Truth Behind Ryan Hurst’s Weight Loss Journey, How He Smartly Lose Pounds

The actual truth behind the scenes of Ryan Hurst weight loss journey. Explore the changes that caught everyone’s attention in the “Sons of Anarchy” star’s appearance.

Let’s delve into what happened and what caused the buzz. Ryan Hurst’s weight loss grabbed people’s attention in town. While filming The Walking Dead, he fell ill, sparking worry among his fans. A stint in the hospital due to heat exhaustion led to discussions about his changed appearance after he shared a selfie. Since then, Hurst hasn’t revealed much about how he lost weight. Many wonder if he’s following a new diet or workout plan or if his busy schedule contributed. Dive in to discover the secrets behind Ryan Hurst’s weight loss journey.

Ryan Hurst Weight Loss Journey
Ryan Hurst Weight Loss Journey

Ryan Hurst’s weight loss has been a topic of discussion, with speculation about the cause. It has been reported that a bout of illness, possibly heat exhaustion, led to his hospitalization and subsequent weight loss. While there are rumors about his weight loss, Ryan Hurst has not directly addressed them. Some sources mention that he may have switched to a vegan diet and engaged in dedicated weight training to achieve his transformed physique. The exact details of his weight loss journey and the impact of his illness on it remain unclear.

Ryan Hurst Weight Loss Secret
Ryan Hurst Weight Loss Secret

Who Is Ryan Hurst?

Ryan Hurst is a well-known American actor recognized for his roles as Gerry Bertier in “Remember the Titans” and Opie Winston in “Sons of Anarchy.” He’s also known for portraying the Norse god Thor in the 2022 video game “God of War Ragnarök.” In August 2018, he joined the cast of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” as Beta, a role that coincided with a significant weight loss transformation for him.

Profile & Stats:

  • Name: Ryan Douglas Hurst
  • Birthplace: California, USA
  • Date of Birth: June 19, 1976
  • Age in 2023: 47 years old
  • Height: 6 feet 5 inches (197 cm)
  • Weight: 194 pounds (88 kg)

What Health Issue Did Ryan Hurst Struggle With?

Ryan Hurst faced health issues related to his weight. Fans noticed his significant weight loss after his role as Beta in the new The Walking Dead series, causing concern. Hurst posted a selfie from a hospital bed on social media to reassure everyone that despite experiencing pain, he was okay. He advised his fans to stay positive and not to worry.

It turns out that Ryan ended up in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center because of the extreme conditions while filming a Zombie Apocalypse scene. Doctors concluded that his condition was likely due to heat exhaustion, which was aggravated by the thick costume he wore for his role. The heavy leather coat, consisting of two layers, was not suitable for the hot Atlanta, Georgia weather where most of the scenes were shot. Although he didn’t mind wearing the heavy suit during filming, the scorching 110-degree Atlanta summer weather took its toll on him.

Ryan shared several pictures upon leaving the hospital. In his post, he mentioned experiencing pain and how it’s sometimes part of the journey to success. He discussed overcoming pain to achieve greater heights, and it seems like Ryan is doing much better now.

Ryan Hurst’s Weight Loss Journey

There has been speculation about Ryan Hurst’s recent weight loss, with some attributing it to his illness and hospitalization, although he hasn’t directly addressed these rumors. Despite this, his toned physique and apparent increase in muscle mass, evident even in his selfies with a six-pack, suggest a deliberate effort towards weight loss and muscle gain. He probably achieved this through a strict diet and consistent weight training regimen. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Ryan Hurst’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Ryan Hurst, known for his roles in various TV shows and movies, including “Sons of Anarchy,” embraced a significant dietary change a few years ago. Initially skeptical about vegan food, his perspective shifted entirely when a friend introduced him to a variety of delicious vegan dishes. Impressed by the flavors and health benefits, he transitioned to a vegan diet.

One of Ryan’s favorite indulgences is Thai vegan cuisine, particularly relishing Thai red curry, tofu, vegan chicken, vegan beef, and vegan spring rolls. These dishes not only satisfy his taste buds but also align with his weight loss goals, contributing to his overall well-being.

Let’s talk about the vegan diet. It’s all about avoiding animal products for reasons like ethics, health, and the environment. While it might seem complex at first, it’s really just about discovering vegan versions of your favorite meals.

