Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong: What is Tummy Tuck Scarring?

Sometimes possible that tummy tuck really gone wrong. What are the signs of a tummy sucks gone wrong? Tummy tuck scarring is included in the list of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a surgery that reshapes an organ such as the lips, abdomen or breast. That is why today in this article the information related to Tummy Tuck Scarring is shared with you.

Can tummy tuck go wrong?

What can you do if a tummy tuck gone wrong or gone bad?

Some people mistakenly equate tummy tucks to liposuction, as is true, although the fact is that the former focuses on perfect removal of loose, excess skin, while the latter actually removes fat for good.

Along with the promising good results of abdominoplasty come some very serious complications that can easily lead to a poor abdominal outcome.

Getting a tummy tuck wrong can also be frustrating, especially if what you initially expected doesn’t match up with reality.

Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong
Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong: tummy tuck gone bad, What is Tummy Tuck Scarring

According to HealthDirect, talking about tummy tucks, 1 in 25 people actually experience complications after surgery.

And like any other surgical procedure, a tummy tuck in Cairns comes with risks.

This is why you need to choose a qualified, competent and expert plastic surgeon who can not only perform surgery at its highest level, but also gives practical and sound honest advice, and sets realistic expectations.

So why do some patients believe that a tummy tuck hasn’t given them the results they want?

  • What is Tummy Tuck Scarring?
  • When my tummy tuck scarring be needed?
  • What are the side effects of Tummy Tuck Scarring?
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Tummy Tuck Scarring?
  • What is the procedure done during tummy tuck scarring?
  • How long does recovery take after tummy tuck scarring?
  • How to take care of a patient after tummy tuck scarring?

Let us now know the answer to these questions related to Tummy Tuck Scarring.

What is Tummy Tuck Scarring?

Tummy tuck scarring is also called in medical terms Abdominoplasty surgery or abdominal surgery or abdominal wall surgery. This is a cosmetic surgery, which is done to make the stomach attractive. With the help of this surgery, the stomach is made slim and tighter by removing belly fat and excess loose skin.

When might Tummy Tuck Scarring be needed?

If the skin around your abdomen or navel is very loose and wrinkled which looks unesthetic, abdominal surgery may be recommended to treat it. Apart from this, if you want to have a fit body and a slim stomach, you can still get Tummy Tuck Scarring means Abdominoplasty surgery. Well, before this tummy tuck surgery, you should keep some things in mind:

  • Abdominoplasty surgery can be done by completely healthy women or men.
  • Women can also take the help of abdominoplasty surgery to remove the stretch marks that come on the abdomen due to pregnancy. With the help of this surgery, the loose muscles of the abdomen are tightened.

Both men and women suffering from obesity can get this surgery done. However, keep in mind that it is only helpful for reducing fat. Does not cure any type of obesity disease.

What are the side effects of Tummy Tuck Scarring?

Abdominal surgery is not safe for everyone. You should not have this surgery if you have certain health conditions:

  • If you want to lose weight or you are pregnant.
  • You have a chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, or irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Do smoking.

Before undergoing surgery, understand the precautions and warnings related to it. If you have any questions about this, please ask your surgeon for more information about this.

Some common problems that can occur due to abdominal surgery are:

  • The problem of allergies is caused by sedation, which can at times become a serious condition.
  • Bleeding or infection may occur.
  • After surgery, blood clots can form and this can increase the risk of heart-related diseases such as heart attack or stroke.
  • There may be difficulty in breathing.
  • Fluid may accumulate under the surgery site.
  • The tissue around the surgery site may be dead.
  • There may be damage to the sensory nerves.
  • There may be numbness in the thighs which may be temporary.
  • Inflammation may be a problem.
  • There may be damage to the skin or the navel.
  • Infection or itching may occur.
  • Sometimes you may have to have other surgeries to prevent these problems.

Not all the problems it causes are mentioned above. Some problems may also depend on your health condition and post-surgery care. For example, obese patients may be more prone to breast infections. So if you have any kind of health condition, talk to your surgeon about it before having surgery.

If you have any questions related to any of the problems related to this, then get more information from your doctor about this. Like other surgeries, tummy tuck surgery can have its benefits and risks. The person may also feel pain in the area around the abdomen. Also, the color of the skin at the site of surgery may also change. People who have problems with blood pressure can also face problems. It is better that you talk to your doctor about the benefits and possible risks associated with this surgery before getting it done.

How to Prepare Yourself for Tummy Tuck Scarring?

Always choose a good and experienced surgeon for surgery. After that meet them and talk to them about your health condition. Before having surgery, ask your doctor about the kind of preparation you should be doing. In addition, you can go home after surgery. On the first day after surgery, you may have some problems that can be taken care of by a nurse.

Your doctor may ask you about a few things before having abdominal wall surgery. It is very important for the doctor to know that the person who is undergoing surgery does not have any pre-existing disease. Even if there was a medical history, can there be any problem after doing abdominal wall surgery? The doctor can also take this information from you whether you are taking any medicine daily. People who smoke daily, need to be more careful.

The doctor may recommend quitting smoking before or after surgery. Smoking is harmful to the body and at the same time it can also slow down the process of wound healing. You can get information from your doctor about how long you may have to quit smoking. The doctor may also ask permission from a family member before the surgery. This permission is in the form of a form, which is signed and permission is given for the surgery as a family. You can get information about other procedures from the hospital.

What is the procedure done during Tummy Tuck Scarring?

During abdominal surgery, surgeons give you a dose of anesthesia. This surgery usually takes two to five hours. There are two main types of abdominoplasty surgery:

  • Full surgery- In this procedure, the excess skin around the abdomen including the navel is removed and the muscles are tightened.
  • Partial surgery- In this procedure, the excess skin below the navel is removed and the abdominal muscles are tightened.

This is done during the procedure of surgery:

  • The surgeon makes a curved incision in your abdomen, from one side of your hips to the other.
  • From where the excess skin and fatty tissue are removed.
  • The surgeon can then tighten or remove the abdominal muscles.
  • After removing the belly fat, the navel is put in its place.
  • After the surgical procedure is completed, the surgeon closes the incisions with the help of needle thread or clips and bands.

If you have any questions, please you should consult your doctor or surgeon for more specific information.

How long does it take for recovery after Tummy Tuck Scarring?

After the procedure of tummy tuck surgery, a bandage is put on your entire abdomen, which can prevent infection. Your doctor will give you instructions on how to take care of yourself after surgery. You will need to rest for at least six weeks after surgery. Also, consult with your doctor about what you should or should not do during this time. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor or surgeon.

How to Care for a Patient After Tummy Tuck Scarring?

After having abdominal wall surgery, the patient needs special care. One to two days after the surgery, the doctor may advise the patient to get up and walk for the movement of the body. The patient will feel weakness and pain at such times, but movement of the body is also necessary so that there is no accumulation of blood. When the patient comes home, follow the advice given by the doctor. Get the wound dressing done on time. After the surgery, the doctor stitches the abdomen, so the patient should concentrate on his activities.

Particular attention is needed when bending or sitting. You may need rest for about 35 to 40 days after surgery. If the patient feels any kind of problem after the surgery, then it should be immediately examined by the doctor.

Hope you liked the information in this article and got all the necessary information related to abdominal wall surgery and what to do if a tummy tuck gone wrong. If you have any other questions you can ask in comment section or you can contact us too. We will really try our best to properly answer all your questions in the comment box.


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