Best Organic Search Source 2022: Why Social Network’s Organic Reach Drop

Organic search for rank higher: Business owners and publishers watched their Facebook pages organic reach or organic search die since 2014.

And now it is very ridiculously low, but nowadays there is another social network that is already started to decrease its organic reach too.

It is going to start Organic traffic drastically dropping in the year 2021.

Why Organic Search or organic reach dropping

How to get website organic search and website traffic
How to get website organic search and website traffic
  • Hi everyone I’m the director and writer of and today I’m going to break down the social network that’s going to have a huge drop in organic reach or organic search in 2021.
  • What you can do to fix this organic reach dropping problem.
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How Social network will work in the future for Organic Search

  • So you are probably wondering what that social network is and how they will work in the future, right?
  • It’s Instagram and you don’t worry, as I mentionedI’ll teach you how to combat this so that way you can get the reach, but let’s go over some data before we get into that.
  • There are over 500 million accounts using Instagram stories every day, billion-plus Instagram accounts worldwide that are active every single month.

A social network is Very big engaged for Organic Search

  • Instagram is the second most and very big engaged social network according to eMarketer. Now there will be more and more and huge content competing for news feeds in this space. As more and more people on Instagram, more people are competing.
  • The Instagram community or Instagram social network site has grown from 90 million active users in January 2013 to over a billion active users of June 2018.
  • Instagram’s projected to grow more and more slowly in the next few years, from 13.1 percent growth in 2018 to 4 percent in 2022, which means competition will get tougher and tougher for that.

Content being pushed on Instagram and get Organic traffic

  • So, We can say that there is just simply too much content being pushed on Instagram in a very fast way, making it really tough for your content to be seen. And Instagram’s parent company Facebook wants to increase its ad inventory.
  • In 2019, 25 percent of Facebook’s total ad revenue is expected from Instagram. By 2021 Instagram’s share of that revenue will grow to roughly 30 percent globally. So now, let’s get into fixing it.

Playing with paid ads

  • Well the very first or initial thing you want to do, is playing with paid ads. Here, the reason you want to play with paid ads is not about or because you need to spend money on Instagram to have that grow.
  • You want to play with paid ads, because of how quickly and very fast help boost the stuff that is working very well and fast as well.
  • So that way it gets very big or more reach, you are engaged more and more with your audience, you will breathe more life into them and with the algorithm that works properly for SEO too.
  • They are going to be like, oh so and so is interacting and engaging with Neil’s content Jon’s content or your content.

It will be going to help you to get the best organic growth

  • So you going to keep showing them your content over and over again. I believe it’s going to be very similar to Facebook, owned by the same company right?
  • In which, on Facebook, if you post content, not all your fans and followers see it, but if you spend a little money, to boost that content, to all your fans, what ends up happening is, more of them see it.
  • They engage with your profile again, even if you only spend ten bucks and then the next time you post, that organic piece is going to be seen by more people, which is going to help your organic growth.

Use live every single day to get Organic Search

  • The next thing I want you to do, is use live every single day for your audience, I know that sounds crazy, but the really big on life.
  • If you bust out your phone and you are leveraging live every single day and interacting with your audience. You will find, that more of them are going to see your organic content whenever you post.

Start engaging with the community through comments

  • Next, you need to start engaging with the community through comments. So, when they leave a comment there, you should probably leave a comment responding back to them very fast as soon as possible.
  • When they have a question, you should answer in detailed and be thorough, not a simple yes or no or thank you. The more detailed you get, the better off you are.

Keep testing the content type that is working

  • Next, you need to keep testing the content type that is working on your website.
  • If you look right now, what you will find on my Website, is a really small image of website-logo with website-name, is working really very well, versus when I put very big images of my website with a website name, I’m not getting as many likes and shares and engagement.
  • Again, this is from testing, but that is working right now. In another three, four, five months, something else is going to be working instead.
  • So if you are not constantly testing, you won’t know what works, but by constantly testing it is going to help keep your reach at the top.

Start responding to everyone

  • Next, I want you to start fast and perfect responding to everyone, who messages you directly.
  • So, Instagram has a mailbox feature in which people can send direct messages to you. not necessary that whether they are my follower or not, I want you to start responding to everyone, engage with them.
  • Because if you do that, it shows that you care for them, you are going to have a much more loyal fan base, they are going to go to your profile directly very fast even if they don’t see it in the feed, and start engaging.

How to get more organic growth by Instagram?

  • So that way as you post more and more content, Instagram will show it in their feed, because you have all these engagements and you are going to get much more and more organic growth by Instagram.
  • That sounds very simple, but a lot of people are too lazy to go through all their messages and respond to all of them.
  • If you did that every day you notice the huge difference, cause, someone’s really loyal if they take the time and energy to message you.

Start partnering with other Instagram influencers to get huge Organic Search

  • Now it’s time to last but not least tip for you. I want you to start partnering with other big or small Instagram influencers, they don’t have to have a ton more followers and million, they could have nearly or roughly the same amount as you start creating video content or web-content together.
  • Start doing co-production of content with them and they post it on their profile, you post it on your profile.

How more people seeing you

  • So even if you are not getting as much organic reach, it is now going on multiple pages or multiple profiles, which is going to help with more people seeing you and that should help with your sales, social reach, traffic revenue, and overall branding.
  • So if you need help with your social media marketing, comment below, If you enjoyed this article, like it, comment, share, any questions you have, seriously leave it below and I’ll answer it and I’ll do my best to help you grow. Thank You Very Much.

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