How do you get rid of enlarged pores that look like a hole?

Have you been noticing large pores on your skin for a few days? These are nothing but open pores, which can be caused due to oily skin, acne, dry skin and aging. Here, are the best tips to get rid of enlarged pores very quickly. So, if you want to close your open and large pores then this article is for you.

What are open pores?

What Are Open Skin Pores: Open pores are on your skin. Being open allows your skin to breathe. Each pore actually has a hair follicle and sebaceous glands. These glands easily produce sebum, which keeps your skin perfectly hydrated and moist. They are also responsible for the proper smooth texture of your skin. Actually, you can take best treatment for large pores and wrinkles on your skin.

How do you get rid of enlarged pores that look like a hole
How do you get rid of open pores that look like a hole.

How many types of open pores are there?

There are 3 types of open pores:

  1. O shaped pore:
    These can usually be seen on your T-zone. Their shape is round. If you always have acne, or you have oily skin, then these types of large pores are formed.
  2. U shaped pore:
    Dry skin is responsible for such pores.
  3. Y shaped pore:
    As you age, collagen production in your skin easily decreases. This gives your pores the shape of a drop of water. These are called Y-shaped pores. They usually happen on the cheeks.

Causes Of Open Pores

What causes enlarged pores on face? Many factors are responsible for open pores on face. It has 3 main ones:

  1. Genetics
    Your genetics often determines your skin type. Decreased levels of collagen production can lead to large pores. One of the reasons for this is usually increasing age.
  2. Excess sebum buildup
    Damage caused by sunlight causes more sebum to build up and open pores.
  3. Coarse Hair Follicles
    When your hair follicles become thicker, the elasticity around your hair follicles decreases and your pores open up as you get older.

Treatment For Open Skin Pores

All the pores on the skin are open. Because of their appearance, large pores or open pores are called “open pores”. The pores cannot be closed. However, you can improve their appearance and reduce their openness.

1. Chemical Peel

Your dermatologist may recommend a chemical peel depending on your skin type and the depth and size of your pores. If you have large pores due to oily skin, a peel with hyaluronic acid is recommended. These peels act like exfoliators. These accelerate the process of exfoliation and improve elasticity.

2. Microneedling

In this procedure, collagen production is stimulated in the skin using tiny needles. It improves the texture of the skin and makes the skin appear firm. Microneedling can also be used to tighten open pores. Like any other in-office procedure, microneedling comes with its side effects. This includes temporary swelling, redness and bleeding.

3. Laser Resurfacing Laser Resurfacing

Some laser treatments are helpful in reducing the size of the pores. Laser therapy rejuvenates the skin, smoothes out the texture and evens out the tone. You should definitely talk to your dermatologist before going for laser therapy. He will give you the right advice based on your skin type and medical history.

Home Remedies For Open Skin Pores

Here are best and effective home rededies to get rid of enlarged pores.

Many such home remedies have been going on since the time of our grandmothers, which play an important role in reducing many types of problems. Similarly, to close the open pores of our skin, there are many grandmother’s remedies, which can be useful for you. These are the home remedies:

1. Lemon is effective to remove oily skin and large pores

Lemon contains vitamin C, which acts as a cleaning agent. With its continuous use, large pores start getting smaller. It also tightens the skin and is effective in healing oily skin as well.

Apply lemon on face like this-

You have to take the help of cotton to apply it to your skin. Apply lemon juice on your skin with cotton and leave it on. When it completely dries, wash your face gently with water.

2. Turmeric plays an important role in closing the pores

Turmeric For Open Pores Treatment At Home: Turmeric has antibacterial properties, which play an important role in reducing any negative effects on the skin. Just mix turmeric with gram flour perfectly and apply it on your face, with the help of this amazing pack, large and open pores will easily start reducing.

Apply turmeric with gram flour like this-

Mix one spoon of turmeric powder with two spoons of gram flour and one spoon of curd. Now apply this pack to your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. When it dries completely, wash it off with lukewarm water.

