Ariana Grande Weight Loss, Why Did She Decide to Lose So Much Weight

Despite fans’ worries about Ariana Grande significant weight loss, the singer reassured them that she is currently at her healthiest.

Ariana Grande’s noticeable weight loss last year sparked curiosity. Despite her petite frame, she appeared even slimmer in earlier photos. She explained that she shed the pounds for an upcoming movie role, particularly for her part in Wicked.

Ariana Grande Lose Weight
Ariana Grande Lose Weight

Ariana Grande lost weight by eating balanced meals, exercising regularly, and prioritizing mental well-being.

Why Did Ariana Grande Lose Weight?

Ariana Grande, known for her petite frame, noticeably slimmed down in pictures from last year. She explained that her weight loss was due to preparing for a movie role, specifically for Wicked.

“Why did Ariana Grande choose to lose weight despite being on numerous antidepressants?”

  • Despite Ariana Grande’s small size, recent photos suggest she’s gotten even slimmer compared to last year.
  • Reports indicate she’s been following a diet primarily focused on smoothies, kale, seeds, nuts, broccoli, and tofu.
  • Ariana acknowledged concerns about her appearance but clarified that older pictures didn’t reflect her healthiest self.

Ariana Grande Weight Loss Journey

Over the past year, Ariana Grande has faced various controversies, including rumors about her divorce, speculation about affairs, and constant discussions about her appearance, such as her face, makeup, or weight loss. The talented singer has been under significant scrutiny.

Despite facing controversies, she chose to prioritize what’s important, confronting speculation about her weight and recognizing the impact online discussions, no matter how well-intentioned, can have on her.

Now let’s talk about how she managed it. The singer followed a strict vegan diet, mainly consisting of smoothies, kale, seeds, nuts, broccoli, and tofu. Ariana Grande responded to leaked details about her diet in a TikTok video.

“This is all about ensuring that the food you eat not only nourishes your body but also serves a purpose. I lost a significant amount of weight because I used to rely heavily on junk food, consuming it constantly. However, I made a drastic change by adopting healthier eating habits and exercising regularly. Now, I’m a much healthier version of myself. Interestingly, I’m still eating as much as I used to, but the type of food I consume has completely transformed.”

How Did Ariana Grande Lose Weight

Ariana Grande’s weight loss has been a topic of concern among her fans. She has addressed these concerns in a TikTok video, emphasizing the importance of not commenting on people’s bodies. Grande explained that her current body is healthier than before when she was struggling with mental health issues and unhealthy habits. She also mentioned that her weight loss was not intentional but a result of her lifestyle changes and health issues.

Grande has been following a strictly vegan diet since 2013, which she says makes her feel good and gives her more energy. She avoids processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine, and prefers green smoothies, fresh fruits, and vegetables. She also does yoga and Pilates for exercise.

Grande has had to lose weight for some of her roles, such as playing a CIA agent in Zero Dark Thirty. She followed a strict diet of salads, steamed vegetables, and fruit, and did a lot of cardio exercises like running, cycling, and swimming.

Grande has also had to deal with stress and trauma, such as the Manchester bombing, the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, and the breakup with her fiancé Pete Davidson. These events affected her mental and physical health and made her lose her appetite and weight. She sought therapy and support from her friends and family and learned to cope with her emotions more healthily.

Grande has been open about her struggles with anxiety and PTSD and has encouraged her fans to be gentle with their bodies and with each other. She has emphasized that there are many different ways to look healthy and beautiful and that people should be less comfortable commenting on others’ bodies.

What Is Ariana Grande’s Diet And Exercise Routine

Ariana Grande follows a vegan diet and works with her trainer Harley Pasternak to maintain her fitness. Here are the specific aspects of her diet and exercise routine:


  • Ariana loves smoothies, especially the red smoothie with raspberries, blueberries, oranges, vanilla protein powder, and flax seeds
  • She also enjoys oatmeal and occasionally has iced coffee with non-dairy milk, dandelion tea, and matcha tea


  • Ariana’s lunch includes salads, kale, avocado, cashews, and teriyaki sauce
  • She also enjoys healthy vegan soups and sushi with adzuki beans


  • Ariana likes tofu and enjoys veggie stir-fry or a brown rice bowl loaded with veggies
  • She may also cook her veggies, such as tofu with hijiki and tofu


  • Ariana reaches for fruit, such as blueberries and bananas, and baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon
  • She also likes nuts, dragonfruit, and other healthy snacks


Strength Training

  • She does strength training exercises with her trainer Harley Pasternak


  • Yoga is part of her workout routine, helping her improve her flexibility


Ariana’s trainer Harley Pasternak helps her maintain her fitness by following a macrobiotic Japanese diet, which includes 50% whole grains, 30% fruits and vegetables, and 20% beans like tofu.

