Twomad Weight Loss Journey, How He Lost 37 Pounds Quickly

In 2022, Twomad captured the attention of fans with an impressive weight loss transformation, shedding a remarkable 37 pounds in a short period. Let’s take a closer look at his inspiring journey.

Here is the Twomad’s Impressive Weight Loss Journey in 2022. Twomad, the popular YouTuber with a whopping 2.21 million subscribers, caught everyone’s attention in 2022 with his remarkable weight loss of 37 pounds. Despite taking a break from content creation, fans couldn’t help but be intrigued by Twomad’s transformation.

Known for his entertaining content and live streams, Twomad’s weight loss became a hot topic as followers noticed his slimmer and healthier appearance. The transformation was evident in his Instagram posts and mirror selfies, creating a buzz among fans who became invested in his diet and workout routine.

Twomad Weight Loss Journey
Twomad Weight Loss Journey

Twomad’s sudden surge in popularity during this period can also be attributed to his photos alongside model Belle Delphine, where he showcased his slim and toned physique. The combination of impressive weight loss and high-profile collaborations made Twomad’s journey a talking point among fans and followers alike.

Who is Twomad

Twomad is a Multitalented Content Creator. Twomad, also known as Muudea Sedik, is a dynamic content producer and streamer making waves across three major social media platforms. With three dedicated YouTube channels covering skits, gaming, and commentary (including reaction videos), Twomad has amassed an impressive fanbase of over 2 million followers.

His versatile content creation spans various genres, showcasing his creativity and engaging storytelling. Despite his diverse range of content, what surprised fans was Twomad’s unexpected collaboration with model Belle Delphine. The recent photographs of the duo have added a new dimension to Twomad’s popularity.

Beyond his entertaining collaborations, Twomad has also made headlines for his significant weight loss journey. In 2022 alone, he managed to shed an impressive 37 pounds, leaving fans in awe of his dedication and transformation. Stay tuned for more exciting content from this rising star.

Twomad’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

In the world of gaming and streaming, audience focus is usually on the content rather than the creator’s physique. However, Twomad’s experience was different. Dealing with online bullying due to his weight, he decided to make a change. Starting as a teenager at 176 pounds, Twomad faced insecurities about his weight.

In 2019, a pivotal moment occurred on Twitter when Twitch celebrity Dimitri, also known as @GGXupdates, shared thoughts on health and fitness. Encouraging others to prioritize their well-being, Dimitri sparked a conversation that caught Twomad’s attention. Responding to the tweet, Muudea revealed his commitment to weight loss.

Twomad’s journey is not just about shedding pounds; it’s a story of resilience and determination in the face of online challenges. His decision to embark on this transformation reflects not only a physical change but also a journey towards self-confidence and well-being.

How Did Twomad Achieve His Weight Loss Goals?

Twomad, a well-known YouTuber and streamer, achieved his weight loss goals through a combination of dietary changes, increased physical activity, and determination. Here’s a breakdown of his weight loss journey:

  • Ketogenic Diet: Twomad adopted a high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet, which helped him lose weight effectively.
  • Intermittent Fasting: He also incorporated intermittent fasting into his weight loss routine, which further contributed to his weight loss.
  • Calorie Restriction: Twomad maintained a calorie deficit to promote weight loss while ensuring he consumed enough nutrients to support his body’s needs.
  • Exercise: He increased his physical activity levels, engaging in regular workouts and exercises to help burn fat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Twomad’s weight loss transformation has been remarkable, with him losing approximately 37 pounds in a short period. His dedication and hard work have paid off, as he has achieved his weight loss goals and maintained a healthier lifestyle. It’s essential to note that Twomad has not revealed any details about undergoing weight loss surgery or taking medication for his weight loss journey.

What Was Twomad’s Diet And Exercise Routine During His Weight Loss Journey

During his weight loss journey, Twomad adopted a combination of a high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet and increased physical activity to achieve his goals. Here are the key aspects of his diet and exercise routine:


  • Ketogenic diet: Twomad followed a high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet, which helped him lose weight effectively.
  • Intermittent fasting: He also incorporated intermittent fasting into his diet plan, which is a technique where one cycles between periods of eating and fasting.
  • Calorie restriction: Twomad maintained a calorie deficit to promote weight loss while ensuring he consumed enough nutrients to support his body’s needs.