3. Papaya is a great remedy to reduce open pores

Papaya For Open Pores Treatment At Home: Papaya is effective in reducing open and large pores. It contains potassium, which hydrates the skin and prevents it from becoming dull. It also reduces the effect of aging and helps in increasing the production of collagen in the skin. Due to this, your skin becomes soft, firm and supple, along with its large pores also start reducing.

Apply papaya on face like this-

Finely chop ripe papaya and grate it. Now prepare a pack by mixing one spoon of honey and one spoon of raw milk in it. Apply it to your face. After 15-20 minutes gently clean the face with plain water.

4. Close open pores with the help of tomato

Tomatoes For Open Pores On Face: Tomatoes are essential for the healing of the skin. They prevent oil build-up on the skin and prevent blackheads as well as whiteheads. Along with this, it works to tighten the skin to reduce open and large pores.

Apply tomato on face like this-

Cut a tomato and extract its juice and apply it on your face. If you want, after some time you can clean the face with water. This will reduce the open pores of your face. Not only this but the face will be bleached and will also start glowing.

Ways To Prevent Open Pores On Skin

If you want to keep the pores from getting bigger, then for this you have to take some measures in advance. These measures are as follows:

Apply Sunscreen

Broad-spectrum sunscreen prevents your skin from getting dehydrated. It also prevents the build-up of excess sebum and retains moisture in your skin. Due to this, the pores do not get bigger. If you have oily skin, choose a mineral sunscreen for your pores.

Drink Lots of Water to get rid of enlarged pores

To keep your skin from getting dry, it will need to be kept hydrated. Therefore it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. If your skin is left dehydrated, it can cause your pores to get bigger.

Remove Makeup Before Bed

One of the main reasons why your pores get clogged is to allow makeup to stay on the skin for a long time. So, make sure you remove your makeup every night before sleeping. Keep cleaning your makeup tools from time to time.

Take Healthy Diet to get rid of enlarged or big pores

Carbohydrate and oily food should be avoided. Many researchers suggest that consuming a high-carb diet causes acne breakouts. This can cause big pores. A diet rich in vitamins and essential nutrients helps your skin stay radiant, firm and healthy.

Does vaseline clog pores?

Does really vaseline clog skin pores and face area? Mix these 2 things with Vaseline and get rid of big pores forever in just 5 minutes

Today we are going to tell you how you can easily get rid of large pores. By using this remedy, you can easily get rid of this problem in 2 weeks.

Sometimes facial pores become a problem because once the pores of your face are opened, gradually its size increases and you have to face embarrassment going forward. Some people often have large pores on their face, that is, the pores become clogged and these pores are clearly visible on the face. Which looks very ugly in appearance. If your face is also full of open pores, then you can fix it by taking the help of home face mask or home remedies to fix it.

Today we are going to tell you how you can easily get rid of large pores. By using this remedy, you can easily get rid of this problem in 2 weeks.


  • Vitamin E capsule
  • Vaseline
  • Wix

Make like this

  • First of all, take one-fourth spoon of Vicks in a bowl.
  • Now add half a teaspoon of Vaseline to it.
  • Add the oil of one vitamin E capsule. After that mix all the things well.

Other Ways To Reduce The Size Of Pores

Treatments for enlarged pores
Best treatments for enlarged pores.

There are other three ways to get rid of enlarged pores:

  1. Topical Retinoids
    Research suggests that topical retinoids can reduce the appearance of large pores. They work by removing the top surface of your skin. But this can make your skin sun sensitive as well as dry. So use it only once a day.
  2. Exfoliate Regularly
    Exfoliation removes excess dirt along with the top layer of your skin. This makes your skin look tight, firm and smooth. Exfoliation also perfectly improves the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Clay Mask
    Clay mask reduces inflammation and also tightens your pores. This mask dries out the sebum by going deep into your skin, thereby tightening the pores of the skin.

When To See A Doctor?

In fact, open and large pores can be cured with the help of home remedies. But sometimes the pores on the face become so big that small pits start appearing. In such a situation, the skin of your face also becomes uneven. This is the time when you should visit a dermatologist.


Open and large pores can make your skin look dull. By following a special skin care routine and staying hydrated, you can prevent your pores from getting bigger. This way your skin looks radiant, firm and healthy.


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