How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School and College – 2024

If you have come across this wonderful article, you’re likely wondering how to get a boyfriend in college and how to get a boyfriend in middle school fast.

I understand how important it can be to find a significant other while you’re in college or in middle school.

Do you need a wonderful date for an upcoming school dance? Or do you really find it difficult to get a boyfriend while all your friends seem to be dating? Or maybe there’s a family event, and you’d really love to have a boyfriend or wonderful partner to accompany you.

How to get a boyfriend in middle school and college
How to get a boyfriend in middle school and college

There are many reasons and requirements that you might feel like you need a boyfriend quickly. Read on further carefully to find out how to get a boyfriend fast.

It’s really essential that you don’t give up hope too soon. It is definitely and surely possible to get a boyfriend in college, in middle school, and this step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to do it!​

First, let’s see how to get a boyfriend in middle school.

How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School

Fortunately, there are some amazing ways that you can meet a nice guy. After meeting you can start dating him within a few weeks or within a few days. It will require some extra effort on your part. You’ll need to be confident with a big smile and create opportunities. Let’s start step by step guide on how to get a boyfriend in middle school.

Navigating middle school can be exciting, especially when it comes to making new connections. Getting a boyfriend without speaking might seem tricky, but it’s totally doable! First, let your smile be your secret weapon – a warm smile can attract attention. Engage in shared activities like clubs or games; this offers a chance to bond without words. Social media is handy too, as you can show interest by liking and commenting on his posts. Remember to be yourself and have confidence; genuine personalities are magnetic. Lastly, small gestures like helping with schoolwork create opportunities for connection. Finding a boyfriend silently is about being approachable and kind.

When should I get a boyfriend?

What is the right age to have a boyfriend? So the best age to make a boyfriend is 16 years but the real relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend will start after 18 years. If you adopt this method then you will be able to have a long-term relationship with your boyfriend.

1. Find the Right Guy

Don’t start dating someone you don’t like just to have a boyfriend in college or in middle school. It’s really very important to be patient with yourself and wait for the right and understanding person to come along.

Build your confidence

To meet a guy quickly, you’re going to need to put some extra effort into finding the best and right person. One of the best and easiest ways to attract someone is to show that you really like yourself. Take some steps to boost your confidence level. If you confidently like yourself, it’s more likely that other people will, too.

Practice. If you’re nervous and not confident about talking to a guy you like, figure out your game plan ahead of time.

Try rehearsing perfectly what you want to say in front of the mirror. This will help you feel more confident and less nervous when you are with your crush.

Pick an attractive outfit that makes you feel good. Wear something that makes you really happy. For example, if red is your lucky color wear your favorite red sweater, if black is your favorite color wear black clothes to school tomorrow. So, if you still have questions about how to get a boyfriend in middle school, you should follow the given below steps to get an immediate boyfriend in middle school and in college.

Figure out what you want

There might be a function or special occasion coming up that makes you feel like you need a boyfriend fast. Sure, it will be good and great to have a prom date but remember, you don’t want just any boyfriend. Take some time to perfectly list your dating priorities.

Make a list of the best qualities that interest you. Do you want someone who is looking attractive and funny? Write it down. Should he share your cute love of scary movies? Put it on the list.

And yes, don’t forget to include characteristics such as kindness, honesty and treating others with respect.

Be outgoing

You need to get be prepared perfectly to talk to people if you really want to find a boyfriend easily fast and easily. Practice being outgoing. It’s a helpful and proper trait to have when you are trying to make a connection with someone.

So always, be ready to participate in any conversation with confidence. If the guy you like is suddenly talking about soccer, don’t be afraid to say, “I think soccer is cool, but I really don’t know much about it. Can you please tell me some of the important things to know?”

Smile. This clearly tells people you are actually confident and ready to chat.

Ask your friends for help

Your online connections and social network can be great resources when you’re actually looking for someone new to date. Try asking your best friends to help you out. And don’t forget to mention your deadline!

You could say, “Sarah, you have lots of well-looking and attractive guy friends. Can you think of someone who looks good with me and you can set me up with for this weekend?”

If you have someone already in mind, you might say, “Steph, I think your friend Colin is really cute and attractive. Can you ask him if he wants to go to the movies or for the part with a group of us on Friday?”


If you really want a boyfriend fast in middle school, you need to put yourself out there. This clearly means you need to be socially connected and need to be very social. Try to say “yes” to every perfect invitation you receive.

Maybe your friends invite you to go see a movie, but you really don’t feel like seeing that film. Go anyway! You never know actually who will be in the group.