  • Varied workout routines: Twomad emphasized the importance of a diverse workout routine, combining different types of exercises for overall health and weight loss.
  • Intense exercise: He engaged in intense workouts to help achieve his weight loss goals.
  • Regular physical activity: Twomad increased his physical activity levels, which contributed to his weight loss journey.

Twomad’s weight loss transformation is a result of his dedication, hard work, and determination in following a strict diet and targeted exercise plan.

How Twomad Lose 37 Pounds

In a short period, Twomad managed to lose an impressive 37 pounds, and his incredible transformation is all thanks to his dedicated weight loss journey. Twomad achieved this feat by sticking to a strict diet and engaging in targeted workouts with regular exercises. While some fans were shocked by his rapid weight loss, there were speculations about weight loss surgery or medication use. However, Twomad hasn’t shared any details about these speculations.

From what we know, Twomad’s success in reaching 139 pounds was a result of his hard work and motivation. He proudly showcased his healthier self on social media, inspiring others with his journey.

Twomad Weight Loss Before And After Photos

What Was Twomad’s Weight Before And After His Weight Loss Journey

Before his weight loss journey, Twomad weighed around 176 pounds (74 kg). After his weight loss, he has maintained a weight of approximately 139 pounds (63 kg). Here’s a summary of his weight loss journey:

  • Twomad’s initial weight was 176 pounds (74 kg).
  • He lost approximately 37 pounds (17 kg) during his weight loss journey.
  • As of now, Twomad weighs 139 pounds (63 kg) and is content with his weight loss.

Twomad’s weight loss transformation has been significant and has captured the attention of fans. However, he has not revealed any specific details about his weight loss workout or process. His success can be attributed to his dedication, hard work, and determination.

Wrapping Up

Achieving a healthier lifestyle and a fitter body is totally doable when you set your mind to it. Twomad, a young YouTuber, went through a weight loss transformation motivated by overcoming insecurities, resulting in an impressive 17 kg weight loss. His journey also highlights the impact of online bullying within the close-knit YouTube community. While pursuing a balanced diet, regular workouts, and an effective weight loss strategy is a smart choice, it’s crucial not to let negative comments dictate your path. The key is to be mindful, making it the essential factor for a healthy and happy life.


What Is Twomad’s Net Worth?

Twomad’s net worth is estimated to be around $379.5 thousand to $531.29 thousand, based on YouTube advertising revenue alone, and considering additional revenue sources such as sponsorships and speaking gigs.

Another source suggests his net worth to be $26,000 as of December 2023, with a monthly YouTube income of $390.

Additionally, another estimate places his net worth at about $100 thousand, with a potential value closer to $250 thousand when accounting for additional revenue sources. Therefore, Twomad’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of a few hundred thousand dollars, taking into account various revenue streams.

What Is Twomad’s Current Weight?

Twomad’s current weight is 63 kg (139 lbs).

How Old Is Twomad?

Twomad, whose real name is Muudea Sedik, was born on December 17, 2000, making him 23 years old as of the current date.

How Tall Is Twomad?

TwoMad, a popular Ethiopian-Canadian YouTuber, was born on December 17, 2000, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As of 2024, he is 22 years old. TwoMad’s height is reported to be around 5 feet 9 inches (170 cm). His content primarily revolves around gaming, skits, and commentary, and he has gained a significant following on his YouTube channels.

Where Does Twomad Live?

Twomad, also known as Muudea Sedik, is an Ethiopian-Canadian YouTuber and streamer. He was born in Winnipeg, Canada. However, the current city where he lives is not publicly available in the search results.

How Did Twomad Lose Weight?

Twomad lost approximately 37 pounds through diligent weight loss goals, a strict diet, and targeted workouts with regular exercises. There were speculations about weight loss surgery and medication, but Twomad has not revealed any details on these topics. His weight loss journey involved a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet, increased physical activity, and a combination of exercise, intermittent fasting, and calorie restriction. He shared his weight loss journey on social media, documenting his progress and how he lost over 70 pounds in under a year.

Who Is Twomad Dating?

There is no confirmed information on who Twomad is currently dating. However, in 2022, Twomad and Belle Delphine collaborated on a steamy photoshoot together, which raised many eyebrows on the internet. Belle Delphine also tweeted about their first date in 2020. There are rumors that they may have had a sexual relationship, but there is no confirmation.

How Much Does Twomad Weigh?

Twomad, the popular YouTuber and streamer, weighed 80 kg (176 lbs) before his weight loss journey. He has lost approximately 17 kg (37 lbs) and currently weighs 63 kg (139 lbs).

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