Fast Weight Loss Without Diet – Burn Unwanted Fat Fast By Simple 7 Steps

weight loss without diet

In this week’s article, I’m going to explain to you why diets don’t work? How to stop dieting? and how to do this in a way that ensures your Fast weight loss in a way that lasts and we are going to do this in seven simple steps. You can weight loss without diet by just following 7 effective steps which are we are going to discuss in this article.

Perfect Weight Loss Implementation

Make sure you stay for the last few steps because they are the ones that are going to tie everything together and really explain to you and how to implement it?

Most of the people struggled to gain and losing the same 40 pounds living their days on a diet and their nights or weekends totally off track for nearly 12 years.

What I am about to share with you in this article is how I stepped off the diet overeating rollercoaster and got to a place of freedom and ease with my body and weight loss that last so let’s talk about. Here are some effective and attractive Fast weight loss tips for you.

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Weight loss without diet step by step

Weight Loss Without Diet

Now let’s get into the 7 steps I just told you about the survival mechanisms that get activated from dieting. By following this 7 steps you can easily weight loss without diet.

#1. Why diets don’t work for Fast Weight Loss

  • Okay so diets no matter who you have a 95 percent failure rate. So ask you this question would you get in a car that had a 95% chance of crashing, probably not so why would you do this with your health and well-being on short diets.
  • Trigger your brain to think about food be attracted to food make food on the mind and be pulled to food eat me in large quantities without feeling full, because of the physiological changes that happen in your body.
  • Also, activate this part of the brain that almost sets you on this kind of uncontrollable autopilot to food. So that’s why you might have some of those experiences like once you start you just can’t stop and all of this is because of dieting.
  • So right there you can see and we are talking just physiology we are not even talking the mental and the emotional. The other components that dieting kind of set the brain into overdrive to do but with that example right there you can see the dieting actually sets you up for failure and ultimately.
  • If it’s making you think about food and eat more then it sets you up to gain more weight. So what you’re doing to control your food and weight is actually making you out of control with food and gained weight and that’s the big takeaway for this article.

Stop dieting

  1. Quite frankly stop dieting and to break this down a little more. It’s ditch the tracking ditch the plotting and planning and all of the food rules and I know I could make a whole article on that alone.
  2. I’m gonna give you a little some words on it now for the sake of this training when you are plotting planning tracking basically your brain goes into overdrive to eat more food. When you tell yourself that you can’t have something your brain wants it more.
  3. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a restaurant. Let’s say and you’ve told yourself you know one piece of bread I’m only gonna have one piece or don’t eat the bread.
  4. Your brain actually doesn’t understand the negative. It doesn’t understand that don’t or the not so when you’re so focused on not having the bread.
  5. What you’re telling your brain to do is have the bread – have – the bread- have the bread and this also creates this all-or-nothing mentality.
  6. When you do get the bread it’s so forbidden. It’s so off-limits you might feel like you already blew it and like you have to keep going and you’re just going to get on track tomorrow.
  7. So the first part of this process is letting go of the tracking, letting go of the plotting. The planning the all-or-nothing mentality and really stepping into a place of nourishment which we’ll talk about next. So number two is nourishment.

#2. Nourishment

  • Instead of focusing on what you can not have or that you don’t have, what you don’t get to have, we want you to focus on what you can have. How you can honor your healthy body? What you can do to support it?
  • So along with nourishment, there is this component that we call crowding out or adding in. So instead of focusing on, I can’t have bread, I can’t have pasta, I can’t have gluten, I can’t have this.
  • You focus on I get to have this, what do I get to nourish myself with how do I take care of my body. What does my body need? How do I eat in a way that makes me feel really good and that takes us to step number 3?

#3. How do you want to feel?