Mix and mingle wherever you are. If you’re at your little brother’s soccer game in middle school, don’t be afraid to say “hi” to the cute guy sitting next to you.

Use social media

If you’re a young and healthy, social person you likely have several social media accounts. Try using digital technology to your advantage! You can easily connect with someone you already know on several online platforms.

Use Facebook. Go ahead and friend the attractive smart guy from your English class!

Did you meet someone at a party recently and you like him? Friendly ask to follow them on Instagram and tell them your name and other social details to identify you.

2. Making a Connection

You need to send the right and proper signals at the right time to let a guy know that you are really interested in him. Keeping all your emotions bottled up inside will clearly make him feel that you are actually not interested, and he might never even approach you at all. Look at him often and give sweet smile, laugh at his jokes, and try to spend some time with him to make a perfect connection and send him the right signals.

Use body language

You can use physical signs and signals to show a guy that you are really interested in him. This can easily open the door to flirting and conversation. And then hopefully a date!

Lean closer without hesitating when he is speaking. This will really help show that you are interested and you want to talk with him.

Try a little bit of touching body parts during the conversation. It may be a light touch during the conversation. If he makes you laugh, react by gently placing your lovely and sexy hand on his for a moment.

Remember that avoid standing with your arms crossed. This is a clear signal that you are not interested.

Try flirting

If you really want the guy to ask you out, flirting is a great and perfect way to let him know that you actually like him. Take some time and understanding to practice your flirting technique. The next time you meet someone, you’ll be ready and more confident!

Try gently teasing him at some point in the scene. You might say, “Wow, amazing, you’re into video games, looking awesome. Do you ever have time to do anything else special? Like, go to the movies?”

Laugh. When he says something amusing or cracks a joke, make sure to react in a proper way and positively.

Use a light tone of voice. Make sure not to speak too loudly or too intensely. Don’t forget to smile and make romantic eye contact!

Start a conversation

The conversation is the key to getting a boyfriend in middle school. So don’t be afraid to make the first move. If you notice a guy you really like, approach him immediately. Try making small talk with confidence and see where it goes.

Ask a question. You could try, “I’ve never seen you here before. Do you go to school nearby?”
Comment smartly on something going on around you. For example, “Wow, amazing music, the music they’re playing is really awesome. Do you like hip-hop or do you like to dance?”

  • A new way to connect.
  • With every game you purchase, we donate 1 Meal to Feeding America!

Find common ground

Once you have confidently started the conversation, it’s time to go ahead I mean need to go more in-depth to get him as a boyfriend. Try to find something interesting that you have in common. This will really help you find ways to perfectly connect with him.

During the conversation maybe you notice that he is wearing a Chicago Bears hat. You could just say, “I actually don’t know much about the Bears, but I love football! Maybe you could tell me which is your favorite team and tell me about your favorite team.”

If reading is your passion and you really like to read some special type of books, ask him what his favorite book is. Promise to read it completely and then without bringing it up the next time, you see him.

Plan a date

Finally, it’s time to date him. Once you two have perfectly connected, it’s time to take the next amazing step. You don’t have to wait for a guy to ask you out. Be confident, romantic and ask him to do something!

Try saying, “It actually seems like we are both into movies. Put your hand on him and ask, Do you want to go see the new Marvel movie with me on Friday night?”

You can also give chance him to make a decision and put some of the planning on him. You could say, “I’m free Friday night and my mood to go out with you. What should we do?”

3. Building a Relationship

Want to get into a relationship because you’re really ready and have love to give?

Have fun together

Finally, after you’ve found a guy to date, you can confidently focus on connecting on a deeper level. One of the best and easiest ways to perfectly bond with your new guy is to focus on fun. Look for ways to have a really good time together.

Make sure to laugh. Try watching a comedy or funny movie together, or telling each other jokes.
Don’t be afraid to be playful. If you pass a park or garden, freely ask if he wants to push you on the swings and have fun.

Spend time with each other.

When you’re building a new relationship, especially with your boyfriend, it is really important to spend quality time together. Make sure to make valuable time for your new boyfriend, and ask the same of him. Be creative!

Study together. Doing homework or classwork or quizzing each other for an upcoming test is a great way to get in some quality time without neglecting your responsibilities.

Take turns picking an activity. Try alternating making special plans for your Friday night date.

Try new things

Experiencing amazing new things is a great way to connect with your boyfriend. Look for romantic and fun activities that neither or you have tried before. For example, you could try dancing together and taking a dance lesson together.

