Erica Campbell Shares Her Secret Weight Loss Journey: How She lost 19 Pounds

A holistic approach to achieving a healthier body with Erica Campbell inspiring weight loss journey. Explore her secrets to natural weight reduction beyond surgeries and medications.

Many women are constantly looking for fast ways to lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. This quest for quick results is not limited to celebrities; it’s a common desire among everyday women as well. Unfortunately, some turn to intense workouts and even surgeries without understanding their body conditions, hoping for speedy results. However, these methods often fall short of expectations and can sometimes make things worse. That’s why it’s important to prioritize natural weight loss approaches.

How Erica Campbell lost 19 Pounds
How Erica Campbell Lost 19 Pounds

Losing weight naturally is a safer option for your body compared to surgery. Surgery doesn’t guarantee lasting results, and there’s always a risk of infection. Quick fixes like surgery and weight loss medications won’t provide long-term benefits. Instead, consider adopting a healthier lifestyle by consuming fewer calories and exercising regularly for sustained results.

Some celebrities, like Erica Campbell, embrace a holistic approach to well-being rather than just focusing on weight loss. Erica’s journey is a powerful example of self-reflection and self-acceptance, challenging societal expectations and promoting self-love. In this post, we’ll explore how this mother of three achieved natural weight loss, the lessons she learned along the way, and how she overcame challenges.

Who Is Erica Campbell?

Erica Campbell is an accomplished American singer and songwriter who has been capturing the hearts of audiences since 1998. Born on April 29, 1972, in Inglewood, California, she is widely recognized for her contributions to urban contemporary gospel music. You may recognize her from her hit song “Help,” which claimed the top spot on the Billboard charts in 2014.

Who Is Erica Campbell
Erica Campbell

Starting her career at a young age, Campbell’s powerful singing and skillful lyricism quickly drew in fans. Her dedication and talent earned her a Grammy for Best Gospel Album in the 57th edition. In addition to her music career, she co-hosts the reality show “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell” alongside Griff, a comedian.

Beyond her success in the music industry and media, Erica Campbell is admired for her authenticity and perspectives on individual living. Despite facing challenges with her physical and mental health, she openly shares her journey. Following her first pregnancy, she pursued a desire for a slimmer, fitter body, initially trying quick weight loss treatments through surgery, which didn’t yield the desired results. Today, she advocates for natural weight management methods, emphasizing self-care and self-improvement.

Erica Campbell Profile

  • Name: Erica Monique Campbell
  • Date of Birth: April 29, 1972
  • Age (as of 2023): 51 years
  • Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Show Host

Weight Transformation

  • Initial Weight: 184 pounds
  • Current Weight: 169 pounds
  • Weight Loss: 15 pounds (Reduced from 184 to 169 pounds)

Erica Monique Campbell, born on April 29, 1972, is a 51-year-old multi-talented individual known for her roles as a singer, songwriter, and show host. Recently, she has successfully embarked on a weight loss journey, shedding a remarkable 15 pounds, bringing her weight down from 184 to 169 pounds.

Grammy-winning gospel artist Erica Campbell openly shared her weight loss journey. Initially opting for liposuction post-pregnancy, she regained weight and shifted to natural methods. Her regimen includes sensible diet changes, regular exercise, and water fasting. Campbell stresses lifestyle adjustments, trainer accountability, and avoiding late-night meals. Her success stems from determination and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Why Did Erica Campbell Experience Weight Gain?

After giving birth to her first child, Erica noticed an increase in her weight, a common occurrence for many women postpartum. Research indicates that women may gain around 16 kilograms (approximately) within a year after their first delivery. Erica’s situation mirrored this trend. In an attempt to address the weight gain quickly, she opted for surgery, but unfortunately, she was dissatisfied with the results.

Recalling a distressing incident in a hotel room, Erica shared that she was bleeding, and the hotel staff sent a nurse with Tylenol, a drug used for mild to moderate pain relief.

Erica Campbell Weight Gain
Erica Campbell Experience Weight Gain

After the birth of her second child, Erica found herself questioning the decision to undergo surgery. She pondered, “Why did I even choose that?” She later explained in an interview that perhaps it seemed like an easier and seemingly right choice at the time.

However, Erica Campbell chose a unique path to lose weight naturally instead of opting for conventional methods like post-pregnancy plastic surgery, which she had undergone about 12 years ago. Despite the growing trend of mommy makeovers after pregnancy, Erica didn’t feel pressured to follow suit, having already experienced that phase.

