons can be diverse, but the exact solution is just one — here, you need an image search engine. I’ve gathered the best and most powerful ones for you to search faster.


1. “Google it.”

The very first Instagram Image search option is the easiest and common and generally widely used. It’s a Google image search. How exactly do we act:

  1. Upload a photo on your PC/MAC/phone;
  2. Go to Google Pictures;
  3. Click Search by image (Camera icon);
  4. Upload your photo (or paste its URL);
  5. Click Search.
Google image search
Google image search for reverses image search

Search by Image to Find Similar Photos

Google will perfectly search for similar pictures/photos and provide you with the full perfect database. Your exact task is to find a photo with a link to an Instagram profile. And if you aim at finding plagiarism, you will finally see all the resources where your photo has been used.

The actual and biggest advantage of it is that Google perfectly searches for similar photos. That means that the search results will be really much broader. It actually increases the chances to find the page you need.

2. Bing Image Search

Bing has the best reputation as the second fiddle to Google. However, If you actually think Bing is a waste of time, don’t be so sure. A different search algorithm may sometimes produce different results so it won’t hurt to try. As an added bonus, Bing’s image search is actually much more aesthetically pleasing than Google’s.

Bing Image Search to reversed image search
Bing Image Search to reversed the image search

The process is actually nearly identical to the Google image search. Go to Bing’s Image Feed and just click on the Images tab in the search bar. You’re likely to get perfect and similar results from Bing, but you also might get lucky.

3. Social Catfish

A very nice service for finding exact people and verifying identities. It’s quite good: it perfectly analyzes image resolution, size, and location, etc., which makes the perfect search precise.

Social Catfish for reversed image search
Social Catfish for reversed image search

But it has two significant disadvantages — the very low speed of search and the cost ($27 per month). How do we act:

  1. Go to Social Catfish homepage;
  2. Click Image at the center;
  3. Upload image and click Search.

You will get the appropriate results in a minute or so.

4. SauceNAO

SauceNAO may not win any best awards for the beauty of its perfect interface or ease of use, that’s for sure. But, it crawls some very particular areas of the web and may be better if you really want a more manageable set of search results.

SauceNAO for reversed image search for Instagram
SauceNAO for reversed image search for Instagram

On the site, you’ll find the “Choose File” button to upload your photo from your computer or mobile device and then click “get sauce” to perform the search. This is admittedly a bit of a long shot, but it’s really better than nothing and you can always refer to it when you’re having trouble reverse searching any image.

5. Yandex

While being more widely used in Russia, Yandex’s reverses image search comes up with its amazing own unique features and innovations. Operating this amazing function is just as easy as using the Google or Bing (save for the take a photo function) counterparts.

Yandex for reversed image search
Yandex for reversed image search

So, the uploaded image not only covers websites that host or use the picture but also users across different forums or social media accounts using it as an avatar or a background picture.

6. Image Operations

Image Operations (ImgOps) actually lets you do more than looking up search results. The web tool actually allows you to perfectly pull up results from search engines with reverse-image searching. ImgOps can also properly help you further filter content by choosing images you would want to see based on tags.

Image Operations
Image Operations for image reversed search for Instagram

Any versions of the uploaded picture will be easily available for viewing by clicking either the available image search engines or choosing a picture description. ImgOps also allows you to easily start editing an image to your liking through embedded links for editing, optimizing, or best way to convert the image to another file type.

7. TinEye

It’s the best and well-establish secure service for reverse image search Instagram doesn’t allow. It’s totally free and quite fast.

  1. Go to TinEye Homepage;
  2. Click arrow up to upload a photo from your computer or paste a URL
TinEye reversed image search for Instagram
TinEye reversed image search for Instagram

The search will perfectly start automatically; you will get the best results in a couple of seconds.

These are the Top 7 best Instagram image search services which you can freely use if inside you, a secret Sherlock slumbers… longing to burst forth.

But what if reverse image search Instagram actually doesn’t work for you and you haven’t reached the aim.


Of course, if you actually knew a person’s nickname, you wouldn’t read this article right now, so we just skip this option.

Search through hashtags. Hashtags are an effective and the main search driver on Instagram; why not try to use it to easily find a person? Just enter a tag that would actually describe a person you are looking for or some of his/her interests.

You can use the Ingramer hashtag generator tool to find the best ones. It’s really possible to generate them by a photo as well. So go ahead and try.

Search through a location. If you really know where the person actually lives or where he/she travels, or where he/she had been, it’s really very easy to find his/her post by geotags. It really works as fine as the search by hashtags and even better.

Just perfectly enter a place in the IG search bar and tap Places for a convenient search.

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What do I do if I find out someone else is using my Instagram photo as their own?

Instagram actually has very strict terms and conditions on stealing someone else’s creative content. If someone else has taken your photos or any content and you really want them to take it down, the first step may be to contact the owner of the account and clearly ask them to remove the images or give you credit for them. If they don’t comply, or you really don’t feel comfortable contacting them, your next step should be reporting the stolen images to Instagram. You can tap on their post or Instagram Help Center. Provide as many perfect and exact details as you can including the URL to your original upload and perhaps a screenshot of theirs. Assuming Instagram perfectly finds fault with the other account, the user may receive a warning, their post taken down, or even an account ban.


How do you track the activity on Instagram?

Instagram actually allows you to see your liked posts and perfectly check your activity on Instagram. To properly monitor Instagram activity, go to your Instagram profile and after tapping the three-line icon on the top right corner of the screen, tap on “Your Activity”. Here, you can see the whole detail and how much time you spend on this platform.

Wrapping Up

Instagram reverse image searching is a welcome addition to getting more out of a project, widening options for images to use, or simply properly tracing the history of what you are looking for. You can easily start your image or visual research more efficiently because most of the services actually reveal a bit of history through the search results.

Beginners in making presentations can stay out of trouble with certain images because (Instagram) reverse image searches will really give enough context to find out if you will be using a copyrighted picture or photo.

This easy-to-understand process is a boon simply because pictures actually have more stories than they look. Instagram Reverse Image Search is the best tool to perfectly start looking into those unseen details.


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