Valerie Bertinelli Reveals Weight Loss Secret [Before After Photos]

Valerie Bertinelli weight loss transformation inspires us. Before and After Photos. Valerie Bertinelli’s inspiring weight loss journey, where the focus isn’t just on shedding pounds but on cultivating a healthier relationship with food and her body. Witness her incredible transformation in these before-and-after photos, showcasing the positive changes she’s embraced.

valerie bertinelli weight loss today show latest
Valerie Bertinelli weight loss today show latest

How Old Is Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli was born on April 23, 1960, which makes her 63 years old as of January 28, 2024. She is an American actress and television personality who has won two Golden Globe Awards for her performance in the television series “One Day at a Time”. Bertinelli has also been a Food Network star and has hosted several cooking shows, including “Valerie’s Home Cooking” and “Kids Baking Championship”. She has been married twice, first to rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen in 1981, with whom she had a son named Wolfgang, and later to Tom Vitale in 2011.

Valerie Bertinelli Weight Loss Journey

Valerie Bertinelli has been open about her weight loss journey, sharing various aspects of her experience. Here’s a summary of the specific information you requested:


Valerie Bertinelli has shared that she focused on nutrition and caring about the food she puts into her body. She mentioned that she has “cut back exponentially” on alcohol, which has helped with her weight loss.

Additionally, she emphasized the importance of emotional and mental health, and how it has influenced her approach to nutrition.


Bertinelli has incorporated Pilates into her fitness routine and has shared her Pilates workouts on social media, emphasizing that exercise can “soothe your soul”. She has also shared inspiring treadmill walking routines and has been open about her commitment to her fitness routine.


Valerie Bertinelli has emphasized the importance of emotional and mental well-being in her weight loss journey. She has shared that her focus is not just on weight loss, but on finding deep joy and inner peace. Additionally, she has been candid about her journey to a healthy relationship with her body and has encouraged positive self-talk and body positivity.


Valerie Bertinelli has shared her weight loss results, including trying on her “fat clothes” from her past and expressing how much healthier and beautiful she feels.

She has also shared “before and after” photos, highlighting her weight loss journey.

Many people have likely experienced struggles with their body image at some point. That’s why we value it when celebrities openly discuss their connection to food and self-esteem. Whether it’s Jonah Hill talking about his therapy journey or Lizzo promoting body positivity, hearing influential figures be truthful about their health journey can make us all feel more connected and supported.

Valerie Bertinelli Weight Loss Before After Photos
Valerie Bertinelli Weight Loss Before After Photos

Valerie Bertinelli penned the memoir “Enough Already,” reflecting her journey of overcoming body image struggles. In October 2023, the actress took to Instagram to convey a powerful message to her fans. In a selfie video, she confidently wore the same clothes from her iconic 2009 weight loss photos, showcasing her renewed sense of self. It’s a testament to her journey towards self-acceptance and empowerment.

valerie bertinelli weight loss today show
Valerie Bertinelli weight loss today show

Valerie Bertinelli pleasantly touched hearts this week by sharing an Instagram update on prioritizing her mental and emotional well-being over her weight. Fans appreciate her honesty and openness.

“This adorable little girl is my current focus,” Bertinelli shared on Instagram, accompanied by charming childhood photos. She candidly admits her past struggles with dieting, emphasizing that her current journey is about more than just shedding weight. Bertinelli is prioritizing her emotional and mental well-being, acknowledging the need to recover from verbal and emotional abuse she now recognizes she didn’t deserve.

Valerie Bertinelli Diet
Valerie Bertinelli Diet

While Bertinelli previously offered weight loss tips as a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, she has shifted her focus to emotional and mental health. She now emphasizes the importance of caring about the content of calories, not just their quantity, and ensuring she gets the necessary nutrients for overall well-being. Bertinelli emphasizes the keyword “feel,” trusting her body over the scale.