As we entered 2020, the importance of health became increasingly evident, thanks in part to the pandemic. This global shift towards prioritizing health encouraged people to adopt more sustainable and natural approaches to weight management. Erica Campbell also embraced this mindset, aligning with the current trend among celebrities and fitness enthusiasts.

Today, many are focusing on changing their lifestyles, incorporating regular exercise, and adopting healthy eating habits as key components of their weight loss journeys. This shift towards a holistic and natural approach to wellness is gaining popularity and recognition in various circles.

What are Some of Erica Campbell’s Healthy Eating Habits

Erica Campbell, a gospel singer and radio host, has shared her healthy eating habits and weight loss journey. Some of her healthy eating habits include:

  • Water Fasting: Campbell added water fasting to her regular lifestyle weekly, which helped her control her weight and improve her overall health.
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Her weight loss meal includes fresh fruits and vegetables, such as leafy vegetables like spinach, which assist in controlling her weight and providing essential nutrients.
  • Avoid Late-Night Meals: Campbell decided to eat less and avoid late-night meals, even though she had to cook for her family.
  • Exercise: She incorporated regular exercise into her routine, such as walking, running, lunges, and squats, which helped her burn calories and reduce body fat.

By making these changes to her lifestyle, Erica Campbell was able to shed 19 pounds and improve her overall health.

How Did Erica Campbell’s Weight Loss Journey Start

Erica Campbell’s weight loss journey started with a realization that she needed to take her time and put in the work after a past lipo procedure left her with negative consequences. She underwent surgery for quick weight loss, which turned out to be a bad situation, leading her to focus on natural weight reduction methods such as eating healthier and exercising regularly. She also expressed her motivation for weight loss, stating that she wanted to live for herself, and her family and to honor the life God has given her.

What Was Erica Campbell’s Weight Before and After Her Weight Loss Journey

Erica Campbell’s weight before her weight loss journey was 184 lbs, and she has lost 19 pounds, aiming to reach 150 lbs. After her weight loss journey, she reached 169 lbs. She achieved her weight loss through natural methods, including eating healthier, water fasting, and exercising regularly.

How Long Did It Take Erica Campbell to Lose 19 Pounds?

Erica Campbell, the gospel singer, successfully shed 19 pounds by adopting a healthier lifestyle that combined dietary adjustments and regular exercise. To achieve this, she made conscious choices such as reducing her food intake, avoiding late-night meals, and focusing on a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens like spinach. These foods were not only low in calories and fat but also high in fiber and protein.

In addition to dietary changes, Campbell incorporated water fasting into her weekly routine, committing to a three-day fast each week. Her motivation for embarking on this weight loss journey was driven by a desire to lead a healthier life for herself and her family, and to set a positive example for her daughter.

Rather than relying on a specific mantra for motivation, Campbell drew inspiration from her dissatisfaction with her weight and the realization that she was at her heaviest. This prompted her to stay dedicated to altering her diet and maintaining a workout routine, even on days when motivation was lacking.

While achieving her weight loss goal required time and effort, Campbell stressed the importance of patience and celebrating small victories along the way. She also shared her previous experience with liposuction, highlighting its drawbacks and reinforcing the value of taking a gradual approach and putting in the necessary effort to attain lasting results.

Did Erica Campbell Undergo Liposuction?

Erica Campbell, the singer, openly shared her experience with weight loss, revealing that she opted for liposuction after her first pregnancy. However, the process didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that targets excess fat between the skin and muscles. This procedure involves breaking down and removing some fat cells through suction techniques, often using tubes.

Post-pregnancy, losing fat around the belly can be challenging, leading many women to consider abdominal liposuction. This less invasive option may offer better results when traditional methods like exercise, diet, and medications fall short. However, individual outcomes can vary.

In Erica’s case, the procedure left visible scars, but she embraced them, feeling confident and stunning regardless. Despite her experience, she decided not to explore lymphatic massages due to uncertainty about the proper procedure.

Lymphatic massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, targets lymphedema, a condition where lymphatic fluid accumulates due to poor drainage. The massage aims to improve fluid flow, alleviating pain, heaviness, and swelling. It should be performed by a qualified therapist or under supervision. Those considering simple lymphatic drainage techniques should learn them from a specialist.

How Did Erica Campbell’s Weight Loss Journey Affect Her Career

Erica Campbell’s weight loss journey has had a positive impact on her career. Initially facing health challenges and weight gain, she committed to a natural weight loss journey. This included adopting healthier eating habits, avoiding late-night meals, and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into her diet. This transformation not only enhanced her physical well-being but also boosted her confidence and self-esteem.