  • Eating in a way that’s truly connected to how you want to feel so many times with dieting we are so up in our head and truly disconnected from what our body needs.
  • There are foods without having to label them that leave you feeling great, alive, inspired, clear-minded. You know in your power and there are foods that drain and leave us sluggish and it exhausted.
  • So when you are stopping dieting that doesn’t mean you just go on this free-for-all of eating. You do want to really be connected to yourself and focus on hey if I want to feel really mentally clear today. What are some foods that are going to help me with that if I want to feel really in my power today?
  • What are some foods that are going to align with that and if you are on a mission to improve your health instead of doing this whole overhaul to your house of I only can it fit, eat this and I can’t eat, that you want to add things in slowly, one thing at a time, one week at a time even that really improve your health and well-being and once again no restriction.

More focusing on what you get to have and caretaking your body and that moves us into number four which is present moment choices.

#4. Present moment choices for Fast weight loss

So I’ve talked a lot about nourishment, honor, taking away the all-or-nothing taking away the food rules.

Your body is grounded, you’re out of survival mode and you’re truly feeling in your power and connected to yourself.

Being present with your food choices

  • The next part of the process is being present with your food choices.
  • So we mentioned the dollar nothing and earlier. You know non-present decisions are something like hey tonight I’m going out to eat with my friends so I’m gonna eat less at lunch.
  • A non-present decision is oh my gosh I lost control last night I’m going to restrict my calories and cut out carbs tomorrow or today when I wake up because my overeating was so bad from the day before.
  • You want to every moment decide what’s going to nourish you right now at that moment. We find with the thousands of women that we’ve helped when they switch from this plotting and planning future thinking making up for the past.
  • All of it and get present and mindful with their current meals that alone puts them in their power and allows them to choose things that go off of what we just talked about our nourishing, honoring and ultimately these things will if there’s weight to lose set you up for your Fast weight loss goals.

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We’ve talked a lot about honoring your body through this process.

#5. Listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues

The fifth step is listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues.

So your body after, so when you’re dieting and if you’ve been dieting a long time your hunger fullness cues kind of get quieted and you might be scared to do a stuff like this, because you might think that my body if I list – it’s going to tell me to eat pizza or candy or have these sugar cravings or whatever that might be.

If you follow the previous steps that I told you what’s going to happen is what I told you at the beginning when your brain kind of gets in that survival mode and is driving you to eat.

If you follow all these steps you’re going to start getting out of that survival mode. Once you’ve been out of survival mode for a couple of weeks something really amazing starts to happen.

Your body starts to speak to you for fast weight loss

  • Your body starts to speak to you(for fast weight loss) and I think people get a little confused and they think that their body is gonna straight-up be like hey, have a carrot or have a piece of celery that’s not necessarily the case but if we merge kind of choosing foods that make you feel good and really honor you with listening to your body’s hunger fullness cues that is the answer.
  • So disclaimer, you don’t have to treat only eating with your hungry. Like a diet in itself because I see a lot of people do that with intuitive eating and with practicing listening to their hunger fullness cues.
  • But what you want is you want to eat when you are hungry, you want to eat, actually a little before you’re hungry. So when you start feeling the signs of hunger coming on you don’t need to wait despite the crazy, you know things singing on the internet no needing to wait until you’re starving, no needing to push through the hunger pangs.
  • If you start feeling signs of hunger, go ahead and honor your body’s needs. This is going to do a couple of things. It’s gonna actually leave you eating less because you’re sitting down at the plate present and able to make those present mindful choices like, I just mentioned and you’re able to really choose what’s going to be in alignment with your body and what’s going to be in alignment with what you want to feel. Versus just scouring the cabinets and eating really fast right.

