Which Direction to Shave Pubic Hair

Perfect and proper direction to shave pubic hair is very important. Shaving pubic hair has become a sexy trend in today’s young men and women, but it takes some skill to do it properly. Whether you’re a woman or a man, the process is almost the same – read the following to remove hair without irritation and get proper direction to shave pubic hair.

Boys have a different choice

Especially when it comes to hygiene and cleaning the pubic hair/private parts. You have to know proper direction to shave pubic hair. Cleaning the hair from the private parts or from the pubic area has always been a challenge for both boys and girls.

In teens, there is a fear that the razor may cut private part. But as you grow older and wiser, it is known that pubic hair should not be shaved.

But, what to do in the hair of private parts by trimming, waxing or shaving so that, along with maintaining hygiene, there is no itching below area or pubic area. It is also necessary to keep private parts clean for men. Because in many surveys it has been revealed that most female partners do not find the male partner’s body hair attractive.

But, whatever the case, information is really important. If you are also going to clean the body hair, then it is very important to know about some important things.

Direction to Shave Pubic Hair
Pubic hair shaved: Which Direction to Shave Pubic Hair

In this article, we will give you information about some precautions before cleaning private parts and proper direction to shave pubic hair perfectly. Knowing these important things, not only can you maintain hygiene, but you can also perfectly clean your pubic hair without bleeding and itching.

Which direction to shave pubic hair

Shave slowly and gently: There are two things to keep in mind, shaving in the direction of hair growth prevents irritation and ingrown hairs, and prevents hair growth. Shaving in the opposite direction of pubic hair growth tends to shave more closely. Know these two things and use them according to your situation. If your skin is very sensitive, you should shave in the direction of pubic hair growth, even if it takes as long as doing it twice to get the results you want.

So, if you want to shave closer, shave in the “opposite” direction of hair growth; For example, shave the right and left sides if the hair is growing downwards. Find out by feeling instead of watching the direction of hair growth.–Here the whole method is done quickly without trusting your eyes.

“Don’t shave too much”: Shave as much as is necessary to remove the hair from the area where you want to remove the hair. If you shave pubic area or that place frequently, then there may be swelling at that place.

After shaving initially, after shaving every two days, you will notice that you may have a red rash or itching in your pubic area. Do shaving every few days until your skin gets used to it.

Trim pubic hair

If you are really preparing to shave pubic hair, then it is really very important to keep a few things in mind. For example, some men and women think of a trimmer as a mower in the field. Twist it in any direction wherever you want, the hair is being cut but it is not proper method.

Always perfectly move the trimmer in the direction of pubic hair growth. Even if you’re going to shave your hair, don’t forget to cut your hair short with a scissor or trimmer first. If you like a smooth shave in the private part or in the pubic area, then do the work of shaving only after trimming the pubic hair.

Also, keep in mind that the length of the hair trimmed should be the same. If the length of the hair is too short or too long, then it will cause a lot of inconvenience to you while shaving. While shaving more or less hair, you will just have to apply proper more or less pressure. This sometimes increases the chances of razor burn or cuts.

Anyway, the skin around the private parts is more sensitive than the rest of the body. Therefore, while shaving or trimming, there is no shortage of time, do the work very carefully and comfortably.

Must be consistent

Some people have strange habits, for example, they keep armpit hair and shave their pubic hair or private parts’ hair. Even if it is a matter of hobby or personal choice. But, it really looks very strange.

Therefore, it is really very important that whenever you shave the pubic hair or the private parts’ hair, you should also shave or trim the armpit hair. This can really help bring about perfect uniformity throughout the body.

Do shaving after bath

The hair on the private parts or pubic hair is different from the rest of the body hair in many cases. Therefore, whenever you want to shave pubic hair or trim them, before that, you must take some important precautions.

For example, it is very important to perfectly wet the pubic hair before shaving. This simply makes the hair soft and shaves easily. Apart from this, it is really better if this work is done while taking a bath. Because at this time both pubic hair and skin are soft.

Also, pay attention to their core or root area when you shave long hair. The razor should go where the hair has actually come out on the surface of the skin. Don’t make the mistake of shaving pubic area if they’ve grown out and moved on. This can easily cut the skin and also cause bleeding.

Always use shaving gel for shaving. The shaving gel is transparent, so you will know where the razor is going. Always use short and light strokes. After you’re done pubic area shaving, don’t forget to apply an after-shave or after-shave balm to your pubic hair.

Create routines

If you have already started shaving your pubic area or pubic hair or private parts, then make it a part of your routine. It cannot be said that one day you have pubic hair shaved and now the next shaving number will come after a long time like nearly six months.

Make the cleaning of pubic hair or the private parts a routine for a month. Or else, make it a regular habit to clean pubic hair at your convenience. There are also chances that the next time you come to clean, your pubic hair will grow bigger and thicker than before.

So, before the pubic hair grows out to cause problems for you. It is simply better to clean them perfectly. By doing this regularly, it can be ensured that the pubic hair will not become more voluminous and frizzy than before.

Don’t experiment

Are you a teenager or young and about to go on a date? If you’re planning on shaving your private parts in the bathroom with dad’s razor before going on a date, stop. This can be dangerous too.

If you have some extra money in your pocket, some good and local salons also offer the service of shaving pubic hair or private parts. You can use this feature. But if you do not want to spend that much money, you can also use hair removal cream or scissors. But if the hand is not set perfectly on the razor, do not make the mistake at all of running the razor.

One wrong move or fast move of razor can easily injure your genitals. Apart from this, after mistakes, there can be many problems like razor burn, razor cut or ingrown hair, which can sometimes take more than 15 days to perfectly get rid of. So don’t experiment.

Take care of the injury

Some people complain of excessive sweating between the thighs. This problem becomes more serious in some cases when they have to stand or work in the sun for a long time. Some people also have the problem of peeling skin in the thigh joint due to the rubbing of clothes.

If there is such a problem, then it is better not to make a plan to shave the private parts at that time. If it does, then the problem may become worse. Most sportsmen suffer from this problem. Due to too much physical movement, their clothes rub against the skin and there is a problem of skin peeling or burning.

In both cases, solve the problem of the skin first and then clean the hair. However, this problem becomes more serious due to the presence of hair because due to the hair, excessive sweating comes out. However, first, treat the skin problem and then do the hair treatment.

Once the skin has recovered, you can also shave or wax the hair if you wish. For skin care, wash the wound with an antiseptic lotion such as Dettol or Sevlon. After this, baby rash cream can also be applied. In the situation of a wound, wear loose clothing and avoid wearing tight clothing.

Take care of pheromones

It is completely normal to have a certain kind of odor from the genitals of the body. This is due to the pheromones and sweat glands present around the genitals. These glands secrete a special type of liquid together with sweat, from which that special kind of smell comes out.

If you blame the hair around the private part because of that smell, then you are wrong. Even if there is no hair, that smell will remain. But if you are troubled by that rising smell, then wash the skin with alcohol mixed water. The smell will subside and you will feel fresh.

But alcohol does not mean at all that deodorant should be used there. Applying deodorant can stop sweating in that area and increase the problem of odor. Private parts can be washed by adding Dettol or Savlon etc.

So, after discussion, you know the proper direction to shave pubic hair and get clean pubic area and genital area. Now you will confidently shave pubic hair in perfect direction to get clean and smooth skin after pubic hair is shaved.


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