Why Do I Cry When I Poop?

Everybody poops regularly. But not everybody talks about proper and exactly what goes on in the bathroom while you’re pooping. You see water in your eyes and cry when you poop.

That’s why you might feel a little anxious if you begin to exactly notice that your eyes water and cry when you have a bowel movement like you were really crying — especially without any obvious little bit of pain or emotion causing your eyes to water and look like cry when poop.

However, it’s very important to note that if you’re truly crying out in pain due to a bowel movement, that’s really not OK. We’re discussing involuntary watering of the eyes without a little bit of pain in this article; talk with your doctor as soon as possible if bowel movements actually cause severe pain for you.

Why Do I Cry When I Poop
When your abdominal muscles flex and tighten to help push poop out of your colon, pressure on the organs. That’s why I cry when i poop.

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There’s some evidence-based science behind why some of us get watery eyes when we poop. Let’s get into why actually this might happen, whether it’s normal, and what to do exactly about it if you think it indicates that you have an underlying issue.

Why Do I Cry When I Poop

There’s no exact research on the connection actually water in your eyes when you poop, but there are enough people asking: Why do I cry when I poop? Especially when you actually dive into the archives of Reddit. As one brave soul dared to openly ask: Is it strange that tears stream down my face every time I poop? Another said it’s an automatic and natural response that a tear rolls down their cheek when they go.

Intra-abdominal pressure

What actually happens? One very common and simple theory is that intra-abdominal pressure is the culprit. When your abdominal muscles flex and tighten to help push poop out of your colon, they put extra pressure on the organs and membranes around them. This pressure, along with your regular breathing, can easily put strain on the nerves and blood vessels that line the abdomen, resulting in tears being produced.

Intra-abdominal pressure
Intra-abdominal pressure

This can sometimes happen even if you don’t feel a little bit of pain: Abdominal pressure can also easily increase pressure in your head and push out tears without any pain, as the lacrimal (tear) glands are easily squeezed by the head pressure, too.

This may also be a result of what’s exactly called a primary exertional headache. It can happen when you actually strain your abdominal muscles. This puts some extra strain on the upper body muscles in your head and neck, too.

Why do my Eyes Water and cry when I Poop

Yes, people say, pooping can make your eyes water. And to be clear, these people say it actually happens in the absence of straining. It’s really not pain, they say. It’s not that hemorrhoids are making things supremely uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s after a big or “monster poop.” As one social media commenter said: “People just really don’t understand actual emotional pooping.”

Indeed, that’s what might be going on here.

Some people do have such a sense of actual relief that they might tear up from having a relaxed bowel movement. The process of evacuating and relieving that actual pressure can sometimes cause that to happen.

That may be especially true if you really have bowel issues, to begin with, including difficulty defecating or — the opposite — extreme urgency that makes waiting even a few seconds to go a challenge.

Even though poop-criers say they’re not really welling up because of constipation, we still have to have that talk, because it can get really bad enough that it can actually make you cry.

Push so, so hard to Bowel Movement

Some people really push so, so hard trying to have a bowel movement that it can even cause bleeding. But if you’re not feeling a little bit of pan and not exactly in pain, the pressure of tightening up your body in an effort to try to push out a BM (bowel movement) can still force out a few tears.

Poop crying or not, it’s actually important not to spend excessive amounts of time on the toilet — or use bathroom time as an opportunity to perfectly score alone time and read on your phone.

If stools are too big or large and hard — and there is that sense of immense and overwhelming relief at successfully going number two — then the basics of BM (bowel movement) health, including regularly drinking lots of water and increasing fiber intake, may make the whole process go a lot smoother and fine.

Why is my poop so big?

Sometimes, your poop size is so big, and large amount of big poop is because you simply ate a larger meal. If you had plenty of fiber food and water (which both easily increase the rate of speed that actually stool travels in your intestine), the stool exits your body sooner and in a big size and large quantity.

What can I do to perfectly reduce the size of my poops?

If you really find you’re consistently making big and large poops, this could directly indicate opportunities for changes in your food, diet and routine activity. These proper changes could make your stool easier to pass, which could easily decrease the likelihood your poop will be abnormally large.

Some steps to make your poop normal size:

  • Increase your intake of fiber-rich foods, such as whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fresh fiber rich fruits. Fiber adds bulk to stool, which actually makes it easier to pass. Try to add a serving or two to your routine or daily diet to see if it actually improves how frequently you poop.
  • Increase your physical activity(exercise) level. Examples include regular walking, swimming, or other physical activities that can stimulate additional movement in the bowels.
  • Try eating several small meals or small amounts of meals throughout the day instead of very large meals or portions at one sitting. This can easily reduce the volume of food that your intestines process at a time and ideally perfectly maintain your blood sugar at consistent levels.
  • Drink plenty of water enough regularly so that your pee is light yellow in color. This can make stool really softer and easier to pass.
  • Try going to the bathroom after drinking water at consistent times each day. An example could include in the early morning and at night when you get home from work or school. Provide yourself a few valuable anxiety-free moments to go, but try not to sit long time on the toilet, for more than 10 minutes. Straining or struggling to poop or push so hard can do more harm than good.
  • Always poop when actually your body tells you that you really need to. Holding in stool can easily increase the incidence of constipation.
  • Completely refrain from using laxatives (medications that make you poop) unless your doctor specifically tells you to.

You can also talk to your doctor in detail if these tips don’t do much to change the size of your poop or bowel movements.

Is it normal to cry when poop?

It’s totally normal and fine for your eyes to water when you poop (with some meaningful caveats — more on that in a bit).

There are actually a lot of complex nerve, muscle, and blood vessel interactions happening between your gut and your head during poop position or while you sit on the toilet. Along with that can come complex reactions and effects.

The actual reason my eyes water when I poop. There are no exact figures or numbers of people as to how many people really experience this when they poop. But there’s no exact evidence that a random tear shed on the toilet poses any problems.

The bottom line

If your eyes water while pooping, it isn’t actually that big a deal — as long as there isn’t pain or other concerning issues associated with your bowel movements.

See your doctor perfectly if you really feel pain or discomfort when you poop. Any kind of consistent gut pain or frequent problem or trouble pooping can clearly indicate an underlying issue that needs proper treatment.

If you have real trouble pooping without pain and cry when you poop try some lifestyle changes to perfectly help get your poop moving more easily. Pooping more often can have unexpectedly positive effects on your thoughts, mood and health.


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