How To Do Natural Home Pregnancy Test? 5 Easy Home Tests

Top 5 Easy and Effective Natural Home Pregnancy Tests: For many women, becoming a mother is the most joyous thing and desirable feeling in a woman’s life. But, the path leading to it is uncertain and strenuous and so is taking an exact and effective pregnancy test at the beginning of this long journey. At the time of taking a pregnancy test, actually, anxiety about the results can get you worked up. Naturally, you would really want your pregnancy test to be more of a private affair than a public one in a doctor’s lab or in front of our other family members. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 easy and simple natural ways to test pregnancy at home.

Actually, missing your period is the very first sign that can perfectly indicate pregnancy. While one can always find pregnancy test kits available in the market, homemade pregnancy kits have been used by women for decades. A lot of them are actually based on folk remedies and can deliver good results, as they work by perfectly detecting the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin ), pregnancy hormones in the urine.

Nowadays, with the advancement of medicine, we have plenty of options in the form of readily and easily available pregnancy kits, there are a lot of simple, effective, safe, super cheap, and easy options available right in the comfort of our homes.

natural home pregnancy test
Best natural home pregnancy test

The best and easy part of these do-it-yourself pregnancy tests is the privacy that they provide. So, if you are actually fretting over an unplanned pregnancy or want to retain the secrecy.

So, women either go for a blood test for a pregnancy test in a doctor’s lab or natural tests at home. In the olden days, our grandmothers would check pregnancy at home easily using traditional medical practices and natural ingredients. It was not only efficient but also easy and safe in many ways.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed some effective DIY natural home pregnancy tests that will really prove to be useful when you want to check your pregnancy status privately.

Benefits of Natural Home Pregnancy Test

There are only a few of us who would turn to natural home-made pregnancy tests, but those who hesitate to take up the natural route may miss out on some of the actual benefits like,

  • This method actually can come in handy when you suspect an unplanned pregnancy and wouldn’t want others to know about your pregnancy
  • Disposing of a pregnancy test can be really difficult to hide but not when you use natural ingredients
  • All the important ingredients required are in your kitchen shelves
  • You can take the pregnancy test in the comfort of your home instead of the pharmacy
  • Natural pregnancy tests are easy and cost-effective
  • You really don’t have to worry about the expiry date as the natural ingredients used do not have a shelf life

How to Check Accuracy of Pregnancy Test?

How to Make Sure That Your Pregnancy Test Results are Accurate?

  • Use a neat and clean container when you collect the urine sample
  • Test the first urine of the day as it will have very high levels of hCG
  • Make sure to perfectly collect a substantial amount of urine. If it is too low, you may end up with inappropriate or incorrect test results
  • Once you have taken the test perfectly, wait for the reaction to happen. It may take up to 10 minutes to get results
  • If you did not get perfect and accurate results, don’t hesitate to take it once again

Top 5 Easy and Natural Home Pregnancy Test

You must be burning with the question – how to test pregnancy at home naturally? Does the Sugar pregnancy test work? Here are some easy ways of finding out about your pregnancy using easily available ingredients at home naturally.

1. Storing Urine Pregnancy Test

The best and effective homemade pregnancy test is simply observing your stored urine at home. All you need is a glass jar and urine sample collected early in the morning.

Urine Pregnancy Test At Home
Urine Pregnancy Test At Home
MethodPositive SignNegative Sign
Add the urine sample in the glass jar and store it away for about 24 hours.If you notice a thin layer or film formed on the surface of the stored urine sample, then you are pregnant.Absence of any layer on the surface or film indicates that you are not pregnant yet.

2. Salt Pregnancy Test

Does the Salt Pregnancy Test Really Work?

Every kitchen shelf will actually have salt in it. So, all you need for a pregnancy test at home naturally with salt is a urine sample collected in the morning or very first uring of the day, a pinch or two of salt and a perfectly clean glass to mix the ingredients.

Salt Pregnancy Test At Home
Salt Pregnancy Test At Home
MethodPositive SignNegative Sign
Add enough urine samples to the glass and drop a pinch or two of salt. Wait for approximately three minutes.If you are pregnant, you will actually notice that creamy white clumps have formed from the reaction.If you find no reaction or changes happening between urine and salt, you are not pregnant.

3. Sugar Pregnancy Test

Does the Sugar Pregnancy Test Really Work?

Sugar is actually something that you will always keep a stock of at home very easily. For this key reason, this method is really found to be the simplest and easiest of all. So, all you need for this test is a urine sample collected as soon as you wake up or your very first urine of the day, one bowl, and a tablespoon of sugar. Here’s what you exactly need to do.

Sugar Pregnancy Test At Home
Sugar Pregnancy Test At Home
MethodPositive SignNegative Sign
Add sugar perfectly to the bowl and pour the urine sample over it properly.hCG present in the urine actually does not dissolve the sugar easily. If you see sugar forming lumps in urine sample, you are pregnant.In case the sugar readily dissolves in urine, it exactly indicates that you are not pregnant.

4. Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

We use baking soda in our kitchen for many purposes and usage, especially when we are making leavened bread. But it also has the actual power of indicating if you are pregnant. For that, all you need is baking soda, a urine sample, and a neat and clean cup.

Baking Soda Pregnancy Test at Home
Baking Soda Pregnancy Test at Home
MethodPositive SignNegative Sign
Take the neat and clean cup. Add baking soda to it. Now, add the collected urine sample.If you see bleaching powder really reacting with urine to give you bubbles and fizz, you should actually consider yourself pregnant.If there is no reaction and the solution settles down perfectly, then you have not conceived yet.

5. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Actually, toothpaste is a relatively modern ingredient for natural home pregnancy tests as it was really not around centuries ago. Only white toothpaste is actually preferred as additional ingredients in colored toothpaste may sometimes interfere with the results.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test At Home
Toothpaste Pregnancy Test At Home
MethodPositive SignNegative Sign
Take two tablespoons of white toothpaste in the bowl, add a tablespoon of your collected urine sample. Wait and perfectly observe.In case of pregnancy, the toothpaste will actually react with the urine to become blue in color. It may also turn frothy.In case of negative pregnancy, the white toothpaste would not actually react with the urine at all.

When Should You Take a Homemade Pregnancy Test?

When Should I Do Homemade Pregnancy Test
When Should I Do Homemade Pregnancy Test

If you’re really wondering when you should take a DIY natural homemade pregnancy test at home, I have the perfect and exact answer! As missed periods are a reliable and exact sign of conception, you can use these effective tests a day or two after your missed period date. Some signs you can also look out for before taking the above-mentioned tests are vomiting, nausea, tender and sore breasts, frequent urination, fatigue and bloating.

However, these tests are really very useful if you want to keep your pregnancy a secret. Natural pregnancy tests conducted at home very easily, however, can be very useful to deal with the anxiety that an unplanned pregnancy can cause. The ease of conducting these tests and the ready easily availability of ingredients makes them very convenient and comfortable for women who wish to know whether there’s good news.


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