Best Digital Marketing Jobs, How to Start A Career in Digital Marketing

If you are really want to know about digital marketing and its opportunities in digital marketing with jobs then you are in the right place. You can easily start your career in digital marketing.

Here we are going to discuss digital marketing jobs and their amazing opportunities. Actually, landing a digital marketing job is one of the best and most direct ways for tech newcomers to start working in the digital marketing industry. That is partly because you can learn best and amazing lot of valuable skills. And that all the skills you need for entry-level marketing jobs once you’re actually on the job.

Best Digital Marketing Jobs
Best Jobs in Digital Marketing

In this article, I will perfectly break down exactly what it means to be a digital marketer, digital marketing, and what types of digital marketing jobs are actually available to you if you’re just starting out or a digital marketing beginner.

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Entry Level Digital Marketing Jobs

Nowadays, at the initial level of digital marketing jobs are very difficult. Getting your very first entry-level digital marketing job can seem like a daunting challenge, especially when you really don’t have any professional experience under your belt.

If you are searching online or browsing forums online, famous news sites, and LinkedIn posts. In that, you will see people complaining about how actually candidates who really want to apply for a job with no experience are totally screwed in this competitive job market.

“You can not get any job without any experience and you can not get any job experience without any job.” This simply isn’t the case. There are plenty of people out there getting great and wonderful jobs at top-notch companies with very little “official” experience.

So, what’s great about the digital marketing industry is the highly accelerating pace of change. Big Brand new startups, SaaS companies, and digital agencies are popping up every day, actually changing the way we do business, and disrupting traditional career paths (and the need for advanced college degrees).

How Much Digital Marketing Manager Salary

Digital marketing manager salaries by company

CompanyAverage Base
Salaries in (INR)
1Digital Marketing Manager
4 salaries
₹ 10,68,010/yr₹292K₹2,060K
2Digital Marketing Manager
4 salaries
₹ 16,69,998/yr₹1,063K₹2,764K
3Digital Marketing Manager – Monthly
Ducima Analytics
3 salaries
₹ 20,000/mo₹20K₹20K
4Digital Marketing Manager
Ethinos Digital Marketing
3 salaries
₹ 8,46,920/yr₹700K₹856K
5Digital Marketing Manager
3 salaries
₹ 18,73,806/yr₹1,093K₹2,184K
6Digital Marketing Manager
3 salaries
₹ 8,80,993/yr₹450K₹984K
7Digital Marketing Manager
Unyscape Infocom
2 salaries
₹538K – ₹771K₹538K₹771K
8Digital Marketing Manager
2 salaries
₹2,111K – ₹2,750K₹2,111K₹2,750K
9Digital Marketing Manager
2 salaries
₹140K – ₹4,046K₹140K₹4,046K
10Digital Marketing Manager
2 salaries
₹191K – ₹1,288K₹191K₹1,288K
Digital marketing manager salaries by company name

Nowadays, digital marketing is exploding. So, the ver famous digital company Google makes over 100 billion a year through ads. Very famous social site Facebook generates over 40 billion a year through ads.

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

Digital marketing specialist has many rich skills. The average salary for a digital marketing specialist in the United States is around $39,281 per year.

The average wage for a digital marketing specialist salary in the United States is around $18.88 per hour.

Top-level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

$32.12per hour – $66,814per year

Senior-level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

$23.74per hour – $49,381per year

Mid-level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

$18.88per hour – $39,281per year

Junior-level digital marketing specialist earnings begin at:

$16.50per hour – $34,318per year

Starting level digital marketing specialist earnings starts at:

$15.59per hour – $32,422per year

Digital marketing specialist salary by state

North Carolina$44,362
New Jersey$48,132
New York$44,200
Digital marketing specialist salary by USA’s state

Where to Find Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs

So, now the question is, how do you find these elusive digital marketing jobs? Here are a few reliable and perfect resources for finding open roles:

  1. AngelList
  2. Krop
  3. The Muse
  4. FlexJobs (paid subscription required)
  5. Tech Ladies (free subscription required

Question for you. How many years have you spent in digital marketing field? If you are just starting off then leave a comment below with zero and ask if you want to know anything about digital marketing jobs and other sources. If you have been doing Digital Marketing for a while, be sure to leave a comment below with one year, two years, three years, whatever the number is. I am curious because the tips I am giving today, it should help you out if you are just starting your career or even if you are already a few years in digital marketing Or doing a free digital marketing course.

How to start career in digital marketing with no experience

Jobs in digital marketing for freshers:

  1. Get to know the (basics) fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. Start your own blog or website
  3. Become an search engine optimization (SEO) Expert
  4. Get a Google Ads Certification
  5. Master Facebook Ads Advertising
  6. Become an expert in Google Analytics and its factors
  7. Get a fresher digital marketing job as a freelancer
  8. Get a real internship
  9. Stay informed of new technological or related updates and keep learning
  10. Learn how to perfectly use digital marketing tools

#1. Start your own website

So here is what the very first thing I want you to do is… I want you to start your own website very fast as soon as possible. This is the first step. You need to go out there, create a wonderful WordPress blog or article, or any type of website, I prefer WordPress, in short, you need to start a site. If it is e-commerce related, start a Shopify site. The best way to learn marketing or digital marketing is to start your own website.

#2. Take all the competitors you have

The second step, take all the competitors you have, if you do not know what they are, you already created that amazing website, and it should be a website that you are actually passionate about, the industry that you are in.

