How to use Nipple Clamps to get More Intense Orgasm

For starters, nipple clamp actually not used only for the nipples. How to use nipple clamps, here is the best way to use vibrating nipple clamps.

How to use Nipple Clamps
How to use Nipple Clamps | Best nipple clamps and amazing ways to use their best functionalities

Who finally knew pain could feel so good? Really enjoy nipple stimulation? Meet your new BFF: nipple clamps.

A nipple clamp is actually a sex toy. It is a clamp that is easily applied to the nipples. Easily applied to nipple of any person of any gender. It actually causes a little bit of pain by the pinching of the nipple, by the restriction of blood flow of that particular body part, and by the reintroduction of blood flow. Nipple clamps are actually used in some BDSM activities, such as slapping their rear playfully and breast torture.

BDSM activities include tickling, using a blindfold, properly tying your partner to the bedposts with silk scarves, slowly slapping their rear playfully, and making verbal demands, such as “Call me Sir” or “Call me Madam.” No pain. No force. Just amazing playful and pleasurable.

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The main types of nipple clamps are the clothes-pin-style clamp, tweezer clamp, clover clamp, and piercing clamp, though any device that perfectly applies direct pressure can be used.

Nipple clamps are usually the most painful when finally removed and the blood rushes back into the tissue, which can cause not only intense sensation but heightened sympathetic arousal, Play adds. This amazing combo can easily create a real rush or high for the receiver and an amazing sense of power for the giver.

Find the best nipple clamps for your needs here.

If you’re really looking for an amazing sex toy that elicits a powerful and wonderful reaction throughout your entire body, then you should totally consider nipple clamps. When your sensitive nipples are pinched, the sensation isn’t just localized to your nipples area only. After pinched your nipples you get a rush of adrenaline and endorphins that actually sends a powerful, pleasurable, and amazing sensation coursing through your veins. Nipple clamps really make you feel alive, dammit.

Do you really love the feeling of having your nipples pinched? Can’t wait to have your partner bite your lovely and attractive nipples while you play? Well, nipple clamps may just be your new best friend and your lovely sex toy.

While they can look like ancient torture devices, they are anything but. Often made of metal, these amazing sex toys are used to “intentionally powerfully promote amazing pleasurable sexual stimulation”. Used with or without your girlfriend or a partner. Actually, if we talk about orgasm then nipple clamps cause an endorphin release that can perfectly elevate orgasm, exactly allowing for a full body rush (WOW).

Though nipple clamps are most often used in the BDSM community. Actually, nipple clamps are very easy to use and way more accessible than you might think. While you can easily and definitely use them to dominate your partner, you can also easily use them just to add a little extra excitement to a night out with your partner.

Nipple clamps for beginners

Of course, if you’re really to use nipple clamps and if you are trying nipple clamps for the very first time, they really can still be a bit intimidating. The expert recommends trying it first on your finger to perfectly enhance awareness of its actual power to pinch. Then, you can easily play with the placement of the clamps—try putting them above or below your lovely nipples and then directly around them.

Once you completely understand the actual power of the clamp, slowly place them in your desired position being very careful not to pinch extra skin. If nipples clamp is adjustable, properly adjust the clamp to your desired strength and then slowly begin playing with nipples—either with yourself or your lovely partner.

When you’re really ready for a rush of endorphins (perhaps right as you’re orgasming or at the level of excitement or if you need that extra push to get there), slowly release the clamps.

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After you finally feel the endorphin release perfectly, either remove the nipples clamps completely or slowly put them back on and repeat the enjoyable process. If you’re amazingly playing with a partner, try switching the clamps back and forth throughout your playtime—they easily work on all genders!

Just make sure you’re not having too much fun with nipples clamps for a long time. Never leave clamps in the same position for more than 15 to 20 minutes since you’re cutting off your body’s natural blood flow.

Now you perfectly know how to use nipple clamps (yes), but how do you choose the right pair of nipple clamps for you? If it’s your very first time playing with erotic pain, we strongly recommend, looking for a pair that comes with an easy adjuster so you can ease your way into the level of pressure that finally feels right for you. Here is the best adjustable nipple clamp for you. If this is actually not your first rodeo, you might want to perfectly choose amazing clamps that incorporate vibration or sound. You can try Vibrating Heated Nipple Teasers.

Why would you put clamps on your nipples?

So! Many! Reasons!

Hands-free nipple stimulation, To intensify orgasm Because they look hot, etc…

Oh, nipples! your body part you can do some many amazing and wondrous things to:

  • tug
  • pinch
  • squeeze
  • flap
  • twist
  • tease
  • vibrate

How nipple clamps use on other parts of your body

Nipple clamps can be easily used on many other parts of our body, including the clit, and, for penis owners who are into cock-and-ball-torture (CBT), the scrotal skin.

