Mariah Carey Weight Loss Photos Revealed in 2024 – How the “Shake It Off” Singer Lost 70 Pounds

Mariah Carey, the renowned singer, has been open about her weight loss journey, particularly after the birth of her twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

After losing about 70 pounds of baby weight, Carey had gastric sleeve surgery in 2017. This procedure reduces the size of the stomach, helping patients eat less and lose additional weight.

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Photos
Mariah Carey Weight Loss Photos

Her remarkable transformation has been attributed to a combination of diet and exercise. Here’s a detailed overview of her weight loss journey:

Mariah Carey’s Initial Weight Loss

Mariah Carey's Initial Weight Loss
Mariah Carey’s Initial Weight Loss

After giving birth to her twins via C-section, Mariah Carey initially lost 40 pounds of water weight due to edema, or water retention, throughout her body. This was a significant portion of her total weight loss.

Mariah Carey’s Diet and Nutrition

Mariah Carey has emphasized the importance of a balanced diet in her weight loss journey. She has followed a sugar-free diet, cutting out processed sugars, chocolate, and other sweets. Instead, she snacks on fruits like blueberries and mangos when she experiences cravings.

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Before After
Mariah Carey Weight Loss Before After

Her diet includes lean proteins like smoked salmon and capers, as well as plenty of vegetables and whole grains. She has also been known to eat organic foods and focus on vegetables, meat, and fish.

Exercise Routine

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Mariah Carey’s exercise routine is diverse and includes:

  • Pilates: She has mentioned pilates as one of her preferred forms of exercise, which helps with strength training and flexibility.
  • Water Exercise: Swimming and water-based workouts are another key part of her routine, as they provide resistance and help with cardio without putting excessive strain on her joints.
  • Strength Training: She incorporates strength training exercises to tone specific body parts, such as her arms.
  • Cardio: Mariah Carey’s workouts often involve cardio exercises to help with weight loss and overall fitness.

Consistency and Patience

Mariah Carey’s weight loss journey was not overnight. She worked consistently, exercising three times a week and sticking to her diet plan.

She has emphasized the importance of patience and not expecting immediate results, stating that weight loss and fitness take time.

Key Takeaways

  • Diet is Key: Mariah Carey has stressed that 90% of her weight loss is due to her diet, highlighting the importance of a balanced and healthy eating plan.
  • Consistency is Crucial: Regular exercise and a consistent diet are essential for achieving and maintaining weight loss.
  • Patience is Vital: Weight loss and fitness require time and patience, and it’s essential to avoid shortcuts or extreme measures.
  • Self-Acceptance: Mariah Carey has also emphasized the importance of self-acceptance and not striving for unrealistic body standards. She has stated that she is happy being a US size six and that her curvy parts fit well into that size.

Overall, Mariah Carey’s weight loss journey is a testament to the power of a balanced diet and consistent exercise routine. Her approach is a great example of how to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss over time.


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