Here are some best options to explore for a plant-based diet:

  • Legumes: Think lentils, chickpeas, black beans, and more.
  • Soy: Enjoy soy milk, tempeh, tofu, and natto.
  • Nuts: Snack on peanuts, almonds, and cashews.
  • Seeds: Try sunflower, flaxseed, sesame, and chia.
  • Whole Grains: Opt for whole wheat, quinoa, and oats.
  • Veggies: Both starchy and non-starchy varieties.
  • Fruits: From apples and bananas to berries and beyond.
  • Other Goodies: Include algae, fortified plant milk, and nutritional yeast.

Many of your favorite dishes may already fit into a vegan diet, or can easily be adapted to do so.

Let’s explore the benefits of a plant-based diet.

More and more people are turning to plant-based diets to trim down. While going vegan doesn’t guarantee weight loss, studies suggest vegans generally have lower BMIs and are slimmer.

Switching to a vegan diet may also have perks for managing type 2 diabetes and kidney health. Vegans often have better insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels, reducing diabetes risk.

With a diet rich in legumes, fruits, and veggies, vegans may have a lower cancer risk and reduced heart disease risk.

Additionally, antioxidants in vegan diets can ease symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In short, adopting a vegan lifestyle offers a delicious and ethical path to a happier, healthier body.

Did Ryan Hurst Follow A Specific Diet Or Exercise Routine To Lose Weight

Ryan Hurst’s weight loss has been a topic of discussion, but he has not publicly disclosed the specifics of his weight loss journey, including his diet or exercise routine. However, it is believed that he achieved his lean physique through a combination of a strict diet and dedicated weight training. Ryan is known for his expertise in bodyweight training and has experience practicing and teaching a variety of fitness skills, martial arts, and yoga. While there are speculations about his diet, such as a switch to a vegan diet, the exact details of his weight loss regimen have not been confirmed by Ryan himself. Therefore, the specific diet and exercise routine followed by Ryan Hurst to lose weight remains undisclosed.

Ryan Hurst’s Weight Loss Workout Plan

Ryan Hurst is a towering 6-foot-5 actor whose impressive physique often steals the spotlight on screen. While he may not always flaunt his sculpted torso, his physical strength and fitness have always been on point.

Recently, there was a bit of confusion when a retouched image surfaced, making it seem like Ryan had suddenly gained weight. However, he was quick to clarify that it was just a poorly done CGI job. In reality, he proudly shared a current photo, showcasing his toned upper body.

Despite being in his late 40s, Ryan maintains his fitness through a diverse range of activities. Whether it’s skating, skydiving, or practicing yoga, he stays active and keeps things interesting. His workout routine is a mix of fun and challenging activities, ensuring he stays in great shape while enjoying what he does.

Ryan’s Skateboarding Roots

Ryan’s love for skateboarding traces back to his upbringing in Santa Monica. In his youth, he frequented Rip City, a popular skating spot conveniently close to his home. While his skateboarding activities have decreased over time, he still makes occasional trips to Rip City. The skills he honed during those formative years continue to benefit his strength and overall fitness today.


Ryan is a skydiving enthusiast who has been pursuing his passion for the past twenty years. His go-to spot for an adrenaline fix is Perris Valley, where he heads whenever the urge strikes. When he’s not tied up with work, he enjoys flying down to Universal City Walk for some indoor skydiving, typically spending two to three hours indulging in his favorite activity. Lucky for him, his close friend, a four-time world champion skydiver, doubles up as his trainer at this facility. Ryan particularly enjoys skydiving with a gymnastics-inspired style, showcasing mid-air flips and maneuvers.


Ryan Hurst is deeply committed to his yoga practice, attending four sessions per week at Nine Treasures Yoga where he serves as a Kundalini yoga instructor. This studio specializes in Kundalini yoga, a unique style with a rich historical background, setting it apart from others.

For Ryan, teaching yoga isn’t just a job—it’s his sanctuary from the demands of his career. Kundalini yoga involves a blend of chanting, breathing exercises, singing, and repetitive poses, offering more than just physical movement. It’s renowned for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, with studies showing lasting benefits even after just a few months of practice. Additionally, it enhances cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and flexibility of thought.

Beyond its physical benefits, yoga carries spiritual significance for many practitioners, influencing energy, emotions, and overall well-being.

Ryan Hurst seamlessly integrates his yoga practice with his acting career. His classes, attended by celebrities, play a significant role in merging both aspects of his life.

How Did Ryan Hurst’s Weight Loss Affect His Physical Performance In Acting

Ryan Hurst’s recent weight loss raised questions about its effect on his acting abilities. However, there’s no official confirmation from Ryan or his representatives regarding any impact. Despite concerns from fans following his illness and hospitalization, there’s no direct evidence linking his weight loss to changes in his performance. So, it’s hard to say how his weight loss has influenced his acting based on the information available.

