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Cristhian Annes was a Brazilian bodybuilder who sadly passed away at the age of 34 while awaiting a kidney transplant. Let’s delve into his life story.

Know about Cristhian Annes, the Brazilian bodybuilder whose inspiring dedication to fitness ended tragically at the age of 34 while awaiting a kidney transplant. Explore his remarkable journey towards physical excellence.

Brazilian bodybuilder Cristhian Annes
Brazilian Bodybuilder Cristhian Annes

Explore Cristhian Annes’ inspiring journey into bodybuilding despite being born with only one kidney. Follow his path as he uncovers his kidney issues and his initial hesitancy to seek treatment.

Who was Cristhian Annes?

Cristhian Annes is a charismatic Brazilian bodybuilder and social media influencer who has won over countless hearts with his dedication to fitness. Despite being born with just one kidney, Annes defied the odds by pursuing a career in bodybuilding

and personal training, as reported by METRO. His infectious passion for fitness and captivating online presence have garnered him a loyal following.

However, Annes faced a health setback in 2022 when a routine blood test revealed issues with his left kidney. His girlfriend, Wanna Teixeira, disclosed that Annes initially kept the news to himself, reluctant to worry others. Despite his reluctance, Teixeira revealed that Annes eventually sought treatment, but unfortunately, it was too late.

An inspiring figure in the fitness community, Cristhian Annes’s journey serves as a testament to perseverance and determination in the face of adversity.

How Did Cristhian Annes’ Health Issues Affect His Bodybuilding Career

Cristhian Annes’ bodybuilding journey was profoundly impacted by his health challenges, particularly his birth with only one poorly functioning kidney. Despite this obstacle, Annes passionately pursued a bodybuilding career and gained a sizable following on social media as an influencer. His dedication to fitness was evident in his impressive physique and successful client transformations. With a postgraduate degree in bodybuilding, coaching, and sports nutrition, Annes was highly respected in his field for his unwavering commitment. Tragically, his health complications eventually led to his passing while awaiting a kidney transplant, leaving a significant void in the fitness community and among his loved ones.

A Journey Of Dedication To Fitness

Embark on a fitness journey with Annes, an inspiring figure renowned for his dedication to fitness. With over 42,000 Instagram followers, Annes shares glimpses of his workouts, training programs, and client transformations, motivating countless individuals to kickstart their fitness journeys.

Beyond his social media presence, Annes serves as a personal trainer at local gyms in Ponta Grossa, Brazil. With expertise in bodybuilding coaching and sports nutrition, he guides clients towards achieving their fitness objectives. Annes’s passion for sports and bodybuilding shines through in every endeavor, whether it’s preparing clients for competitions or engaging in modeling projects. Join Annes and discover the transformative power of fitness.

How Did Cristhian Annes Become A Bodybuilder

Cristhian Annes, a Brazilian bodybuilder and influencer, defied odds to pursue his passion despite being born with only one kidney. He immersed himself in fitness, competing in bodybuilding, coaching others, and mastering sports nutrition. Tragically, he passed away at 34 while awaiting a kidney transplant after his sole kidney began to fail in 2022. His story highlights the importance of organ donation and the struggles faced by those in need of transplants.

What Was Cristhian Annes’ Workout Routine

Cristhian Annes Workout Routine
Cristhian Annes Workout Routine

Cristhian Annes, a renowned Brazilian bodybuilder, was admired for his commitment to fitness and his expertise in coaching and sports nutrition. Although specific details of his workout routine aren’t available, he was celebrated for crafting effective fitness plans for his clients and for his dedication to sculpting his physique. Annes regularly shared snippets of his training regimen and offered valuable fitness advice on his social media platforms, where he boasted over 42,000 followers. His passion for fitness and bodybuilding shone through his active participation in various competitions across Brazil and his role as a trainer at a local gym.

The Struggle For Treatment And Transplant

Annes, a successful professional with a passion for fitness, faced a tough battle when his only kidney started failing. Despite his health declining, he waited over a year before seeking medical help, finally doing so at the urging of his coach. By then, his condition had worsened significantly.

In December, Annes found himself among 2,011 others waiting for kidney transplants in Parana, Brazil. Sadly, after joining the list just two months before his passing, he learned that there were still 69 people ahead of him. Despite hopes of receiving a kidney within weeks, fate had other plans.

What Was Cristhian Annes’ Impact On The Bodybuilding Community

Cristhian Annes, a Brazilian bodybuilder, left a lasting impact on the bodybuilding community with his impressive physique, unwavering determination, and commitment to his craft. Despite being born with only one kidney, he overcame various obstacles to pursue his passion for bodybuilding and fitness. Through his journey as a personal trainer, influencer, and coach, he gained a large following and earned respect within the industry. Tragically, he passed away while awaiting a kidney transplant, but his legacy endures through the lives he influenced and the inspiration he provided. His story also sparked important conversations about the importance of organ donation and the need for increased awareness in this area.

A Sad Ending With A Lasting Impact

Annes was admitted to the hospital on January 20 after a sudden decline in his health. Sadly, he passed away on February 5 while awaiting a critical transplant. His untimely death sent shockwaves through the fitness community, leaving many grieving the loss of a cherished figure.

However, Annes’ influence continues through the lives he impacted and the inspiration he offered to countless individuals striving for better health and fitness. His dedication, strength, and unwavering passion for sports and bodybuilding exemplify the resilient nature of human determination.


Who Was Cristhian Annes?

Cristhian Annes was a popular Brazilian bodybuilder and social media influencer celebrated for his commitment to fitness and engaging online presence.

What Caused Annes’s Passing?

Annes’s health took a sudden downturn, prompting his admission to the hospital on January 20. Despite attempts to arrange a transplant, he tragically lost his battle with complications stemming from his failing kidney on February 5.


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