Actually, Y-Style Tweezer Clamps are actually an amazing especially really good option for people who are seeing an increase of clitoral tissue thanks to the testosterone injections.

The nipple clamps on this pair are also perfectly thin enough that can be used by people with less chest tissue (for instance, those who have had top surgery).

How To Safely Use Nipple Clamps

When it really comes to nipple clamp safety, at the initial level start with the lightest pressure and slowly work your way up. Try them for some time or a minute or two to start, and increase as you get more used to the sensation, considering how you actually feel with them on and when you take them off.

Actually, the rule of thumb is…: Wear lightest pressure clamps or looser clamps for up to 30 minutes; keep it under 15 minutes with tighter ones. If you are using nipple clamps with your lovely partner, be sure to perfectly discuss a safe word or another safety measure for when the clamps become uncomfortable.

Before applying, as a precaution…: make sure your nipples are enough hard. Then perfectly place them at the base of the nipple at the areola. Always carefully listen to your body during use, and properly adjust as necessary. If the nipple clamps really feel more painful and uncomfortable, even after adjusting them, it’s really okay to discontinue using them. When taking clamps off from your body part, never tug or rip at them. Simply just loosen the pressure slowly, then properly remove it.

Is that even safe?

Congrats! By asking this valuable Question you’re perfectly demonstrating that you’re really committed to risk-aware consensual kink (RACK), which is the actual philosophy that should govern all sexual activity.

The answer: Big Yes! So long as you use them properly and correctly.

These are the best nipple clamps for beginners:

1. Easy and Adjustable Nipple Clamps Toys with Entertainment Chain Clip for Women Men Couple Non-Piercing Nipple Rings Clip On Nipple Rings Decorative Clip for Pleasure

2. JEATHA brand’s 2Pcs Adults Non-Piercings Body Rings with Internal Spike Nipple Shield Screw Rings Adjustable Breast Circle Clamp

3. EXCEART Metal Nipple Clamps with Bell Non Pierced Nipple Clip Clit Clamp Dangle Nipple Ring Breast Clip Adjustable Shield Rings Body Jewelry BDSM Couple Toys Black 2pcs

4. SINLOLI Nipple Clamps and Nipple Suckers with Storage Bag

5. Master Series Stainless Steel Ball-Tipped Nipple Clamps

6. 4 Pieces Nipple Sucker Nipple Corrector Nipple Puller Women Breastfeeding Flat Inverted Nipple, Aspirator Nipples Retraction Nipples Silicone Cups for Mommy Girl (Pink). You can use as a sex toy to get More Intense Orgasm

7. Friction USB Charging Vibration Massager Double Clip Vibrating Nipple Clamps Clit Stimulator for Woman Adult Toys pink

8. Pink Color California Exotics Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps

9. Vibrating Nipple Clamps for Women, Remote Control Cob Nipple Vibrator for Female Solo Play or Couples Fun

10. Romantic Wave Electro Shock Vibrating Nipple Clamps Pink

3 Best Nipple Suckers

1. WEDOL Wireless Nipple Massager,Vibrating Nipple Suckers with 360° Rotational Stimulation,10 Vibration Modes, Strong Suction Nipple Toys, Wireless Vibrator Sex Toys for Women,1 Pair, Rechargeable

2. Oxballs Gripper Nipple Suckers, Black, 33 Gram

3. Clitoral Nipples Sucking Vibrator with Vibrating Tongue, 2 in1 G-spot & Clitoris Stimulator, Rechargeable & Waterproof Clit Sucker with 6 Suction 7 Vibration Modes, Adult Sex Toys for Women

Are there any precautions you should take?

Again, properly putting them on and taking them off correctly is key.

If your nipple starts to turn a blue-ish color it’s actually time to take them off slowly, adding that this is a sign the nipples aren’t getting enough blood on your nipple.

Note: There shouldn’t be any blood or bleeding. But if you’re really a person who lactates, you may notice some residue.

And don’t be too surprised if after using nipple clamps, next day there’s some bruising —especially if you bruise like a peach. If the marks really bother you, go looser next time.

The bottom line

Some nip owners are actually hearting eyes for nipple clamps. Others, less so.

Don’t get discouraged at all if the very first time you use them is shrug emoji —sometimes cranking them looser or tighter makes all the difference.

If you’re still really not Team Nipple Clamps? No big. Nipple suckers sexy toys may be more your speed… Now you know how to use nipple clamps, vibrating nipple clamps, nipple clamps for men and women, adjustable nipple clamps, and best nipple clamps.

Different strokes nipple toys for different people!

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