Erica Campbell achieved significant milestones in her career:

  • In January 2022, she celebrated her first #1 single as a solo artist with the song “Positive” on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay chart.
  • During Super Bowl weekend in 2022, her noticeable physical transformation drew attention, revealing her commitment to a weight-loss journey.
  • Erica Campbell has become an inspiration to others by sharing her story and encouraging them to live their best lives.

Beyond personal achievements, her weight loss journey opened doors to new opportunities in the entertainment industry. Notably, she was selected as one of ten women out of thousands to participate in the DSW Create and Cultivate fashion event. Overall, Erica Campbell’s dedication to her weight loss journey has not only improved her personal life but has also significantly contributed to her professional success.

Her weight loss journey has also led to increased visibility and opportunities in the entertainment industry. For example, she was invited to participate in the DSW Create and Cultivate fashion event as one of 10 women selected out of thousands. Overall, Erica Campbell’s weight loss journey has not only improved her personal life but also contributed to her professional success.

What are Some of Erica Campbell’s Most Popular Songs

Erica Campbell, known for her success as part of the gospel duo Mary Mary and her solo career, has several popular songs. Some of her most well-known songs include:

  • “A Little More Jesus” (feat. Fantasia & Lisa Knowles)
  • “Help 2.0”
  • “I Luh God”
  • “Well Done”
  • “Love Always Wins”
  • “I Love You”
  • “Positive”

In January 2022, she celebrated her first #1 single as a solo artist with the song “Positive” on Billboard’s Gospel Airplay chart. These songs showcase her talent and have contributed to her success as a gospel artist.

How Did Erica Campbell Lose Weight?

Erica Campbell’s Weight Loss Secret
Erica Campbell’s Weight Loss Secret

Erica Campbell successfully lost weight through a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise. She collaborated with professionals, including a trainer, to ensure a safe and effective approach. Erica continues to follow her daily workout and diet routines, making occasional updates for ongoing success.

Erica Campbell’s Diet

Struggling with weight gain, Erica was determined to transform her body through natural methods. She focused on making changes to her diet, a common starting point for many on a weight loss journey. Erica chose to eat less and avoid late-night meals, even though she had to prepare food for her family. She made a conscious decision not to eat anything after 8 pm.

For her weight loss meals, Erica incorporated a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, with a particular emphasis on leafy greens like spinach. These foods not only helped her control her weight but also added volume to her meals while being low in calories and fat. Additionally, they were rich in fiber and protein, aiding in appetite control and providing a sense of fullness.

Erica Campbell Diet
Erica Campbell’s Diet

In addition to dietary changes, Erica introduced water fasting into her weekly routine, practicing it three days a week. Water fasting, a technique with roots in ancient practices, involves abstaining from any substance except water. People adopt water fasting for various reasons, including detoxification, potential health benefits, and even spiritual reasons.

Research indicates that during the initial week of water fasting, individuals experienced an average weight loss of around 0.9 kg per day. However, this rate gradually declined to 0.3 kg per day by the third week, attributed to a combination of muscle and fat loss. While water fasting may be beneficial for short-term weight loss goals, it’s essential to consider individual factors such as age, sex, and overall health status, as these can influence the outcomes.

What Natural Ways Did Erica Campbell Use to Lose Weight

Erica Campbell, a gospel singer, achieved natural weight loss by adopting a balanced approach of healthy eating and regular exercise. She focused on incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into her diet, with an emphasis on leafy greens like spinach to help manage her weight. Erica also made a conscious effort to avoid late-night meals and practiced water fasting three days a week.

Her exercise routine included activities such as walking, running, lunges, and squats. To stay on track, she had accountability partners in the form of a trainer and her sister Alana. Erica’s weight loss journey was motivated by a previous liposuction experience that had complications, leading her to realize the importance of taking her time and putting in the necessary effort for sustainable results.

Erica Campbell’s Workout Routine

Here is the Erica Campbell’s Easy Workout Plan for Weight Loss. Erica Campbell achieved her weight loss goals not just through a better diet but also with a simple and effective exercise routine. Her daily workout sessions include activities like walking, running, lunges, and squats. These exercises are the key components of her fitness routine, making it easy for anyone to incorporate into their daily schedule.

Walking And Running

Engaging in aerobic activities such as walking and running proved beneficial for Erica in burning calories and shedding body fat. These exercises are particularly helpful for individuals dealing with obesity or aiming to control their weight, with outcomes varying based on exercise duration and intensity.

Notably, running stands out as more effective for reducing belly fat. A study revealed that women who engaged in high-intensity training experienced greater belly fat loss compared to those doing low-intensity exercises. Nevertheless, further research is needed to directly compare the effects of walking and running on the same parameters.

