Breast Cancer Prevention: How onions–garlic reducing breast cancer risk

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips: Onions and Garlic reducing Breast cancer perfectly. A new study examines Breast Cancer, the consumption of Onion and Garlic and suggests that vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Eating a diet rich in onion and garlic daily can prevent the risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study.

Breast Cancer Prevention
How garlic and onion can reduce or prevent breast cancer. Best Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

Best way to reduce breast cancer risk is by Onions and Garlic and amazing Breast Cancer Prevention ideas who are tens for breast cancer.

Women who ate sofrito a clove of popular garlic- and onion-based condiment in Puerto Rican cuisine more than once per day showed a 67 percent decrease in risk compared to those who never ate it, showed the study by a team of researchers from the University at Buffalo (UB) and the University of Puerto RICO.

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According to study: Onions and Garlic reducing Breast cancer risk

The study, which was published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, focused on the country of Puerto Rico, whereby researchers analyzed the health benefits of onions and garlic.

The researchers were both from the University at Buffalo and also the University of Puerto Rico.

How to prevent breast cancer naturally?

Prevention of Breast Cancer: Onions and garlic are highly rich in organosulfur and flavonol compounds. These compounds show anti-carcinogenic properties that provide health benefits for the human body.

Onions and Garlic reduce Breast cancer

According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women. Its data suggests that globally, there were more than two million new cases of breast cancer in 2018.

The reason for the study is that Puerto Rico consumes large amounts of both garlic and onions.

This may have something to do with the actual fact that one of the country’s staple foods is sofrito. this is a mix of garlic, onions, peppers, and tomatoes cooked in olive oil.

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Additionally, Puerto Rico also has “lower breast cancer rates compared to the mainland U.S., which makes it a very important population to study.”, as explained by Gauri Desai, lead study author of the study, in a statement,

“This study was a collaboration between my colleagues here at UB and at the University of Puerto rico to assist us to understand why rates there are lower than in the rest of the U.S., and why rates there are continuing to increase, while they’re decreasing in the rest of the [U.S.].” added study-co author Jo Freudenheim, Ph.D.

The New Study Of Breast Cancer

So, why focus on these 2 ingredients? “Onions and garlic are rich in flavonols and organosulfur compounds,” Desai said.

In particular, garlic contains compounds such as (S)-acetylcysteine, diallyl sulfide, and diallyl disulfide, while onions contain alk(en)yl cysteine sulphoxides. “These compounds show the anticarcinogenic properties in a human’s body, as well as in experimental animal studies,” Lina mu said, the study’s senior author, who is an associate professor of epidemiology and environmental health at UB.

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Studies have shown that the components of garlic, onion and other allium food inhibit proliferation, induce apoptosis and reduce migration and invasiveness of cultured human breast cancer cells.

Enjoy flavorful meals garnished with garlic and onions, and live a healthy way of life.

What are some natural supplements that can help prevent breast cancer?

Several natural supplements have been studied for their potential role in reducing the risk of breast cancer, although the evidence is not always conclusive. Vitamin D, particularly in its D3 form, is noted for its ability to regulate cell growth and reduce inflammation, with suggested levels between 60-70 ng/mL and supplements of 2,000 IU daily if necessary.

Vitamin E, especially when combined with other antioxidants, may help counteract cellular proliferation and protect against carcinogen-induced tumors, though more research is needed to confirm its efficacy.

Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E, along with minerals like selenium and zinc, are believed to protect against oxidative and DNA damage, potentially lowering breast cancer risk. Omega-3 fatty acids from fatty fish, turmeric/curcumin with its anti-inflammatory properties, and green tea’s active compound EGCG are also highlighted for their anti-cancer potential.

In short, probiotics for gut health and immune function, and minerals like selenium and zinc for their roles in DNA protection and immune support, are considered beneficial. However, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare provider before starting any supplement regimen to ensure safety and appropriateness based on individual health needs.


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