You could also try learning a new skill or try learning a new sport. Maybe the two of you could really try to figure out tennis together.

Respect each other

When you are dating a good-looking and handsome guy, make sure that you treat him with respect. Likewise, he should also treat you with great respect. This means listening to each other, caring for each other, and being kind.

So, make sure to perfectly show up on time when you have plans. Expect the same from him.
If a guy doesn’t treat you with kindness and honesty he is not worth your time.

Now you are able to get a boyfriend in middle school. Try and tell me in the comment section how your experience is.

Not want to take your precious time. After getting perfect guidance on how to get a boyfriend in middle school, now let’s jump on how to get a boyfriend in college.

How to Get a Boyfriend in College

A lot of us really want to know how to get a boyfriend in college. For many, it is your very first time being out on your own.

What Kind of Relationship you’re Looking for

Before you begin looking for a boyfriend in college, decide whether you want a casual relationship or something more serious. This will easily help you to find the right guy for the relationship in college. You can then set some boundaries right away.

If you really go into the search blindly, you might completely end up unhappy in a relationship. Make sure you’re both on the same page. Once you begin talking to guys, you should be able to make some important decisions about what type of relationship actually they might be looking for too. If you’re uncertain about a relationship, please ask!

To decide the actual type of relationship that you really want to be in…

  • Perfectly think about your current situation.
  • Do you have a lot of free time?
  • Do you want to go on a lot of dates or a bunch of dates, or would you rather Netflix and chill?

It’s not nearly as simple as just being in a perfect relationship or not.

This list will give you more specific and perfect guidelines for the types of relationships that you may encounter in college life. If you actually scroll through these relationships, you will quickly learn that not all of them are positive. Some of them possibly might not be for you specifically either.

Decide your dream guy you want to date

To make a decision about your relationship type and style, you need to properly figure out what your type is. What kinds of guys are you really drawn to? Does this usually end well for you?

Think about your past calmly and the guys you have dated or liked. You don’t have to stick to the same type of mentality or the same type of guy, by any means. Just be careful and be aware of who you usually choose to date and decide if you want to go that route. College is a great time to try new things and new relationships, so this is completely your opportunity to date someone new!

If you have never been in a relationship in past and don’t know what kinds of guys you’re interested in, it’s okay! Believe me, you won’t fail at finding the perfect and right guy.

Try an online dating service

​Dating apps and websites do not work for dating or might not be the number one way to create a relationship, but they are a good way to connect or meet people. When you join one of these online services, you will be virtually introduced to countless guys. So, this is a great way to connect or a starting point to get a boyfriend in college!

Dating services are going to be really helpful in a couple of different ways. For one, they are actually based on your location. Secondly, they can easily help you to weed out the guys who definitely aren’t for you or sometimes you do not like them.

According to Pew Research, the number of individuals young people between the ages of 18 and 24 who are using dating online or dating apps has greatly increased in the past five years.

This means that you will have even more interesting options when it comes to scrolling through profiles.

Online platforms or dating apps and websites usually make it easier for people to chat and meet potential partners. You might be more reserved, safe, and do better behind a screen. Of course, you will have to meet the guy in person eventually. Starting a relationship or friendship over the Internet can really help with some of the nerves.

Research shows that a dating service actually won’t necessarily help you to know whether or not a relationship will work out. You should definitely consider using online and offline dating services to form connections and to introduce yourself to others.

Top girl can get a boyfriend fast in college

If leadership and handling are one of your assets, then do try definitely to run in your college polls. Every good guy wants to be seen with the top and most important girl in college, and soon you will see boys buzzing around you. Like every girl loves to hang around with the football captain of a school, it really works the same way with guys.

Connect with social media

If you’re an expert in online media I mean a social media user, you probably understand the actual importance of hashtags. Similarly, you might know about tagging your location on Instagram or Facebook to connect people’s location vice.

To find guys at your college or college area to meet or date, you can look on social media for people in your area. According to the Pew Research Center, 86% of undergraduate students use social networking sites regularly.

This perfectly gives you a pretty large pool of individuals to choose from. You don’t have to weed through social media especially Instagram users across the country if you select a location near you.

There are very few benefits to finding guys on social media websites. For one, you can easily gain a lot of information about them very quickly by just looking at their pictures and posts. Second, you can easily contact them via direct message if you think that the time is perfect or right. Finally, by using hashtags or locations related to your college, your search will be very specific and narrow enough to get boyfriend in college.