Lunges: A Daily Fitness Favorite

Meet Campbell, a fan of lunges who incorporates this simple yet highly effective exercise into her daily routine. The benefits she reaps are truly numerous!

Lunges contribute to improving Campbell’s balance, coordination, flexibility, and stability. By engaging large muscle groups such as the hips, legs, and back, this exercise provides a holistic workout experience.

What’s more, lunges boost metabolism, aiding in fat-trimming and shedding excess weight. According to a study conducted on men, lunges have been shown to strengthen lower extremity muscles.

In short, lunges are a fantastic addition to Campbell’s daily regimen, offering a range of benefits for her overall fitness and well-being.


Erica loves doing squats, and for good reason! Squats are fantastic for targeting fat in the thighs, glutes, and hips, helping to shape and tone those areas. Research even shows that squats can reduce fat by 4.2% in teenage boys while enhancing the strength of knee extensor muscles.

In simple terms, squats involve using major muscle groups like the quadriceps and hamstrings in your legs. When you do squats regularly, you’re effectively building muscle in these key areas. More muscle means more calories burned, leading to weight loss over time. So, if you’re aiming to shed some pounds, consider incorporating squats into your weekly exercise routine – they’re a powerful addition to any weight loss program.

What are Some of Erica Campbell’s Natural Weight Loss Methods

Erica Campbell’s natural weight loss methods include sensible dietary adjustments, regular exercise, and water fasting. She upgraded her diet, incorporated intense workouts such as walking, running, lunges, and squats, and added water fasting to her weekly routine. Campbell also emphasized the importance of eating fewer calories, avoiding late-night meals, and making lifestyle changes. Additionally, she highlighted the significance of accountability with a trainer and her sister, as well as the need for patience and determination in her weight loss journey.

What is Water Fasting and How Does It Help with Weight Loss

Water fasting is a type of fast during which an individual consumes only water and abstains from all other foods and beverages. Most water fasts last 24 to 72 hours, although some may be longer. It is often practiced for various reasons, including weight loss, spiritual or religious purposes, and potential health benefits. Water fasting may lead to weight loss by causing the body to use its stored energy, resulting in the burning of fat.

However, it is important to note that water fasting also comes with several risks and may not be suitable for everyone. These risks include unhealthy weight loss, dehydration, and the potential for adverse metabolic effects. Therefore, it is essential to consult a healthcare professional before attempting water fasting, especially for an extended period.

What Advice Has Erica Campbell Given to Others on Their Weight Loss Journey

Erica Campbell Weight Loss Journey Secret
Erica Campbell Weight Loss Journey Secret

Erica Campbell has offered valuable advice to those embarking on a weight loss journey. She stresses the importance of making dietary changes, such as reducing calorie intake, avoiding late-night eating, and incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens into one’s diet. Campbell also advocates for water fasting and underscores the significance of regular exercise for lasting results.

In addition to these practical tips, Campbell encourages individuals to practice patience, celebrate small victories along the way, and find support through prayer. Her weight loss journey was motivated by a desire for a healthier life for both herself and her family, rather than solely for public image reasons. She cautions against rushing results and places emphasis on the emotional and mental aspects of the weight loss process.

In essence, Campbell’s advice revolves around making sustainable lifestyle changes, maintaining patience, and seeking support to achieve success in the weight loss journey.


Achieving weight loss doesn’t require expensive medications or surgeries. It’s about tuning into your body’s needs and prioritizing both your physical and mental health. Erica Campbell’s successful weight loss journey highlights the effectiveness of natural and straightforward methods. Often, we’re tempted to choose quicker solutions due to societal pressures or the fear of missing out on trends.

However, this approach usually leads to unsatisfactory results and can harm us mentally and physically. Campbell’s story emphasizes the importance of patience, hard work, perseverance, and self-care in achieving a genuine transformation.


Did Erica Campbell get weight loss surgery?

Yes, Erica Campbell opted for a “lipo” procedure as part of her weight loss journey after her first pregnancy. However, the experience didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery designed to remove excess fat located between the skin and muscles.

How Erica Campbell Open’s Up About Weight Loss and Self Love?

Gospel singer Erica Campbell has opened up about her weight loss journey, emphasizing a commitment to a healthier life for herself and her family. She advocates natural methods like healthy eating, regular exercise, and weekly water fasting. As a role model for her daughter, Campbell stresses self-love, patience, and learning from past experiences, including liposuction. She encourages celebrating small victories in weight loss while setting a positive example for her daughter’s well-being.

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