Overdoing Gym and HIIT Workouts Can Lead to Health Risks

High Intensity Exercise or Overwork in gym: Nowadays people have started doing high intensity workouts to build a body or overwork in gym, but do you know this increases your risk of heart attack, cardiac arrest and brain hemorrhage.

Side Effects Of Over HIIT or Overwork in Gym Exercise: In the last few years, the craze for fitness among people has really increased a lot. In such a situation, people regularly exercise for hours and hours in the gym. Staying fit and exercising for it is definitely a good thing, but for some people, exercise becomes a fad. He exercises hard or HIIT workout for hours. For fitness, without proper understanding of their body type, they do high intensity weight training. This has really a negative effect on the body. Exercising hard for hours increases the risk of brain hemorrhage and heart-related problems. Know how long you should exercise.

How long should you do HIIT workout or hardcore exercise?

overwork in gym
Overwork in gym

Doctors say that common people should avoid doing high intensity exercise or HIIT (high intensity interval training). You should regularly exercise for only 20 to 25 minutes to keep your body fit and fine. You should do light or slow exercise throughout the day. Doctors say that only athletes should do HIIT exercises or high intensity workouts.

How much exercise is necessary

Exercising is necessary for all fit people, but as much pressure should be put on the body, as much as the body can actually bear. Exercising only 5 days a week can easily benefit you. It is really enough for you to workout for half an hour for fitness. This lifestyle can easily reduce the risk of diseases like stroke, diabetes, anxiety and high blood pressure.

Dangers of exercising too much or overwork in gym

It has been revealed in research that high intensity exercise or hardcore workouts can suddenly stop the heartbeat. Sometimes exercising too much can also cause brain hemorrhage. Exercising too much at times increases the risk of cardiac arrest (SCA) and brain hemorrhage.

Disclaimer: Above information take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet or HIIT workout please consult a doctor.


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