Despite being around the same weight as when she started Jenny Craig 16 years ago, Bertinelli feels lighter emotionally and mentally. She emphasizes that it’s not about the number on the scale but about feeling good within herself. Bertinelli aims to embrace her feelings, even the scary ones, without using food and alcohol to numb or avoid them.

For those struggling with negative body image, Bertinelli suggests seeking therapy to address underlying issues. She personally uses a combination of therapy, journaling, and meditation to prioritize her mental health. By addressing her mental well-being, Bertinelli has learned to care for herself more healthily, both emotionally and physically.

How Has Valerie Bertinelli’s Weight Loss Journey Impacted Her Mental Health

Valerie Bertinelli’s weight loss journey has had a significant impact on her mental health. She has been open about using a combination of therapy, journaling, and meditation to address her mental well-being. Bertinelli has emphasized that for her, weight loss has become very personal and that her journey is about much more than just releasing weight. She has expressed a renewed focus on emotional well-being, deep joy, and inner peace, and has encouraged positive self-talk and body positivity.

Through prioritizing nutrition and mental health, she has realized the impact of self-talk and self-kindness, leading to remarkable improvements in her physical and mental well-being. This holistic approach to health and weight loss has contributed to her feeling more mentally and emotionally stable.

Valerie Bertinelli Journey
Valerie Bertinelli Journey

The actress has openly shared her journey with health and wellness in the past. In 2022, during a conversation with us, she discussed her book “Enough Already” and revealed that pursuing weight loss was never a healthy choice for her. According to Bertinelli, even when she was at her lowest weight, it didn’t bring her happiness. She decided to break free from the constant focus on the scale and weight. Instead, she embraced a new approach: “Enough with the scale. Enough with the weight. Today, I’m going to eat whatever I want and try to be more mindful of what I put into my body.”

If you’re interested in adopting a similar, more relaxed approach to food, you might want to explore intuitive eating. Advocates of intuitive eating encourage moving away from the restrictive mindset of traditional diets and adopting a more compassionate approach to nutrition. The idea is to let go of feelings of guilt about food choices, and once that shift happens, you can gradually reintroduce nutritional goals, such as aiming for heart-healthy sodium levels or incorporating more fiber into your diet.

valerie bertinelli weight loss photos
Valerie Bertinelli weight loss photos

If you’re not into intuitive eating, no worries! But it’s crucial to discover an eating routine that lets you savor your meals. If you’re having trouble building a positive connection with food, think about talking to a therapist. You can use Psychology Today’s search tool to find therapists nearby, especially those skilled in helping with eating disorders or body image concerns.

How Has Valerie Bertinelli’s Weight Loss Journey Impacted Her Career

Valerie Bertinelli’s weight loss journey has had an impact on her career, as she has been open about her experiences and challenges. As a public figure, she first rose to fame in the 1970s and has since found success in various series, writing books, and hosting Food Network shows.

Her openness about her weight loss journey, mental health, and body image has resonated with her fans, as she has shared her experiences on social media and in her memoir. By being candid about her struggles and emphasizing the importance of emotional well-being, she has connected with her audience and received appreciation and support for her honesty and vulnerability.

This openness has likely further endeared her to her fans and has the potential to influence her career positively.

What Advice Has Valerie Bertinelli Given to Others Struggling with Weight Loss

Valerie Bertinelli, a former Jenny Craig spokesperson and actress, has shared her journey with health and weight loss on various platforms. She has emphasized that it is not about the number on the scale, but rather a healthier relationship with food and her body that is making her feel lighter.

Bertinelli has also asked fans to stop seeking dieting advice from her, as her story and practices are not one-size-fits-all. In terms of her weight loss, Bertinelli has credited cutting back on alcohol for her impressive weight loss. She has also re-worn her “fat clothes” from her first Jenny Craig ad, stating that she has never felt more beautiful, more at peace, and more mentally and emotionally stable than she does today. Overall, Bertinelli’s message is to prioritize emotional and mental health and to love oneself in every single part.


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