Shaquille O’Neal Weight Loss Update 2024, How he lost 55 pounds

Shaq, the legendary NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, recently opened up about his weight loss journey in a candid interview with Entertainment Tonight. He shared how he shed an impressive 55 pounds after realizing he had become ‘chubby’ and was struggling with everyday activities like walking upstairs.

In the interview published on August 31, Shaq disclosed that he currently weighs 351 pounds, just six pounds more than he did when he clinched his first NBA championship back in 2000.

Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal recently shed an impressive 55 pounds! Concerned about his weight gain, he initially set out to lose 20 pounds but ended up surpassing his goal. By adopting healthier eating habits, Shaq found that the weight simply melted away.

Shaquille O'Neal Weight Loss Journey
Shaquille O’Neal Weight Loss Journey

Shaq Realized He “Couldn’t Even Walk Up The Stairs”

Shaq realized he couldn’t even walk up the stairs and felt uncomfortable with his appearance. At 51 years old, he noticed he was gaining weight and didn’t like what he saw in the mirror. He joked about getting “Charles Barkley, a.k.a. fat,” referring to his friend and colleague from “NBA on TNT” who had previously lost weight using a drug called Mounjaro. Shaq admitted to People magazine that he gained weight after retiring because he continued to eat unhealthy foods without the physical activity he had during his basketball career. It wasn’t until six or seven years after retiring that he took his weight gain seriously after seeing himself in the mirror, realizing he had become overweight and lacked definition.

What Inspired Shaq To Start His Weight Loss Journey

Shaquille O’Neal weight loss journey began after he retired from basketball and struggled with weight gain and health issues. He reached his heaviest weight of 406 pounds and decided to change his lifestyle and embark on a weight loss journey. Shaq’s weight loss journey began with exercise, as he started working out regularly and doing various activities such as swimming, cycling, and boxing. He also hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help him with his fitness goals. Shaq revealed that he did not know much about healthy eating before, and he had to learn the difference between carbs and proteins, and the importance of fruits and vegetables. He also cut down on junk food, soda, and alcohol, and replaced them with water, smoothies, and salads. He said that he ate five meals a day, with a heavy breakfast and smaller portions throughout the day.

Actually, he also allowed himself some cheat days, but he tried to balance them with more exercise. Shaq’s weight loss journey paid off, as he managed to lose 55 pounds and get down to 351 pounds. He said that he felt much better, lighter, and happier and that he could walk up the stairs without getting tired. Finally, Shaquille O’Neal weight loss journey inspired many people who struggle with weight-related challenges, and he encouraged them to follow his example and make healthier choices.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Weight Loss Journey

Shaquille O’Neal, the retired NBA legend, has shed an impressive 55 pounds by adopting a more active lifestyle and healthier eating habits. Initially aiming to drop 20 pounds, he surpassed his goal by making sustainable changes to his diet and exercise routine. Alongside regular workouts, O’Neal incorporates supplements and shakes to aid his weight loss journey.

Setting ambitious targets for himself, O’Neal now aspires to attain an “eight-pack,” demonstrating his commitment to maintaining a fit and healthy body. Candidly sharing his struggles with weight management, he emphasizes the importance of sensible eating and staying active. His revamped diet focuses on nutritious options while cutting back on refined carbs, fatty foods, and other unhealthy choices.

O’Neal’s fitness regimen is refreshingly simple—he hits the gym daily for about an hour, engaging in a mix of cardio and weight training exercises. Through his journey, he encourages others to embrace an active lifestyle and make mindful dietary decisions, inspiring a healthier community.

Shaq Said A Healthier Diet Helped Him Shed The Pounds

Shaq shared that adopting a healthier diet was key to his weight loss journey. He explained to ET that after getting some blood work done, he realized he needed to make changes. Before, he wasn’t paying attention to his diet as an athlete and didn’t know much about nutrition. However, with the guidance of a nutritionist, he started incorporating more vegetables, adjusting his intake of carbs and proteins, and taking supplements and shakes. As a result, the pounds started to drop off. Though he admits he’s not at his peak yet, he’s made significant progress, feeling about 75 percent toward his goal.

How Long Did It Take Shaq To Lose 55 Pounds

Shaquille O'Neal's physical transformation plan
Shaquille O’Neal’s physical transformation plan

Shaquille O’Neal lost 55 pounds over the last few years through a combination of exercise, a healthier diet, supplements, and shakes. He initially aimed to lose 20 pounds but continued to lose weight after changing his eating habits and exercising regularly. According to an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shaq revealed that he had blood work done and switched to a better diet, which is when the pounds began to drop. He also started taking supplements and shakes to aid his weight loss.

Shaq’s approach to staying fit is refreshingly straightforward, and he hits the gym every day for about an hour, doing cardio and weight training. He encourages an active lifestyle and sensible eating, motivating others to make healthier choices. It is unclear how long it took him to lose the 55 pounds, but he has set himself “crazy goals” and wants to lose more weight to achieve an “eight-pack.”

Shaq Sets Ambitious Weight Loss Goals

Shaq started with a goal of shedding 20 pounds, but his determination has seen him surpass that target since December. “I’m aiming for somewhere between 315 and 330,” Shaq shared.

In a lighter moment, he quipped, “I’m shooting for a twelve-pack. Right now, I’m rocking a five-pack, so I’ve got seven more to go.”

His ambitious weight loss goals aim to bring him back to his 2006 weight, when he helped the Miami Heat clinch their first NBA title, weighing in at his lowest ever: 315 pounds.

To lose weight safely and keep it off, experts recommend eating fewer calories than you burn while making sure to include a mix of protein, carbs, and fats in your diet. It’s important not to cut out any food groups entirely and to avoid extreme restrictions. Additionally, incorporating resistance training into your routine and consuming enough protein can help preserve muscle mass while losing fat.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, aiming for a steady weight loss of about one to two pounds per week is more sustainable in the long run.

What Are Some Of Shaq’s Weight Loss Tips

Shaquille O'Neal opens up about his 55-pound weight loss
Shaquille O’Neal opens up about his 55-pound weight loss

He realized he needed to lose weight when he couldn’t walk up the stairs and didn’t like the way he looked in the mirror. He started by exercising and then changed his eating habits, cutting down on junk food, soda, and alcohol, and replacing them with water, smoothies, and salads. Shaq ate five meals a day, with a heavy breakfast and smaller portions throughout the day. Actually, he also allowed himself some cheat days, but he tried to balance them with more exercise. Finally, he hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help him with his fitness goals. So, he emphasized the importance of discipline and eliminating unhealthy snacks like Cheetos and cupcakes.

Shaquille O’Neal also partnered with Novex Biotech, using their men’s performance products to aid his weight loss. He shed pounds, moving from 410-415 lbs to the low 370s, intending to reach the 350s. He also set “crazy goals” for himself, such as getting an eight-pack and taking his shirt off on Instagram.


What’s Shaquille O’Neal’s current weight?

Shaquille O’Neal, at 51 years old, weighs 351 pounds. He’s determined to get back to his championship body and has shared insights into his weight loss journey, comparing his current weight to his peak performance days.

What was Shaq’s diet like?

During his basketball career, Shaq’s diet mainly consisted of fast food, fried items, and processed snacks. He didn’t pay much attention to how it affected his performance back then but regrets it now, realizing the impact it had after retirement.


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