If you really don’t know any competitors, take those keywords, whatever industry you are in, like astrology, marketing, Google from you will find URLs. Pop them into a tool called UberSuggest. These are all the URLs that are ranking for these keywords you are going after. This will show you perfectly how much traffic your competition is getting per region.

It will also show you the top pages that your competition is getting traffic from, and it shows you all the keywords that are driving traffic to your competition.

#3. Need to click on top pages report

Now that you have seen this very well, the next thing you need to do is click on the top page report knowing quality information. The very top pages report will show you all the top pages for all your competitors, how many visits are getting to each of those pages, how many proper and real social shares do they actually have, how many quality backlinks do they have? And here is what I want you to do next now that you have this data.

Go and look at those top pages, figure out which key terms are most driving the traffic, have high volume, high cost per click(CPC), and a low search difficulty, because these are the ones that are the very easiest way to go after first, and have the most valuable traffic. Go look at those pages, then write a perfect and better version of that page.

Don’t just create something that is similar, one-up them. Have better and effective images, better videos, whatever it may be, go above and beyond.

I used to custom graphics or images, pay people from Fiverr so I could pop them into my blog posts that way I could have myself, my own content, my own articles stand out from the competition.

#4. Promote your content

When you have done that, then the next step for you is to promote your content. So you want to take all the people that linked to your competitors, you have seen that from UberSuggest, it shows you a laundry list of all the people that linked to your competitors.

What you want to do is reach out to all those people and Subscribers be like,
Hey John,
I noticed you linked to this and this article,
I have similar or like this one that just came out,
but mine covered one two and three that theirs didn’t, cheers, —Hiren.

Sending that simple email to hundreds of people, I’m not talking about 100 people, I’m saying hundreds, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred.

You will notice that some of those people start linking back to you, boosting your search traffic, and you are also going to get referral traffic.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is huge. The other very beautiful part about UberSuggest is it shows you all the very popular articles or blogs based on social shares. So I want you to go to Twitter search, type in that URL of your competition, and it will show you all the people who share that content on Twitter. Hit them all up, ask them.

Hey John,
I noticed you shared this and this article from author AB and C,

I have a similar one that just came out but mine covers one, two, and three.
If you like it, feel free and share it, cheers, —Hiren.
Please, let me know if I can do anything for you, Thank You.

Sending those simple articles and emails out, or more so messages, you will get more social shares.

You did that with links, you are now doing that with emails, you are going to get more traffic, as you get more traffic, you will start getting results. The next thing I want you to do is to start collecting more and more emails.

#5. Start collecting emails

It’s not just about getting people to your site, it is about building a brand. You can not build a brand without collecting emails or Subscriptions. You can use free tools like Hello Bar, limits sliders, pop-ups, I do that on, it is a great way to collect more email addresses, so then when you get people to come back to your site you will start building a brand.

As the XE(Canadian-based online foreign exchange tools and services company) of Google once said, brands are the solution. He was talking about figuring out what website to rank at the top of Google, and also combating things like fake news or dummy data. For that reason, you want or you have to build a brand. And they say when you get people back to your site seven times, you are much more likely to build a brand. The next thing that I want you to do is to install a perfect free tool called Subscribers.

#6. Install a free tool called Subscribers

This leverages push notification. If you have ever used push notification leave a comment below with yes, if you have not, leave a comment below with no. Just curious. What Subscribers allow you to do is have people subscribe to your website with just only one click, and that way you can just keep and keep getting them back to your website through the web-browser notifications, which has very amazing results, especially when you combine that with email.

#7. Start selling something

The last thing I want you to do is to start selling something, whether it is a physical product, a service, does not matter. You can do lead generation very well, you can sell products through affiliate marketing like Amazon. I just want you to sell something because when you learn to sell, you are learning the full suite of marketing.

It is not just about driving traffic, you need to convert those visitors into customers. If you want a bonus tip in this, this is all you guys who are over best achievers, run an AB test. There is a lot of solutions out there like Crazy Egg that allows you to do this, but you can run an AB test to maximize your conversion rate.


Are really digital marketing jobs in demand?

According to LinkedIn social media and marketing website, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs, with 860,000 job openings. The most actually requested experience in digital marketing includes social media, content strategy, SEO, analytics, and more.

What is CTC salary?

CTC stands for Cost to Company, it is the cost a company incurs when hiring an employee. CTC involves a number of other valuable elements and is cumulative of House Rent Allowance (HRA), Provident Fund (PF), and Medical Insurance among other required important allowances which are added to the basic salary.

Career and salary offered in digital marketing after mba.

1. Digital Marketing Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹5,50,000
2. Advertising Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹4,90,000
3. Brand Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹14,00,000
4. Client Servicing Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹7,70,000
5. Content Marketing Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹6,40,000
6. Account Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹5,00,000
7. Social Media Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹3,50,000
8. Paid Media Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹7,40,000
9. SEO Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹4,80,000
10. Business Development Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹7,45,000
11. PR Manager – Average Salary Offered: ₹5,80,000
12. Media Strategist – Average Salary Offered: ₹5,00,000

7 Marketing Strategies I Learned From a Google’s Employee

Once you have done that, you will jump-start your career into digital marketing. And now you have studied the very important topics related to a free digital marketing course. If you need help with your marketing needs, keep in touch on my website,, and if you enjoyed reading this blog, share it, subscribe or sign up. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will answer them.


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