Effective Remedies to Treat Vaginal Dryness Naturally at Home

Treat vaginal dryness naturally at home with home remedies: Vaginal dryness is really a painful symptom that many women may at least once experience at some point during their lives.

This symptom can be caused by a decrease in hormone levels in our body, after pregnancy breastfeeding or during pregnancy or certain medications. It’s directly and commonly linked to menopause.

Treatment options for vaginal dryness typically depend on the actual cause of the symptom. To treat vaginal dryness, here are effective home remedies that will definitely help you.

how to treat vaginal dryness naturally
Effectively treat vaginal dryness naturally.

Normally, the walls of the vagina stay properly lubricated with a thin layer of clear fluid. The hormone estrogen helps maintain that fluid and keeps the lining of your vagina healthy, strong, thick, and elastic.

A drop in estrogen levels actually reduces the amount of moisture available. It can happen once in your life at any age from a number of different causes. It may seem like a minor irritation and may feel a little bit of pain. But the lack of vaginal moisture can have a huge impact on your personal life and sex life. Fortunately, several effective treatments are available to relieve vaginal dryness perfectly.

What is Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness and its condition is quite uncomfortable, painful and can cause your vagina to feel dry, to feel itchy, or to burn, which can be really painful during sexual intercourse.

You may also feel the need to urinate more than usual, or you may quickly also have recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Vaginal dryness is comfortable and that’s why it can also cause some discomfort when you urinate. You can easily treat vaginal dryness at home.

Can vaginal dryness cause bleeding

Can dryness cause spotting? Vaginal dryness can easily lead to bleeding. In addition to GSM(Genitourinary syndrome of menopause), vaginal dryness can be caused by many other reasons and factors, such as breastfeeding and childbirth.

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Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Besides menopause, there are many other exact contributors to vaginal dryness, such as:

  • Breastfeeding and childbirth.
  • Frequently taking birth control pills.
  • Certain harmful medications, like antidepressants or oral contraceptives
  • Cancer treatments including Chemotherapy and specific hormonal therapy.
  • Diabetes and minor sugar problem.
  • Removal of the ovaries.
  • Allergy and cold medications
  • Douching
  • Not enough foreplay before sex
  • Hysterectomies

No matter what the cause and the actual reason for vaginal dryness, it can be extremely uncomfortable. It can lead to itching, burning, and very painful intercourse. It may affect your sexual life.

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The medical name for vaginal dryness for postmenopausal (after menopausal) women is vaginal atrophy.

Vaginal atrophy can really have a negative impact on your regular sex life since it can cause intercourse to be painful or really uncomfortable.

You may not feel as satisfied during vaginal dryness or are willing to participate in sex, and your partner may be affected too.

Can being dehydrated make your vagina itch

Yes, If you’re dehydrated, your vagina might be too. If your vagina is frequently or regularly dehydrated, you can get itchiness, burning, and pain down there, and it could easily lead to or exacerbate a yeast infection.

Remedies and Treatments for Vaginal Dryness Naturally

Without treatment, vaginal dryness usually worsens over time and after that, it will be very difficult to cure.

You can try these easy and effective home remedies for vaginal dryness that may help relieve your symptoms and discomfort:

Vaginal Moisturizers

best vaginal moisturizers
best vaginal moisturizers for vaginal dryness

One of the best and effective ways to properly reduce vaginal dryness is to use a vaginal moisturizer. These are special moisturizers that are perfectly designed specifically for this(vagina) sensitive area of the body.

Using a vaginal moisturizer every few days can positively help keep your vagina moist and relieve vaginal dryness symptoms.

You can apply the vaginal moisturizer a few times a week before bed at night. Gently apply it around the vaginal walls to let it perfectly absorb. Don’t try to use a moisturizer or any harmful cream that is not specifically for the sensitive area like vagina.

Similarly, you should totally avoid scented soaps, moisturizers, or other toiletries with Water-Based Lubricants.

Before sexual activity, properly apply a water-based lubricant in your vagina and on your partner’s genitals or where there will be contact.

Using a lubricant can really help to relieve any pain or discomfort you might normally experience during sex since you are giving this area moisture.