Weight loss very quickly

  • So eat before you get too hungry and stop a little past satisfied a little before full right. So you want to feel like warm belly grounded satisfied after your meals none of this eating these like 200 calories or Apple and three almonds like Cosmopolitan magazine might stay to do that leave you counting down the minutes to your next mealtime.
  • You want to be so satisfied at your current meal that you truly do not think about food until your next one and I know if you’re here reading this article still that might like something that’s completely impossible you might think that you’ll always think about your next meal or always think about food.
  • I promise you if you use these steps quiet your survival mechanisms down. you will stop thinking about food all that’s especially if you eat in ways that leave you feeling very satisfied and honored and full.
  • You don’t have to be scared of fullness but you don’t want to get to like coma, food coma, stuffed on the couch or anything just a nice satisfied very very grounded feeling where you feel very content after your meals and speaking of bodies cues I think it’s really important we talk about this number six and this is a secret little trick that people don’t really think. Makes a huge difference but it makes one of the biggest difference with our clients and that is slowing down.

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#6. Slowing down

  • So your body has a chance to balance out by balance out I mean restore metabolism, increase digestion and really register the mealtime experience.
  • If you are slow and present and your body knows that you just ate a meal, you are less it’s less likely to feel in survival mode and make you think about food all the time which is going to equal over time if we think of the course of your day and week less food right, less eating, less pull, fewer binges, less overeating all of that. Slowing down also decreases the stress response in your body.
  • So I won’t go too into the science here we’ll probably write another article for that but as far as the stress response goes when your stress response is activated metabolism shuts down, fat-burning shuts down, muscle-building shuts down for the most part and your digestive force is compromised by at least 40%.
  • That means you are not getting the nutrients out of your nutrient-dense food which could lead to more cravings. So, we want to slow down and this goes at your meals and just throughout your day in general as you’re going through life.
  • Practice decreasing your stress being centered being calm proactively and then also in your mealtime and this will dramatically – dramatically improve your chances at weight loss if there’s true weight to lose right and last but not least let’s talk about workouts a little bit.

#7. Workouts For Fast Weight Loss

  • So a lot of people think to lose weight that you just need to work out harder, kill it in the gym, do the long cardio’s but go no recovery, if I’m recovering I’m not burning calories all of that that is truly insanity and any ones that are pushing that has not truly studied the physiology of the human body and that’s coming from antiquated methods that no longer work.
  • You need rest, your body builds muscle in rest, rest or I’m sorry muscle increases metabolism and fat burning as we mentioned.
  • Also, all these crazy hard workouts long-running crazy long cardio things like that they activate the stress response that we just talked about.
  • If you remember the stress response puts your body in a state where you have more cravings and it’s very difficult to burn fat and maintain or gain muscle.
  • So we want to do anything, we can to get us out of stress response and it’s really really important to look at your workouts with that because your workouts alone could be something that put you in stress response and so the whole theme of all this.
  • I hope you see is less about willpower, less about control, less about force and more about partnering, honoring and working with yourself over time and really grabbing your own hand right. Grabbing your body’s hand and asking questions like knowing that I can now have these foods at any time.
  • What food do I truly want what’s going to honor me and my body most during this time? What foods going to make me feel the way I want to feel and notice these questions are all deep internal questions.
  • I’m not asking you to go to your head and take out your chart and know about the glycemic index or the calorie counting or keto or whatever craziness is out there.
  • I’m asking you to turn inward and trust your body. I promise you it might take a little bit of time but these tips are what is going to equal two long-term, lasting weight loss and really getting your body to a place where it will release weight.

Very Effective wat to Weight loss very quickly

So that’s the last thing I’ll say we’ll talk about the release. If you think about the release that’s relaxing, that is surrender, that is honor it is not tight fisting force pushing and all of that. So we want to let your body relax, let your body be in a physiological state, where it will actually release weight.

Because dieting forcing all of that makes your body hold on to it because it’s scared to let it go and really get to this place of where you are partnering with you and your body.

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I know this can be a little scary and confusing especially if you’re dealing with binge eating emotional eating or lots of overeating. I made you a free training that will outline these steps even deeper really go into how to partner with and work with your body, instead of against it and set you up for breaking free of these patterns with your food that you are unhappy with and set you up for food freedom forever.

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