Jorge Garcia weight loss: Everything you want to know, Before, After and Now

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What is Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Secret?

Jorge Garcia weight loss journey: Celebrities just like the rest of us, celebrities also battle with their weight. So, being overweight is an issue for most people. It can really affect one’s self-esteem. Some famous Hollywood celebrities choose to share their real weight loss journey with their fans and viewers. Jorge Garcia is one of the very famous few celebrities who hasn’t lost popularity due to his rotund physique.

For American very famous actor Jorge Garcia, his weight loss journey started when he was asked to lose some pounds by the producers of Lost. He totally opened up about his effective, amazing journey and shared his diet and workout plans.

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So, Jorge Garcia had a weight loss amazing experience that really shocked the world when he was 46 years of age showing us that you can change at any age. If that isn’t inspirational, what is?

Actually, stars are often seen running and exercising to get fit and eating healthy in order to look perfect and attractive. But other actors enjoy the way they are, including their enormous or big body size. So here, Jorge Garcia is one of the few celebrities who really hasn’t lost his popularity due to his rotund physique.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

Jorge entered the world of TV (television) when he was cast for a role in Becker. The chubby guy has been in constant famous and in-demand ever since he appeared on the Lost series and Hawaii Five O, Jack and others. His fabulous acting stint in Lost gave him a strong head-start towards building a career, and he earned a few awards along the way.

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While working on Lost series, Jorge Garcia had a couple of movie gigs that includes Little Athens, Deck the Halls and Sweetzer. In addition, he wrote on a blog called Dispatches from the Island, which actually centered around Lost. He was also a host in Geronimo Jack’s Beard, a weekly podcast that actually centered around Lost Season 6.

He has also played amazing short guest roles in shows such as Fringe and Mr. Sunshine. Later, How I Met Your Mother, Jorge appears on I Steve, Hawaii Five-O and many others in episodes. Let’s check out the Jorge Garcia weight loss 2018.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss and Look

How Jorge Garcia Lose Weight
How Jorge Garcia Lose Weight?

Aside from Jorge Garcia’s curly hair, Jorge’s weight has always been a point of discussion. Due to his unhealthy diet, very famous actor and comic celebrity Garcia is always on the news. His upward climb on fast gaining weight has developed into a serious concern for Jorge’s relatives and loved ones, who wanted him to be healthy and live a long life.

Jorge Garcia has always been healthy, but the extra pounds are due to his bad eating habits. Actually, food addiction is one of the main reasons why he’s gaining a lot of weight. Originally, his overweight has never been a concern for his career, but in Lost he was asked to reduce his weight. It was a very difficult time for Jorge Garcia weight loss fast. On another side, his supporters were waiting for him to undergo a transformation, but nothing major happened. Instead, the actor actually did not lose weight because of his unhealthy diet.

At that time Jorge was nearing 400 lbs weight and his family, friends, and close relatives were becoming increasingly worried for Jorge and his unhealthy weight. Physicians and doctors have advised Jorge to go on a weight loss regimen because of his destructive drinking and some eating bad habits. But in the end, the Jorge Garcia weight loss really didn’t work out.

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Actor Jorge Garcia Was Forced to Lose Weight to Get into ‘Lost’

In the year of in 2004, course of being cast in ‘Lost’, he was started or bugged by his cast-mates and friend about them wanting him to lose weight. Actually, It’s not like ‘force’ as much as it were ‘concerns’ he got from his friends, and then he himself finally decided enough was enough.

In the March 2006 issue of Maxim, finally, he revealed that he’d lost 30 pounds. “I can actually afford to not live really on rum and burritos and take perfect and better care of myself,” he told the magazine. “Besides, there were many or enough people who were really waiting for my best character to lose weight as a result of being stranded on a desert island.”

He had a perfect team of training coaches and an expert best dietitian to help him through the process. His very healthy intake even included a Nooch diet. He properly started taking in more fruits and fresh vegetables, and diet with high protein-low carbohydrates, and giving up any and all forms of alcohol and bad habits.


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