Just remember to be cautious if you decide to meet someone unknown from the Internet in person.

Get a boyfriend fast by dressing fashionably

Every guy loves to befriend a girl or woman who dresses up fashionably and has a unique fashion sense in college. Dress in the latest trends, but don’t overdo it. Don’t wear short clothes that show too much of your skin and body parts, but also don’t wear ones that look like a blanket. Visit a good stylist and good fashion trends and people’s advice if you really need help dressing up well. You don’t have to spend thousands on your wardrobe – just a clever mix and match should do the best trick!

Give more attention to someone you desire

More attention is really needed. In your list of desirable boyfriends, try to give more attention to someone in particular to attract him. This will actually show your interest in him, and he might ask you out. Without giving any clear indications to anyone, it’s really tough to get a boyfriend hiding behind your library book. Get bold, sexy, get friendly, get heard, and get popular to get your would-be boyfriend’s attention.

Take things slowly

Once you’ve found the guy you want to really pursue, you should take things slow for a little while. This gives the two of you time to perfectly get to know each other. You will be easily able to know if you by heart and truly like him as a person or not.

In some cases, relationships that are actually started too quickly may not last.

While you take things slow, you should completely make sure that he really knows what you’re doing. Taking a relationship too slow can also look like disinterest. It’s really important to simply tell him that you want to take it slow because you really want to make sure you do it right. He should be able to respect that.

Actually, sometimes when people rush into relationships and fast in relationships, it’s because they want a physical relationship and that’s all. By being open with your future boyfriend and letting him know how you actually feel, he will also know what you really want from the relationship.

If you want a fit and fine boyfriend really quick, then get back into shape

The fact is that nobody wants a girlfriend who is shapeless, inactive, passive, and too skinny. Work on your body and fitness and get an appealing figure to woo boys around you. You will also feel really great about your new body, and it will finally keep you healthy, fit and attractive.

Stay positive

It can be actually discouraging to see the people around you getting into relationships or hooking up all the time. It’s really important to keep a positive attitude.

Sometimes you feel down and if you really start feeling down, it’s okay. Your emotions are totally valid! Just try to find a good and perfect way to properly handle them and move on to brighter thoughts.

By having great thoughts and positive outlook, you will be able to draw more attractive and positive people in. In short, happy people attract happy people. This might come in handy and easy when it comes to getting a boyfriend!

While you wait for the perfect guy to come along, take actual advantage of all of the real benefits of being single. For example, you can freely flirt with anyone that you please. You can properly focus on bettering yourself. You can spend more time in college with more than one girl and you can spend time with your friends and family.

Learn how to be a pro at sex

You can watch some real and possible tricks to be good at sex. Watch great tutorials to master the art of sex. Even if you get a boyfriend, to help him stay connected and attracted to you, you need to be really good at sex to keep the passion ignited properly. Friendly ask your experienced friends for amazing and great sex tips and your boyfriend will remain glued to you forever and enjoy your sex life.


Did you enjoy this amazing list of effective ideas to get a boyfriend fast and easy? Now you don’t have questions in your mind on how to get a boyfriend in middle school and how to get a boyfriend in college because now to know more than one real-life idea that you can try. Which tip is effective for you and which one are you going to try first?

Creating this helpful and effective guide was really important to me because I understand where you’re coming from! Having a good boyfriend can be a necessary part of your time in college, so you don’t want to miss out at all. I really don’t want you to miss out either!

Be sure to share your thoughts below without hesitating. Send this informative and useful article to a friend if you enjoyed it too!


Why do girls make boyfriends?

Friendship with boys is natural due to co-education. When friendship with one of them becomes deep and that friendship continues for years together in a loving way, then he is given the name of boyfriend.

How to win your boyfriend’s heart?

Always be confident, keep in mind that there should never be overconfidence. Your way of talking should be very polite. Always keep in mind that boys always like girls who are active, smart and solve problems. Whenever he tells you about any problem in front of you, then you give a solution to it.

How to attract boyfriend

Keep up your appearance. Your boyfriend will appreciate all the care and love you’re giving him, but sometimes he’ll really feel like you try to “dress up” for him. At the very least, perfectly taking care of your basic hygiene and showing him that you really care about how you look to the world will make him happy.

How to date a boy?

Use your first romantic date to get to know the guy and let him know a little bit about you. Be confident and talk about your job, your interests, hobbies, passions, or whatever else comes up. Be honest too. Don’t try to be mysterious or keep him in the dark or he might think you’re not interested in him.


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