She also does a variety of strength training exercises and focuses on dynamic movements that hit multiple body parts.


Ariana likes to stay active and consistent with her routine, which includes getting steps in every day.

Has Ariana Grande Talked About Her Weight Loss Journey In Interviews

Yes, Ariana Grande has talked about her weight loss journey in interviews. She has addressed body shaming and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In one instance, she spoke out about weight loss on TikTok after being body-shamed by trolls, emphasizing the need for gentler language when discussing people’s bodies and the importance of self-acceptance. Additionally, she has discussed her weight loss journey in the context of her fitness regimen and dietary choices.

What Are Some Of Ariana Grande’s Health Issues That Led To Her Weight Loss

Ariana Grande’s weight loss has been a topic of concern among her fans, as she has been following a strict vegan diet and has been very slim in recent appearances. She has addressed these concerns in a TikTok video, where she emphasized the importance of being gentle and less comfortable commenting on others’ bodies. Grande revealed that the body she is currently compared to was the unhealthiest version of herself, as she was on antidepressants, drinking them, and eating poorly at the time. She stressed that there are many ways to look healthy and beautiful and that people should be more considerate when commenting on others’ appearances.

How Has Ariana Grande’s Weight Loss Affected Her Career

Ariana Grande’s weight loss has had a significant impact on her career, particularly in the realm of health and wellness. Her journey has inspired a wave of positive change among her fans, fostering a culture of health and wellness within the entertainment industry. Grande’s approach to health and wellness, which includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a focus on mental health, has been influential for her fans and peers alike. She has shared her strategies for achieving health and happiness, which has motivated others to prioritize their well-being.

Grande’s openness about her weight loss journey has also raised concerns among her fans. Some have expressed worry about her health, while others have defended her appearance. Despite the attention, Grande has remained committed to her health goals and has addressed concerns about her body in a candid TikTok video, emphasizing the importance of body positivity and self-care.

In summary, Ariana Grande’s weight loss has not only affected her physical appearance but has also had a broader impact on her career, inspiring others to prioritize their health and wellness while also raising awareness about the importance of body positivity and self-care.

What Is Ariana Grande’s Advice For Body Positivity?

Ariana Grande’s advice for body positivity revolves around being gentle and less comfortable when commenting on people’s bodies, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and refraining from making assumptions about others’ health and happiness. In a TikTok video, she highlighted that there are many different ways to look healthy and beautiful, mentioning that the body people were comparing her current body to was actually the unhealthiest version of herself. Grande encouraged her fans to avoid commenting on others’ bodies, regardless of their size or appearance and stressed the need for kindness towards each other and oneself.

What Advice Has Ariana Grande Given To Fans Who Want To Lose Weight

Ariana Grande has not given specific advice to fans who want to lose weight. However, she has addressed concerns about her own body and weight loss in a candid TikTok video, emphasizing the importance of body positivity and self-acceptance. She urged her fans to be gentle with each other and themselves, acknowledging that there are many different ways to look healthy and beautiful. Grande also emphasized that people should not make assumptions about others’ health and happiness, as they may not know what someone is going through.


How did Ariana Grande lose weight?

Ariana Grande slimmed down by adopting a primarily plant-based diet, cutting out meat and dairy products. She focuses on eating whole, unprocessed foods and loads up on fruits and vegetables.

Where has Ariana Grande been?

Since the release of ‘Positions’ in 2020, Ariana Grande has been exploring other ventures. In 2021, she launched r.e.m. beauty, a line of retro-inspired makeup products for eyes, face, and lips, keeping her fans eager for her return to music.

What does Ariana Grande do every day?

Ariana Grande maintains her incredible physique and performing abilities by working out at least five days a week. Her routine includes a mix of bodyweight exercises three times a week and various activities such as hiking and dance classes on other days.

What does Ariana suffer from?

Ariana Grande has opened up about her struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in an interview with British Vogue.

How did Ariana Grande become famous?

Ariana Grande’s breakthrough came in 2010 with her role on the Nickelodeon TV series Victorious, where she played Cat Valentine. Following the show’s cancellation in 2013, she starred in the spin-off Sam & Cat (2013–14), all while honing her singing skills and pursuing her acting career.


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