How to choose best lubricant to treat vaginal dryness?

Be sure to choose a lubricant that actually doesn’t contain petroleum jelly or glycerin. Glycerin can cause your vagina and around vaginal area to become even more irritated, and petroleum jelly can cause condoms to weaken or break during sex which is not good for safe sex.

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How To Use Coconut Oil To Treat Vaginal Dryness At Home?

Treat vaginal dryness naturally by coconut oil
Treat vaginal dryness naturally by coconut oil

To perfectly use coconut oil as a personal lubricant, gently apply it around the opening of the vagina and on the vulva. Also apply the oil to any objects that will easily enter the vagina, such as the penis, fingers, or perfect-sized sex toys.

How to use: You should always do a proper skin patch test before applying coconut oil to your vaginal area. To do this:

  • Rub a small amount of pure coconut oil on the inside of your forearm.
  • If you don’t experience any redness, skin problem, itching, or other irritation within 24 hours, it should be proper and safe to apply elsewhere.
  • There’s no set any exact guideline for how much coconut oil to use and how often to apply on your vaginal area. Simply spread the desired amount of coconut oil on your skin. You may just consider wearing a panty liner to avoid staining your underwear.

Does it really work?

it’s perfectly considered safe to apply coconut oil to external skin. Anecdotal accounts actually suggest that internal use may be beneficial, but you should properly discuss this with your physician or doctor before use.

Regular Sexual Activity

regular sexual activity to treat vaginal dryness
Do regular sexual activity to treat vaginal dryness

Having sexual stimulation on a regular or consistent basis can really help to improve your overall vaginal health. You can easily do this either alone or with a partner, or even using a device like a vibrator that will satisfy you.

Sexual stimulation helps properly increase blood flow and vaginal secretions and relieves vaginal dryness.

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If you’re having sex with a partner and want to really enjoy your sex life without any problem, try engaging in foreplay before intercourse.

This can make you feel more aroused and happy so that sex is more enjoyable and comfortable. This can also help to promote enough blood flow and secretions to the vagina.

New Approach to Sex

While sexual activity is really good for your vaginal health, rethink the actual way that you approach it. As mentioned, before-sex activities or foreplay can be very helpful in getting ready for intercourse.

Once you begin intercourse, take it slow. This helps to give the Bartholin’s glands time to properly produce enough more natural lubrication in your vagina.

You can also try other romantic sexual activities that don’t involve intercourse but still let you be intimate with your partner.

Activities like massaging, mutual masturbation, oral sex, or simply touching, foreplay can be fulfilling. These sexy activities are typically more comfortable if your vaginal dryness symptoms are especially bothersome.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

pelvic floor exercises to treat vaginal dryness naturally
pelvic floor exercises to treat vaginal dryness naturally at home

Pelvic floor exercises can really help to strengthen weak vaginal muscles in a very short time. With lower levels of estrogen, vagina and its muscles weaken over time.

Exercises like Kegels can naturally help to tight muscles and strengthen weaker ones. These exercises also help to perfectly increase blood flow to the vagina.

FAQs: Expert’s Answers On Vagina dryness

Can a man keep giving a woman a yeast infection?

Intercourse easily introduces bacteria from your partner’s finger or penis into your vagina’s ecosystem of bacteria and Candida. Other toys like sex toys can also transmit it and you will get yeast infection. This disruption may be enough to quickly trigger a vaginal yeast infection.

What does vaginal dryness feel like?

Symptoms of vaginal dryness
feel sore or itchy in your vagina and around your vagina. feel pain or discomfort during sex especially intercourse time. need to pee more often than usual. keep getting urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Does water make you wetter?

When you are actually hydrated, not only are you better lubricated but there is really more blood flow to your nether regions leading you to perfectly experience better and longer orgasms.

Can dirty fingers cause yeast infection?

Girls can have easily vaginal infections for all sorts of reasons that have actually nothing to do with sexual contact — such as stress, for example. Even if you’re not having sex or intercourse, fingering and oral sex can easily lead to infection. Ask your boyfriend or husband to wash his hands properly before touching your genitals.


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