Vaginal Odor: Why Does My Vagina Smell?

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Some vaginal odor is really normal and to be expected. Most women have a musky or fleshy natural scent, but this actually varies from person to person. To get rid of vaginal odor you need to follow only one technique among given 7 ideas.

How to get rid of vaginal odor at home how to stop vaginal odor with a full-proof technique? Vagina has a unique and different fragrance. Some females sometimes may feel self-conscious about the actual scent of their vagina, but it is really normal for a healthy vagina to have a slight scent. However, this odor can change when actually infections or other health concerns are present.

Your scent may not same as before and your scent may really change as you age or in response to certain stimuli. Some actual factors that temporarily change vaginal odor include:

  • Ordinary sweating
  • Sexual activity
  • Menstrual cycle

Vaginal odor and vaginal smell are really a very common and general problem nowadays. This problem actually affects women and teenage girls who have reached puberty. This article perfectly talks about the actual symptoms and causes of smelly discharge and/or excessive discharge. We have also properly compiled best top 7 effective easy home remedies. Individual all remedies can really help you to get rid of Vaginal Odor rather than personal worry in the comfort.

Fast facts
Vaginas have natural odors.
Each woman’s vaginal odor is actually different.
If the unusual odor really worsens, immediately consult your doctor.

Vaginal Odor Symptoms

The symptoms of the feminine odor actually coming from your private parts vary among women. The most common symptoms are:

  • Frequently Excessive white discharge
  • Foul-smelling discharge
  • Metallic-smelling discharge
  • Thick, white discharge
  • Fishy smell
  • Green or yellow discharge
  • Itching or pain in the vagina and around the vagina
  • Pain in the lower abdomen area
  • Pain during intercourse

What Causes Of Vaginal Odor?

Again, it’s normal for your vagina to have a slight smell or no worry about if your vagina smell like normal. But pay attention to any changes in smell like strong smell as well as changes in your discharge or if you develop irritation, burning, or itching near the vaginal area.

There are actually many reasons and factors that can lead to a change in your vaginal discharge or cause that foul odor down there. The following are the usual causes of different types of vaginal odor:

  • Vaginal yeast infection actually resulting in thick, white discharge.
  • Sexually transmitted some really harmful infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis causing green, yellow, or gray discharge with a foul odor. This can also be accompanied by pain and itching in the pelvic area.
  • Bacterial infections (bacterial vaginosis) that actually result in that fishy, foul smell.
  • Change in estrogen levels sometimes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause.
  • A forgotten tampon, which is actually producing the foul odor.
  • Thongs! As tempting, colorful or with chemical colors, and fancy as thongs may be, avoid wearing them. They can really lead to irritation and excessive perspiration and odor. Wear cotton undergarments and loose garments because your private parts need to breathe.
  • Soap! Using too much soap especially harmful chemical contains soap in the vaginal area can really cause dryness and lead to an imbalance in the production of natural chemicals, which leads to an unpleasant odor.

Apart from the causes mentioned above, certain serious diseases can also be exactly responsible for abnormal vaginal discharge and disgusting smells. These include some serious cancer diseases of the cervix or vagina. However, these conditions will be accompanied by vaginal pain and even vaginal bleeding.

Getting Rid of Vaginal Odor

I don’t normally go around discussing or talking about actually how my vagina smells with just anyone. But perfectly learning that vaginal odor is really completely normal. if we can eliminate some of the fool and crazy expectations we have about how our bodies should smell, look or feel, vaginal odor is really normal. By step by step discovering what’s actually natural and what isn’t, you can perfectly treat your body and mind with grace and address some issues if and when they arise.

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How To Get Rid of Vaginal Odor At Home

7 Best effective ways to get rid of vaginal odor at home

Occasionally, you may need a very essential little help getting rid of a vaginal odor.

If you have actually question like how to get rid of vaginal odor overnight or how to stop vaginal order without side effects, you are in the right place now.

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How to Prevent Future Vaginal Odor?

Here are some effective tips to perfectly prevent future vaginal odor.