Other Updates on Ryan Hurst’s Weight Loss Transformation

Apart from his intense roles, Ryan Hurst follows Sikhism, embodying principles of peace and understanding. He goes by the Sikh name Gobind Seva Singh. Beyond acting, he enjoys spending time with family, meditation, and yoga. Despite his convincing performances, it’s surprising to picture him in these tranquil settings.

In the entertainment industry, many actors maintain a neat appearance, typically shaving unless their roles demand facial hair. However, Ryan Hurst bucks this trend. His striking beard has become his trademark style. While you might recall him without facial hair in his early career, such as in Remember the Titans, don’t expect to see him clean-shaven again. He’s sported that impressive beard long before his Sons of Anarchy days, and he’s even passed on roles to maintain it.

Let’s talk about Ryan Hurst’s health. Despite feeling a bit tired, he didn’t experience any major health issues, and his appearance hasn’t changed much except for some weight loss. In the TV show “The Walking Dead,” he portrays Beta, the second-in-command of The Whisperers, who wear masks made from the skins of the dead. This role suited him well due to his appearance. Although some hospital pictures showing his thinner frame caused concern, Hurst hasn’t addressed his weight loss publicly and seems to be in better shape now.

How Did Ryan Hurst’s Weight Loss Affect His Acting Career

Ryan Hurst’s weight loss has not been officially linked to any specific impact on his acting career. While his weight loss did generate concern among fans due to a bout of illness and hospitalization, there is no direct evidence or statement from Ryan Hurst himself or his representatives regarding the impact of his weight loss on his acting career. Therefore, it is not possible to definitively state how his weight loss has affected his acting career based on the available information.

How Did Ryan Hurst’s Weight Loss Affect His Physical Appearance

Ryan Hurst’s weight loss has noticeably transformed his appearance. He now boasts a more toned physique with increased muscle definition. His weight loss journey appears to be the result of a disciplined diet and consistent weight training regimen. Despite his slimmer frame, directors have successfully highlighted his physical prowess in various roles. Standing tall at 6 feet 5 inches, Ryan Hurst has always exuded strength and fitness. However, his recent weight loss did raise concerns among fans following a period of illness and hospitalization.

What Other Roles Has Ryan Hurst Played Since His Weight Loss

Ryan Hurst Weight Loss Roles
Ryan Hurst Weight Loss Roles

Ryan Hurst, famous for playing Gerry Bertier in “Remember the Titans” and Opie Winston in “Sons of Anarchy,” has kept busy in Hollywood even after shedding weight. He’s taken on notable roles like Beta in “The Walking Dead,” where he brought his imposing presence to the screen. Besides, he’s portrayed characters like Li’l “Foster” Farrell in “Outsiders” and Hector Bonner in “Bosch.” Despite his transformation, Hurst’s strength still shines through in his performances, impressing fans with his continued physical prowess.


Ryan Hurst’s weight loss journey adds an intriguing dimension to his life. Despite concerns about his health scare and hospitalization due to heat exhaustion, he remained unfazed as an actor. While his changing appearance sparked curiosity, he didn’t dwell on it. Instead, he focused on nurturing both his body and mind. Just as he approached his demanding roles with a composed demeanor, he tackled this situation with grace. As a Kundalini yoga teacher, he maintains a positive perspective and aids others on their transformative journeys.


How Much Does Ryan Hurst Weight?

Ryan Hurst weighs around 194 pounds (88 kg). Ryan Hurst, the actor known for his role in The Walking Dead, stands at an impressive 6 feet 5 inches tall. He weighs around 88 kilograms, which is approximately 194 pounds.

How tall is Ryan Hurst from The Walking Dead?

Ryan Hurst, known for his role in The Walking Dead, stands tall at 6 feet 5 inches, which is about 197 centimeters.

How tall is Ryan Hurst and how much does he weigh?

The Walking Dead actor, Ryan Hurst, is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 88 kg, which is around 194 pounds.

How old was Ryan Hurst in Saving Private Ryan?

Ryan Hurst starred in the epic war film Saving Private Ryan when he was just 22 years old. Now, at 47, he’s well-known for his role in that movie alongside Tom Hanks, back in 1998.

What is Ryan Hurst doing now?

Currently, Ryan Hurst has been active in various TV shows like S.W.A.T, The Mysterious Benedict Society, and the ongoing series Paradise City. Additionally, he lent his voice and did motion capture for the character Thor in God of War: Ragnarök.


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