Casey King Weight Loss : Transformation from 845 lbs to 245 lbs

Casey King weight loss journey is incredible as he transformed from 845 pounds to 245 pounds. This inspiring and honest process unfolded over the years, showcasing a remarkable transformation in real-time.

Casey King is an incredible YouTuber and reality show star who went from being extremely overweight to becoming a fitness inspiration. Casey’s journey is all about starting from scratch and persistently working towards his goal. His transformative story not only captured the attention of his peers but also the public, showcasing his unwavering commitment to self-improvement.

Casey King Weight Loss Transformation
Casey King Weight Loss Transformation

Casey King’s remarkable weight loss journey involved shedding an impressive 650 lbs. It wasn’t an overnight success; it took him around four years to achieve the incredible results he stands proud of today. He decided to ditch his sedentary lifestyle and took on the challenge of a lifetime, completely transforming himself.

From ditching unhealthy eating habits and lounging on the couch all day, Casey embraced an active lifestyle. His routine shifted to intense workouts, a wholesome diet, and a focus on advancing his career. This is the lowdown on Casey King’s inspiring weight loss timeline – a journey that proves dedication, resilience, and the power of positive change.

Who Is Casey King?

Casey King is a YouTuber who kicked off his YouTube journey in 2012. In 2019, this 38-year-old from Georgia gained attention when he appeared on TLC’s reality series, “Family By the Ton.” At that time, Casey weighed a staggering 845 pounds. On the show, he candidly discussed the challenges of being obese, sharing insights into his daily life and the difficulties of carrying out routine tasks at such a weight.

Motivated to make a change, Casey started documenting his weight loss journey on his YouTube channel. In 2019, he underwent bariatric surgery, a procedure that alters gut hormones to aid in weight loss by changing the digestive system. Over the next four years, Casey’s commitment to a strict diet, regular workouts, and unwavering determination resulted in an incredible transformation. He successfully shed an impressive 600 pounds, showcasing his inspiring journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Reality star Casey King, once 845 pounds, shed an impressive 600 pounds through bariatric surgery, a strict diet, and exercise. His tips include staying hydrated, avoiding sugary drinks, opting for non-fried and low-sugar protein, and staying active. King’s inspiring journey, well-documented in media and on social channels, showcases the potential for substantial weight loss through determination and effort.

Casey King Weight Loss Journey

When Casey King first appeared on a reality show, he weighed a staggering 845 pounds. However, his incredible transformation saw him shedding almost two-thirds of his body weight. Throughout the series, King openly shared the story of how he gained weight and provided a glimpse into his life as an obese individual.

Casey King Weight Loss Journey
Casey King Weight Loss Journey

King revealed that his weight struggles began early, noting that by the time he finished high school, he already weighed around 300 pounds. After college, he started working at a restaurant, which only exacerbated his eating habits, eventually leading to his reaching 845 pounds. This excessive weight made it challenging for him to perform basic daily activities, such as taking a regular shower, and he faced mobility issues.

In his daily routine, King confessed that his focus was primarily on eating, playing video games, sleeping, and repeating the cycle. He described a life with minimal engagement in any kind of physical activity. The series documented his journey towards a healthier lifestyle and showcased the obstacles he overcame to achieve significant weight loss.

How Did Casey King Lose 600 Pounds

Reality star Casey King lost an impressive 600 pounds after undergoing bariatric surgery, adopting a strict diet, and incorporating exercise into his routine. His weight loss journey included a vertical sleeve gastrectomy to reduce stomach size, promoting controlled eating.

King’s tips involved staying hydrated with water, avoiding sugary drinks, opting for non-fried and low-sugar protein, and prioritizing physical activity. His inspiring transformation has been widely covered in the media and shared on his social media platforms.

Casey King Weight Loss Surgery

Casey King, known for his appearance on a reality series, decided to take control of his health and underwent weight loss surgery. His journey began when he met Dr. Charles Procter Jr., who became his future surgeon. Dr. Procter recommended bariatric surgery as the crucial first step in Casey’s remarkable weight loss transformation.

Specifically, Casey underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, a type of bariatric surgery designed to reduce stomach size. This procedure involves removing up to 80% of the stomach, leaving behind a portion roughly the size and shape of a banana.

Before the surgery, Casey had to make some lifestyle changes and shed some weight on his own. He credits much of his success to his parents, who played a significant role in supporting him. They helped set up his diet, and his mother, in particular, was strict and controlling about his eating habits.

Post-surgery, Casey’s dedication paid off as he saw significant results. His weight dropped from 700 pounds to 631 pounds, marking a substantial achievement in his weight loss journey.

What Inspired Casey King to Lose Weight

Casey King was inspired to lose weight by his upbringing, past lifestyle, and declining health. Formerly weighing 845 pounds, he chose a healthier path to transform his life.

Struggling with excess weight since childhood, Casey reached a weight of over 400 pounds in his early 20s. As he entered his 30s, his days were mainly spent playing video games and indulging in unhealthy eating habits. The turning point in his life came when a producer from TLC approached him with an opportunity to document his weight loss journey on a show. Casey eagerly accepted the challenge, committing to give it his all and shed as much weight as possible.