Get rid of vaginal odors instantly

The following useful techniques may help you naturally eliminate unusual vaginal odors very easily:

1. Use only exterior deodorizing products

If you really want to use any sprays or perfumes, only use them externally on the outside of the labia, not near the vagina or on the vagina. Don’t insert them. They can easily upset your natural chemistry and lead to bigger problems.

2. Change your underwear

If you normally wear satin, silk, or polyester panties and tight panties, make the switch to 100 percent cotton underwear.

Cotton is actually breathable and does an excellent job wicking away sweat and fluids from your body. Excess moisture can easily upset your natural bacteria levels and lead to infections. So wear loose cotton underwear.

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3. Essential oils

Essential oil treatment has very little and limited medical research to support it. Some essential oils have antimicrobial and antifungal properties that may help perfectly reduce and eliminate bacteria.

But never apply essential oils directly to your skin or on sensitive skin without diluting them first in a carrier oil. Even diluted, essential oils can actually still be irritating to the vaginal area.

You may find OTC creams that have actual essential oils in them, but only use them if there’s a recommendation for use in the genital area or vaginal area.

4. Adopt good hygiene measures

Adopting safe, good, perfect and gentle vaginal hygiene practices can really help to reduce vaginal odor very easily. Some useful and effective tips include:

Wiping the vagina gently from front to back in a proper way, prevents fecal matter from entering the vagina.

  • urinating immediately after sex
  • using a gentle, without harmful chemical and fragrance-free soap on the vulva only
  • changing underwear daily without any argument, or when the underwear is sweaty or soiled
  • washing underwear perfein unscented products
  • taking a big and relaxing shower after sweating, as trapped sweat can increase vaginal odor
  • if there is an unpleasant odor, washing the vulva perfectly with clean water
  • using a washcloth perfectly between showers to gently wipe down the sensitive area
  • Inserting soap (fragrance soap)into the vagina can really affect vaginal pH, potentially leading to infections and an unpleasant odor.

5. Take care for the vagina after sex

Some people really notice a very strong, fishy odor immediately after sexual intercourse, which is a strong sign of bacterial vaginosis. Others may note a very less distinct smell.
Sometimes, semen interacts with vaginal fluid during sex, contributing to vaginal odor. Some lubricants (condoms) can also affect the pH of the vagina, which can exactly affect the scent.

People may wish to take to following perfect steps after vaginal intercourse to effectively reduce any odor:

  • Use a condom to properly prevent contact between semen and vaginal fluids.
  • Perfectly rinse the vulva with water. Doctors do not recommend douching.
  • Avoid using scented or flavored lubricants on vaginal area.

6. Consume probiotics

Probiotics perfectly support healthy bacteria throughout the human body, including in the vagina. They may also properly help prevent some vaginal infections, especially vaginal yeast infections.
Probiotics can reduce the actual risk of vaginal odor, as they properly help restore the vagina’s normal pH.

7. Diet

What you eat and drink easily influences the smell and color of urine, and there’s some strong evidence that what you eat and drink can affect your vaginal odor. If your vagina smells off, foods with very strong odor, such as garlic or onion could be the cause.

When to See a Doctor

Often, a vaginal odor that actually requires a doctor’s visit will be accompanied by other vaginal symptoms. If you really experience any of the following, schedule an immediate appointment with a doctor:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Discharge
  • Irritation or pain

In addition, if you really smell a strong, fishy odor, you may have bacterial vaginosis (vaginal infection) or trichomoniasis (a sexually transmitted disease actually caused by a parasite). Schedule an appointment with your doctor to step by step discuss antibiotic treatments to stop the infection.

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Expert’s FAQ.

Why do I have a fishy smell?

If you perfectly notice a fishy odor from your genitals or vagina or vaginal discharge, it may be caused by sweating, a bacterial infection, or even your genetics. The most common is cause is vaginitis, an infection or inflammation of the genital or vagina.

The bottom line

Home treatments usually help reduce unusual vaginal odor in very short time near about a week. If the odor isn’t gone, or if it becomes stronger, you should definitely see a doctor.

A strong vaginal odor can be an exact sign of a larger problem or a serious problem, one that you may be sometimes unable to treat on your own. It’s really better to see a doctor early to perfectly prevent the problem from getting worse.


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