How to lose belly fat: Doctor shares 5 simple ideas to get a slim stomach

A DOCTOR has completely shared her ideas and tips for losing belly fat, getting a perfect attractive belly and keeping it off for good. Easily slim down your stomach and lose belly fat quickly.

This Morning’s famous resident doctor Sara Kayat was on hand to actually share her top and most effective tips when it comes to losing belly fat. According to a 2021 study, more than half of all UK adults (63 percent) are classed as being heavy, overweight, or obese. So how do you lose belly fat quickly?

How to lose belly fat Doctor shares 5 simple ideas to get a slim stomach
How to lose belly fat Doctor shares 5 simple ideas to get a slim stomach

Dr. Sara Kayat claimed: A proper and good starting point is perfectly measuring your waist circumference, and you want your waist circumference to be less than half of your height.

For example, if you are five foot four, you want your waist to be 29 inches which are perfect as shown above.

But if you’re or your waist 32 inches, that’s when you’re in that unhealthy zone and you have to think about how to lose belly fat so, we want to try and bring that down as possible as that.

The health expert added: It ultimately comes down to proper exercise and strict diet. When it actually comes to dieting, there are so many tips and advice out there, but I really like to do five amazing tips.

So let’s talk about what are the best, most effective, and top tips for slimming down to a healthy size, without restricting yourself.

Here are five effective tips to lose belly fat quickly.

Eat mindfully

Dr. Sara claims that appreciating the flavour and taste of food will easily encourage “mindful eating” which actually helps “with perfectly maintaining healthy body weight.”

“Learn to eat step by step, slowly and properly again!” Dr. Sara remarked. “Have a table, a perfect size plate, learn to chew properly, learn to appreciate the delicious tastes on your plate rather than shoveling it in on your way to work or at your table area or desk, or in front of the TV.

Eat more of the right foods

to lose belly fat eat more of the right foods
To lose belly fat eat more of the right foods

By perfectly choosing to eat the favorite and right foods, you can really eat more.

The expert perfectly explained: “Not feeling so restrictive and narrow-minded for food when it comes to dieting, you can easily and actually eat more.

“So it’s healthy eating and eating more of the right foods, the lower calorie higher nutrient foods, found easily in a lot of plant-based foods.

“The restrictive and hard aspect of dieting can easily and really put people off.”


avoid processed food in breakfast to lose belly fat
avoid processed food in breakfast to lose belly fat

Sometimes it’s ok to snack, do not need to feel bad or too restricted for snacking, but make sure you pick out the right foods, healthy food and totally avoid processed salty food and packaged and sugary snacks.

Dr. Sara clearly said: “An ideal snack is something like dry fruits, so you can eat nuts – they’re really best and high in healthy fats, high in fibre and essential protein – everything to help perfectly stabilize blood sugars so you don’t get these massive cravings.

“And nuts can easily help you feel fuller for longer.”

Some authentic studies have suggested “little and often”, four to five small meals a day can easily help with weight loss and especially lose belly fat.

Dr. Sara said: “It really totally depends on you as a person and also healthy or unhealthy, what you’re eating.

“For some people, grazing really works and is effective to lose belly fat, for others they actually need that structure in their day otherwise they easily end up grazing too much.

“Some people after doing that process can easily find they respond better to a bit of fasting between meals.

“But if you’re really feeling hungry and your option is to gorge on other foods or have a small snack, then have a healthy snack and make sure it’s a really good one for you.”

Steer clear of crash diets

Doctor said: “Don’t attempt crash diets at all,” the doctor really warned about crash diets. “We perfectly know they’re really not perfect and sustainable.

Actually, crash diets are undertaken on a short-term basis with the actual aim to achieve rapid results.

Dr. Sara claims they are an unhealthy and unsustainable approach to properly achieving weight loss.

She clearly said: “There are lots of famous celebrities out there completely endorsing them but they don’t work, you end up yo-yo-ing, it can easily and really affect your metabolism, it can easily affect the way your body stores fat.”

Alongside a healthy proper diet, Dr. Sara recommended regular exercise.

“With proper and effective exercise, it’s about perfectly finding the actual and right balance as well,” she said. “A lot of people go in too hard too soon with proper exercise.

“You really need to slowly and perfectly build it up, it will be really easier to fall off that exercise easily wagon otherwise.


You’re also more likely to get injuries while exercising and decide exercise is really not for you.

“Try different things and find the amazing joy in them.”

Alcohol is actually not only a depressant but also very high in calories.

Dr. Sara deeply explained: “There are so many useful and really good low-alcohol and no-alcohol drinks out there now and available nowadays, we have the perfect options to easily swap.

“A lot of people just miss that flavor and taste, and we actually have that amazing option now, so it’s a really viable and perfect option for people.”


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