Through an intense diet and workout regimen, Casey King lost a total of 579 pounds (262 kgs). He underwent bariatric surgery in 2019, which helped him shed 600 pounds. His weight loss journey was documented on the TLC reality series “Family By the Ton”. Some of the key factors that motivated Casey King to lose weight include:

  • Health concerns: His deteriorating health and the desire to improve his overall well-being played a significant role in his decision to lose weight.
  • Personal transformation: Casey King wanted to change his life and become a better person, which motivated him to embark on his weight loss journey.
  • Inspiration: Seeing the success of other weight loss stories, such as “1000-Lb. Sisters” star Tammy Slaton, also inspired him to make a change in his life.

Throughout his weight loss journey, Casey King shared tips and advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as drinking water, focusing on protein, and being active. His story serves as an inspiration for others who are struggling with weight loss and looking for motivation to make positive changes in their lives.

Where is Casey King now?

Casey King, known for his appearance on the TLC reality show, initially gave viewers a glimpse into his daily life. In a candid moment, he shared, “I will just eat till I’m dead,” as reported by the New York Post.

His typical day involves waking up around noon, deciding on his immediate meal, and then spending time watching TV, playing video games, and eventually heading to bed. It’s a routine that doesn’t involve much physical activity.

In addition to his TLC debut, Casey was also featured on the series Family By the Ton in the same year. In a memorable moment, he had to film without clothes as his wardrobe was too restrictive.

As of now, details about Casey King’s current whereabouts are not available.

In the past, King faced challenges in shedding excess weight. However, through a combination of rigorous exercise, a disciplined diet, and bariatric surgery, he successfully lost nearly two-thirds of his body weight.

These days, King shares insights into his fitness transformation with a supportive community of over 41,000 followers on Instagram.

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Casey King Diet And Workout Routine

In recent years, Casey King has been dedicated to sustaining a healthy lifestyle through a high-protein diet and engaging in a rigorous workout routine. His exercise regimen includes energetic cardio activities like hiking and cycling, coupled with weightlifting. Weightlifting is a proven cardio workout that has shown effectiveness in weight loss, particularly for individuals dealing with obesity.

To document his progress and inspire others, King has shared realistic images, updates on his professional life, and motivational content on his Instagram page. Follow along to witness his fitness journey, gain insights into his weight loss achievements, and stay motivated to lead a wholesome lifestyle.

In Casey King’s Instagram bio, he proudly shares his current weight of 245 pounds and sets a goal weight of 225 pounds. Despite achieving significant success in his transformation journey, Casey is still determined to shed a few more pounds. Describing his weight loss journey as life-saving and revolutionary, Casey reflects on a time when he moved in with his father, feeling hopeless with no job, limited finances, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Turning his weaknesses into motivation, Casey’s journey is nothing short of awe-inspiring. He managed to transform his life by embracing a healthier lifestyle. His story serves as a reminder that choosing a healthy lifestyle is a decision that requires resilience and hard work. The results are not only a physical transformation but also a renewed sense of purpose, making life truly worth living.

How Long Did It Take Casey King to Lose 600 Pounds?

Casey King lost 600 pounds over several years. He underwent bariatric surgery in 2019, which helped him start his weight loss journey. By November 2021, on his 37th birthday, he had reached 255 pounds, indicating a significant weight loss over the years. His weight loss journey involved a strict diet, diligent workout, and determination. He also underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy to reduce the size of his stomach, which further contributed to his weight loss. Therefore, it took Casey King approximately four years to lose 600 pounds, from 2019 to 2023.

How Much Does Casey King Weigh Now?

Casey King, formerly known for weighing 845 pounds at his heaviest, has made significant progress in his weight loss journey. Through years of hard work, he has successfully reduced his weight to 245 pounds. His ultimate goal is to reach 225 pounds, as mentioned in his Instagram bio.

In addition to shedding over 595 pounds, Casey is now looking to undergo skin removal surgery to address the excess skin resulting from his weight loss. To support him in this endeavor, his friend Ethan Klein initiated a GoFundMe campaign. The fundraiser, aimed at covering the costs of the surgery, has garnered significant support, surpassing its initial $15,000 goal.

As of the latest update, the campaign has received over 960 donations, accumulating a total of $19,490. Casey’s progress and determination have not only led to a remarkable transformation but have also garnered substantial community support for his upcoming skin removal surgery.

What Advice Does Casey King Have for People Trying to Lose Weight

A reality star Casey King lost almost 600 pounds, offers some tips for people who want to lose weight. According to, he suggests drinking water all day and avoiding sugary drinks, focusing on protein that isn’t fried or topped with high-sugar marinades, and being as active as possible. He also recommends finding something that you’re interested in to be active, such as hiking or running. King emphasizes the importance of being smart and finding healthy choices, which he says is not that difficult.


Did Casey King successfully lose weight?

Absolutely! Casey King successfully shed nearly 600 pounds.

What is Casey King’s current weight?

Currently, Casey King weighs a healthy 245 pounds.

What was Casey King’s peak weight?

Casey King’s peak weight was 845 pounds. In the series, he mentioned being a “big kid” and weighed 300 pounds by the end of high school. After graduation, while working in restaurants, his weight continued to increase. Eventually, after quitting his job and moving in with his dad, his weight reached an astonishing 845 pounds.

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